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Almost automorphic solutions for shunting inhibitory cellular neural networks with leakage delays on time scales

DAI Li-hua, HUI Yuan-xian*   

  1. School of Mathematics and Statistics, Puer University, Puer 665000, Yunnan, China
  • Published:2019-10-12

Abstract: Shunting inhibitory cellular neural networks(SICNNs)with time-varying delays in the leakage term and continuously distributed delays on time scale T is proposed. Based on the exponential dichotomy of linear dynamic equation on time scales, fixed point theorems on time scales, we obtain some new sufficient conditions for the existence a global exponential stability of almost automorphic solution for the class of neural networks. Moreover, we give convictive numerical examples to show the feasibility of our results. This paper contains the several classes of functional differential equations, including the existence of solutions and the stability of this solution on time scales. Also, some new results are obtained.

Key words: almost automorphic solution, time scale, shunting inhibitory neural network, global exponential stability

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