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    24 October 2005
    Volume 41 Issue 5
    About Quarterstratifiable space
    FENG Zi-qin,R.W.Heath
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  1-03 .  doi:
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    Maximizing profits in multifiber WDM chain and ring networks
    LI Shu-guang,YANG Zhen-guang,HE Zhi-hong
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  7-11 .  doi:
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    ]Abstract: The problem of the total maximizing profits of accepted requests in multifiber WDM chain and ring networks is considered. A polynomial time exact algorithm to solve the problem for chains and a 2approximation algorithm for rings are presented. The uniform variant in rings where all edges have the same number of fibers is also considered and a 1.582approximation algorithm is presented. These results can also be adapted to the directed chains and rings.
    Two order parallel domain decomposition finite difference
    TIAN Min,YANG Dan-ping
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  12-19 .  doi:
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    An efficient parallel finite difference scheme based upon overlapping domain decomposition is proposed for solving heat equations numerically. The algorithm is based upon the domain decomposition and the subspace correction methods. The residual is modified on each subspace, and the computation is completely parallel.Optimal convergent rate is proved. The result shows that it is just needed to iterate once or twice at each time step. Numerical experiments also confirm the efficiency and superiority of the algorithm.
    Reliablity characteristics of Srough sets
    LIU Bao-cang,SHI Kai-quan
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  26-29 .  doi:
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    Based on Srough sets theory and element transference random, the concepts of the reliability of element transference and reliability function are presented. The generation of depending on reliability of one direction Srough sets and two direction Srough sets are given. The generation characteristics of Srough sets depending on reliability is discussed.
    On the chromatic equivalent classes of a kind of graph
    MA hai-cheng
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  33-38 .  doi:
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    LRquasinormalEhresmann semigroups
    ZHANG Ai-ping,LI Gang
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  44-47 .  doi:
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    LRquasinormalEhresmann semigroups are defined and their structures are investigated.
    The expandability of WNspace
    CHEN Bin
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  48-50 .  doi:
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    A condition is given to determine whether a WNspace is expandable. In a normal space, if X is a WNspace and its WNfunction satisfies: for any point y∈g(n,x), that g(n,y)
    Pathfactors with prescribed length in clawfree graphs
    GAO Yun-peng,YAN Jin
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  51-54 .  doi:
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    For a clawfree graph G, let σ2(G) denote the minimum degree sum of a pair of nonadjacent vertices. Let |V(G)|=n=∑ki=1ai with ai6,1ik, and suppose that σ2(G)n+k-1. It is proved that for any k vertices v1,v2,…vk in G, there exist vertexdisjoint paths P1,P2,…Pk such that |V(Pi)|=ai and vi is a endvertex of Pi for 1ik.
    Condition number of the maximal solution for the matrix equation X+A*X-pA=I(0<p<1)
    LI Jing,ZHANG Yu-hai,SONG Hui-min
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  68-72 .  doi:
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    The condition number is considered for the maximal solution of the nonlinear matrix equation X+A*X-pA=I with 0
    Singular LQ problem and the optimal cost monotonicity of rectangular discretetime descriptor systems
    CHEN Li
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  80-83 .  doi:
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    singular linear quadratic (LQ) problem for rectangular discretetime descriptor systems is investigated. Under some conditions, the unique optimal control and the unique optimal state of the LQ problem are given. The optimal control is synthesized via state feedback. All the finite eigenvalues of the closedloop system are located in the open unit disc. The state of the closedloop system has the least free entries. The comparison theorem of the optimal cost of rectangular discretetime descriptor systems is given.
    Two problem of the subnorms on C[a,b]
    LIU Xiu-sheng
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  84-86 .  doi:
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    〖GK2*2]Abstract: Let C[a,b] be a set of all realvalued continuous function on [a,b]. It is an infinite dimensional commutive algebra with regard to general function operations(scalar multiplication, addition and multiplication). A relation has been studied between subnorms Np(f(x)) and submodulus N∞[f(x)]. Based on this relationship, it proves that Np(f(x)) are not stable subnorms for 0<p<∞. Finally, an example of discontinuous submodules on C[a,b] is given.
    The average order and mean value estimates ofthe error term of function δrk(n)
    DONG Xin-mei
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  91-94 .  doi:
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    arithmetical function; error term; average order; mean value estimate
    The existence of positive solutions for nonlinear singular boundary value problem with pLaplacians
    ZU Fu-yu,SU hua,WANG Jian
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  100-103 .  doi:
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    The existence of infinitely many positive solutions for the following nonlinear singular boundary value systems with pLaplacian is studied,
    The cone curve embedding on nonlocally coherent structure
    CHEN Hui-lin,DONG Jian-min
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  104-107 .  doi:
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    There is a local coherent structure such as cone curved solitons. The FxRy(1+tanh2(F+R))]′s nonlocally conherent structures are studied as examples of cone curve embedding on the global coherent structure.
    The integral invariant construction of holonomic nonconservative dynamical systems in the highdimensional extended phase space
    GAO Wei-zeng
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  108-111 .  doi:
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    The variational equations are established for holonomic nonconservative dynamical systems in the highdimensional extended phase space. The canonical equations of systems and their variational equations are used to prove that an integral invariant can be directly constructed by the first integral of the systems. Finally one example is given.
    Raman scattering and DFT investigation of LGS crystal
    ZHAO Peng,XIA Hai-rui,SUN Shang-qiang,LIU FEng-qin,ZHOU CHeng,ZHANG ZHong
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  112-114 .  doi:
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    Raman spectra of La3Ga5SiO14 (LGS) crystal were calculated based on the space group theory (SPT) and were measured under room temperature. According to the structure of LGS crystal three clusters (La3Ga4O12, La3Ga3SiO12 and La3Ga2Si2O12) were constructed. The densityfunctional theory (DFT) calculations were made on the three clusters to model the Raman spectra. Excellent agreement has been achieved between Raman spectra calculated by the SPT theory, DFT theory and those observed in experiments. The excellent piezoelectric properties of LGS are mainly attributed to the large polarizability anisotropy of La3Ga4O12, La3Ga3SiO12 and La3Ga2Si2O12 clusters.
    The Raman spectra analysis of BaWO4 crystal
    LIU Feng-qin,XIA Hai-rui,RAN Dong-gang,ZHAO Peng,SAN Shang-qian,LING Zong-cheng,GAO Wen-lan,
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  115-118 .  doi:
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    BaWO4 crystal is proposed to be a prosperous Raman crystal. Raman spectra of BaWO4 crystal was analyzed in terms of group space theory. Thirtysix vibration modes are acquired. The number of vibration modes is agree with the free degree of BaWO4 crystal. The results show that BaWO4 crystal has eighteen Ramanactive optical spectra. Ten Raman peaks were acquired and assigned one by one. It is found that spectrum of 921?cm-1(υ1) has the strongest intensity and largest Raman shift with the scattering configurations X(ZZ). It is the most suitable spectrum for Raman lasers.
    An improved autofocusing algorithm
    JIANG Wei,GAO Zan,ZHU Kong-feng
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  119-123 .  doi:
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    With the automatization increasing, the rapid and efficient autofocusing in the measurement of images should be achieved. In order to realize this, an appropriate autofocusing evaluation function for images should be chosen at frrstly. Based on the autofocusing algorithms investigation, it is found that there are some flaws in the autofocusing evaluation function of the Roberts gradient. So a threshold parameter into the algorithm is introduced. Based on careful experiments, it is found out that the Roberts algorithms with the parameter have evident improvements in accuracy, stability and reliability.
    Study of the nano composite electroless coating of NiP/A
    MA Hong-fang,CHEN Shen-hao,TIAN Fang,FENG Yaun-yuan
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  124-128 .  doi:
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    The nano composite coating of NiP/Au was obtained by adding gold nanoparticles into the NiP electroless plating solutions. The concentration of gold nanoparticles in electroless plating solution is 1.0?μmol•L-1. The coating properties were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS), differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), Xray diffraction (XRD) and microhardness tester. The mass concentration of P in NiP electroless coating is 9.72%, while that in the composite coating of NiP/Au is 9.29% and that of Au in the composite coating is 0.93%. The hardness of the composite coating is bigger than that of NiP alloy coating. The composite coating of NiP/Au has good protection on the substrate because of its compact structure and less holes.
    Preparation of glassceramics produced fromblastfurnace slag
    ZHANG Sheng-xiao,YUE Qin-yan,YU Hui,XIE Jian-kun,WANG Xiao-na
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  129-133 .  doi:
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    Blastfurnace slag in Jinan steel factory was used as main material, mixed with other reagents, to produce glassceramics. The composition of materials and the heat treatment system were studied. The microstructure and crystallization characterizations of glassceramics samples were examined by SEM DTA and XRD analyses.
    Preparation and performance researches of qaternary ammonium
    ZHANG Chang-jun,ZHANG Bo,AI Shai-yun,ZHU Lu-sheng
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  134-137 .  doi:
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    Abstract: A new kind of polyacrylamide cation flocculating agent with high charge density was prepared with the chlorination polymer 2 hydroxyl 1 N methylhistamine and acrylamide as the raw materials, K2S2O8 and NaHSO3 as compound initiator. The influences of the reaction condition were investigated. The structure of flocculating agent was characterized by infrared spectrum. The flocculation ability of this flocculating agent was determined by dye waste water and papermaking waste water. The results show that the organic flocculating agent and inorganic flocculating agent have good coordination abilities, which can reduce the using amount of inorganic flocculating agent, lower the water processing cost and raise the watercleanning effects.
    Features of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in groundwater ofthe shallow part of Yellow River Delta
    YUAN Rui-qiang,LIU Guan-qun,ZHANG Xian-liang,GAO Hui-wang
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  138-143 .  doi:
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    Based on the other researh achievements and the drilling of new boreholes, the knowledge of stratum and identify aquifers of the shallow part of the Yellow River delta (YRD) is obtained. Groundwater samples of the shallow part and water samples from the Yellow River were collected for 18〖KG*2]O, D and T analyses. The results are as the followings. Firstly, the groundwater in the shallow part of the YRD can be divided into phreatic water and confined water, which are so different to each other. Secondly, the Yellow River recharges directly the phreatic aquifer in which groundwater moves quickly, and the mean residence time is 5.30 years. Thirdly, the groundwater kept in the confined aquifer is old marine deposit water mixed by old terrestrial groundwater. And the Yellow River water cannot reach the confined aquifer.
    Relationships between the structures and the anesthetic
    PENG Yan-fen,LI Bao-zong,LIU Tian-bao
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  148-150 .  doi:
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    The structures of 18 organic molecules were optimized at HF/631G** level. Their geometric structure parameters and electronic structures were calculated combining with the technique of molecule graphics. Results show that there is a good multivariate linear relationship between experimental value of the anesthetic activity for organic gas and the van der waals volumes of the molecule, the octanolwater partition coefficients and the highest occupied orbital energies. Successful QSAR with correlation for 18 organic gas is developed.
    Study of ramie degumming by Bacillus sp. No.16A
    LI De-shun
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  151-154 .  doi:
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    The cellfree culture supernatant of Bacillus sp. No.16A was treated by acetone into three groups of degumming liquor with different compositions of pectinase and βmannanase. Their degumming effects were investigated by analyzing some of the fibers' characters, including softness, dispersal degree, residual gum, weight lost, fineness and SEM photograph. The results show that βmannanase has certain synergetic function on pectinase in ramie degumming, namely, the βmannanase can improve the degumming effect of pectinase.
    Production and temperature stability of five hydrolasesfrom microorganisms on fluecured tobacco leaf and its application in tobacco aging
    QIAN Wei,TAIN Min,LI Li-li,XIAO Min,ZHOU Xian-sheng,LI Chang-kun,DONG Xiao-wei
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  155-160 .  doi:
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    The inducible production and temperature stability of five hydrolases (βamylase, glucoamylase, cellulases, pectinase and protease) of microorganisms from fluecured tobacco leaves were studied. The results indicate that the production of five enzymes could be induced effectively by adding 0.2% inducements to 2.0% tobacco leaf water media. Five enzymes are unstable incubated at 60℃, while four enzymes had preferable temperature stability at 50℃ except for pectinase. All the enzymes have higher enzyme activities reacted at 60℃ than that reacted at the temperature stipulated by enzyme activity assays. Using microorganisms and their hydrolases, six experimentations were carried out with two kinds of fluecured tobacco leaves for a sixmonth artificial aging. Three batch samples were taken for analyses of internal quality during the period. The results of the assessment of sense organ with smoking show the total scores of the first batch samples are increased. This research provide the foundation for shortening the time of aging and improving the internal quality of fluecured tobacco leaves.
    Purification and properties of Polygalacturonic acid lyase fromramie degumming Bacillus subtilis No.16A
    YAN Tao,SU Jing,LI De-shun
    J4. 2006, 41(5):  161-165 .  doi:
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    Polygalacturonase produced by Bacillus subtilis No.16A was purified by three steps including acetone precipitation, CMSepharose Fast Flow cation exchange chromatograph and Sephadex G75 gel filtration chromatography. Its molecular weight is 30.2?kD by SDSPAGE. The optimal pH and temperature of the enzyme activity are 9.0 and 50?℃ respectively. This enzyme is stable under 55?℃ and in the neutral pH(6.0~8.0). The enzyme activity was stimulated by Ca2+ and Mg2+, while inhibited by Cu2+, Mn2+, Co2+ and Hg2+. It's product has strong absorbtion around 235?nm, which show that it is Polygalacturonic acid lyase.