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    20 July 2013
    Volume 48 Issue 7
    Hotspot discussion on decline mechanism of replanted plantation
    WANG Hua-tian, WANG Yan-ping*
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  1-8. 
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    The silviculture and management of industrial plantation is crucially related to strategy safety of wood production. The decline mechanism and long-term productivity maintenance technology of replanted plantation were hotspots in forestry research. According to the research tendency of decline mechanism of replanted plantation, three hotspots such as allelopathy, nutrient cycling and root turnover, were discussed in this article. Through establishing a conceptual model about decline mechanism of replanted plantation, the relationship among different ecological factors was discussed to reveal the decline mechanism of replanted plantation was induced by multi-factors. This thesis was expected to be reference for the future researches about decline mechanism of plantation.

    Agrobacterium-mediated introduction of insect-resistant genes into tomato
    YANG Jun-jie1, YU Hui-min1, HOU Bing-kai2*, WANG Xing-zhi3
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  9-13. 
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    A plant expression vector pCAMBIA3300-Pta-Cry1Ac harboring two insecticidal genes was constructed and employed in Agrobacterium-mediated tomato transformation by using cotyledons as the explants. We harvested 24 phosphinothricin(PPT0-resistant independent regenerated plantlets after co-culture, selection culture and regeneration. PCR and Southern blot hybridization analyses confirmed that the two target genes were successfully integrated into 8 lines of tomato transformants. Bioassay of transgenic tomatos using insect larvae showed that transgenic plants were conferred with increased insect-resistance compared to untransformed plants. This study laid a potential foundation for the further research on tomato insect-resistance and for the tomato genetic improvement.

    Experimental studies of the apoptosis-inducing effect of betaxolol on human corneal epithelial cells
    SUN Qian, FAN Ting-jun*, QIU Yue, GE Yuan, YU Miao-miao
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  14-19. 
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    To examine the cytotoxic effect of betaxolol, a widely used anti-glaucoma drug, on human corneal epithelial (HCEP) cells and its underlying mechanisms, in vitro cultured HCEP cells were treated with betaxolol at different doses. And the growth situation and morphology of the cells were monitored with an inverted light microscope, plasma membrane permeability of them was detected by acridine orange/ethidium bromide (AO/EB) double-fluorescent staining, DNA fragmentation and ultrastructure of them were investigated by DNA agarose gel electrophoresis and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), respectively. It was found that betaxolol at doses of 0.17500-2.80000g/L showed significant cytotoxicity to HCEP cells. The cytotoxicity increased with dose and time, and most of the cells shrunk and died 24h post treatment. Furthermore, 0.17500-2.80000g/L betaxolol elevated the plasma membrane permeability of HCEP cells, induced DNA fragmentation, chromatin condensation, and apoptotic body formation as well. In conclusion, betaxolol at doses ranging from 0.17500 to 2.80000g/L has significant cytotoxicity to HCEP cells in dose-and time-dependent manners, which is realized by inducing apoptosis in these cells, suggesting the inescapable sever cytotoxic side effect of betaxolol in eye clinic.

    Chemical constituents of Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb. and their acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity
    ZHANG Chun-mei1, WANG Ji-da1, ZHANG Yong-ruisi1, FAN Pei-hong1,2*
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  20-23. 
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    Chemical constituents from Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb. (Zingiberaceae) rhizome were isolated and purified by column chromatography (silica gel, RPsilica gel MPLC, HPLC) and their structures were elucidated on the basis of spectral analyses. Six compounds were identified by MS and NMR spectroscopy as zederone(Ⅰ), βsitosterol(Ⅱ), Guai-1(10),3,5,7(11),8-pentaen-2-on-11,8-olide(Ⅲ), Curcumadione(Ⅳ), Curcumenone (Ⅴ), Cuparenol (Ⅵ). Compound Ⅲ and Ⅵ were isolated for the first time from the plants of Zingiberaceae, and compound Ⅳand Ⅴ were isolated from Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb. for the first time. Meanwhile, the acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity of the isolated compounds was evaluated. Compounds Ⅳ and Ⅵ showed certain inhibitory activity, the minimum inhibitory quantity of Ⅳ on TLC bioautography test was 95μg.

    Detailed level-by-level study of dielectronic recombination for neon-like xenon
    YANG Jian-hui, FAN Qiang*, ZHANG Jian-ping
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  24-28. 
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    The dielectronic recombination (DR) rate coefficient for neon-like xenon in the ground state has been performed using relativistic configuration interaction (RCI) method over a wide temperature ranging from 0.01EI to 10EI (EI=3332eV), where EI is the ionization energy of the Na-like xenon. The results show, the domain contribution comes from (2s2p)73ln′l′ series, which is about 90% of the total DR rate coefficient, in which the main contribution comes from (2s2p)73l3l′ and (2s2p)73l4l′ configurations, and the proportion is more than 70% of the DR rate coefficient for (2s2p)73ln′l′ complex. The contribution of (2s2p)73ln′l′ complex with l′>8 are found to be negligible. The contribution of high Rydberg states of (2s2p)73ln′l′ complex obeys the complex-complex n′-3 extrapolation.

    On Nega-Hadamard transform and negabent functions
    ZHUO Ze-peng, CHONG Jin-feng, WEI Shi-min
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  29-32. 
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    Some of the properties of Nega-Hadamard transform are studied, such as, the relationship between the Nega-Hadamard transform and the nega-crosscorrelation is given. Also, the special Boolean function by concatenation is presented, and its nega-Hadamard transform is investigated. Based on it, the negabent functions in n+2 variables from two negabent functions in n variables is presented.

    The measure model of environment based interaction
    MA Yan-fang1, CHEN Liang2*
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  33-38. 
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    In some key fields, in order to test the attribution of software, a testing environment is often established. The degree of approximation between testing environment and real environment affects the execution result of software. The measure model of environment will be proposed based on process algebra. First, the iteration degree between software and its environment will be established using complete trace semantics. Then, the approximate degree between environments is presented, and some algebraic properties are proved.

    Multipath interdomain routing decision verification protocol
    QIU Xiu-feng1,2, LIU Jian-wei1, WU Qian-hong1, LIU Jian-hua1
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  39-45. 
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    Because of complicated security policy collisions and twisted interest conflicts between different network domains, interdomain routing security has been one challenge of secure routing. At present most of related researches focus on the authentication of routing source and true path, but seldom address another point of whether the routing decision process matches expected policy. A multipath interdomain routing decision verification protocol was designed, which can check whether an AS keeps its promise about choosing appropriate M from N paths that have the same destination and are received from upstream ASs, and sending to a downstream AS. According to the analysis, the protocol is valid and respects the privacy of participants, as well as can resist attacks such as forgery, tampering and replay etc. and deploy on internet incrementally.

    Security analysis of the eCK model
    NI Liang1,2,3, CHEN Gong-liang3, LI Jian-hua3
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  46-50. 
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    Authenticated key agreement (AKA) protocol should capture desirable security properties as many as possible. As a formal method recently proposed to design and analyze two-party AKA protocols, the eCK model is currently receiving more and more attention, and the exact security guarantees that can be provided by this model are worthy of in-depth research. Hence, the relationship between the eCK model and the basic desirable security properties for AKA protocols is analyzed in detail. The conclusions indicate that AKA protocols with provable security in the eCK model capture most basic desirable security properties. Thereafter, the advantages and disadvantages of the eCK model are also summarized.

    An expanded RBAC model of multi-granularity based on trust hierarchies
    LU Qing-ping1, SU Shou-bao1,2*, YU Shu-hao1,3,4, YANG Liu1
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  51-55. 
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    Based on the application integration environment for enterprise network authorization and access control requirements, a trust role authorization by stratified and multi-granular access control extension model (EmRBAC) is proposed, which is combined with NIST RBAC standard model, use the trusted credentials extension level between users and roles, and increase the role of trust level. From the system, applications, functions and operation of the object level, operating data time period and many other dimensions of the standard model, the elaboration of granularity of access rights is carried out. Through the role of the state stratification pretreatment reduced privileges determine the complexity and increase the efficiency of access control. Final, as an open source portal exobiology platform for experimentation platform, the model of access control processes and application examples are obtained to verify the effectiveness of the proposed model.

    The location privacy protection method with dispersed sub cloaking region
    ZHAO Ze-mao1, LI Lin1, ZHANG Fan1,2, ZHANG Pin1, ZHOU Jian-qin1, WANG Jia-bo1
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  56-61. 
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    In view of traditional anonymous scheme exists imprecise query results and communication overhead defect, a new kind of location anonymity scheme is proposed, and the privacy measurement method based on entropy for the anonymous model is put forward. Compared with the traditional anonymous scheme, this one divides single cloaking region into several sub cloaking regions, and replace the users′ real position with the central location of sub cloaking region which the users belong to, then initiate a query from LBS server. This scheme can ensure users to protect their own privacy and achieve accurate query results relatively. Theorectical analysis shows that the scheme can minimize the communication traffic between anonymous device and LBS server, and improve the quality of query service. In the spare user scenario, the superiority of the scheme is more obvious.

    The RFID card reader system design based on Zigbee technology
    RAO Xu-li1, ZHANG Mei-ping2, XU Li2
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  62-67. 
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    Zigbee technology and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is combined together in order to design a RFID card reader system based on STM32 microcontroller. The RFID card reader node based on Zigbee technology forms a Single-hop or Multi-hop wireless network, which increases the read and writes distance of RFID card reader module that makes it more convenient and flexible to use. The integrated chip of the card reader the MFRC522 is explained in detail, along with the Zigbee network processing module SPZB260, the peripheral circuit design of the main control chip STM32 microcontroller, the hardware architecture and software architecture of the whole system. Therefore, the experimental results show the feasibility and effectiveness of the system.

    Study on cover songs identification based on phrase content
    XU Jie-ping1, YIN Hong-yu1, FAN Zi-wen2
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  68-71. 
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    Cover songs identification has been a major topic in the field of music similarity computing for a long time. A new idea of using the music phrase content to identify coves songs was proposed by analyzing the music harmony feature-Chroma and its distribution. The key normalization, structure segmentation and feature extraction were used to manipulate the cover songs of the collected data sets. Then several distance matrixes, including EMD distance matrix, Euclidean distance matrix and Cosine distance matrix, etc, were compared to compute music similarities after feature dimension reduction. The result is better than MIREX2011′s cover songs identification results.

    Research on spam identification based on social computing and machine learning
    DONG Yuan1, XU Ya-bin1,2*, LI Zhuo1,2, LI Yan-ping1
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  72-78. 
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    Based on the investigation and analysis of the current various spam recognition methods, a new spam identification method is proposed inspiring by social computing theory and methods of machine learning. Firstly, initial recognition of spams is taken using a relationship map of the interactions among contacts, which is constructed with the help of the characteristics in the mail heads reflecting the social relation of contacts. After that, for the mails of the contacts which are not able to be identified having social relation, recognition methods based on machine learning are taken. Through the experiments, it is demonstrated that the proposed method can identify spams more accurately while taking a shorter time, comparing with the ones based on Na-ve Bayes.

    Research on multiple population genetic algorithm in security software fuzzy test
    DU Xiao-jun, LIN Bo-gang, LIN Zhi-yuan, LI Ying
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  79-84. 
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    The genetic algorithm was combined with the fuzzy test technique, block of code coverage of a test case as a part of a fitness assessment to lead to the producing of abnormal test data. Test sample is assigned to different populations across to its type of vulnerabilities. It Improves test efficiency and provides a good basis for improving software security.

    t/t-diagnosability and diagnosis algorithm on hierarchical cubic network
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  85-92. 
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    Fault diagnosability plays an extremely important role on measuring the reliability of a multiprocessor systems. Pessimistic diagnosis strategy, also known as t/t-diagnosis strategy, can greatly improve the multiprocessor system′s self diagnosability even under the condition that it allows a fault-free processor to be misdiagnosed. This paper mainly proves that hierarchical cubic network HCNn is (2n)/(2n) diagnosable under the PMC diagnosis model. At the same time, it also presents an optimal t/t-diagnosis algorithm on time complexity than the original diagnosis algorithm.

    Static output feedback stabilization for a class of nonlinear discrete-time descriptor Markov jump systems
    CHEN Nai-xun1, MA Shu-ping2*
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  93-100. 
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    The static output feedback stabilization problem for a class of nonlinear discrete-time descriptor Markov jump systems is investigated. The nonlinear function satisfies a quadratic constraint. First, a linear matrix inequality (LMI) sufficient condition is given which guarantees that the nonlinear discrete-time descriptor Markov jump systems are regular, causal, have unique solution in a neighborhood of the origin, and are stochastically stable. Then, based on singular value decomposition approach, the design method of static output feedback controllers is given. Last, a numerical example is provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

    The decision models and coordination of supply chain with one manufacturers and two retailer based on CVaR criterion
    XU Bing, JIA Yan-li, LIU Lu
    J4. 2013, 48(7):  101-110. 
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    Considering one supply chain consisting of one manufacturer and two retailers with the random demand dependent on product quality due to the inferior products and retailer’s sale promotion.  The centralized and decentralized decision models were set up respectively by using the equilibrium method when two retailers are risk-neutral. A buy-back plus promotion subsidy contract was put forward to coordinate the supply chain. Then the centralized and decentralized decision models based on CVaR criterion are set up respectively when two retailers are risk-averse, together with a buy-back plus promotion subsidy contract to coordinate this supply chain. Final example demonstrates the reasonability of the proposed models and feasibility of the coordinative contracts. The study reveals that the more risk-averse retailers are, the less order quantities are, which leads to lower profits of manufacturer, retailers and whole supply chain; yet the enhancement of qualified product’s rate benefits all agents; the decisions of supply chain with risk-neutral retailers are special cases of those with risk-averse retailers.