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    24 April 2006
    Volume 41 Issue 2
    Function Srough sets and its F-heredity law
    SHI Kaiquan
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  1-6 .  doi:
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    Based on function S-rough sets, the concepts of F-generation, F-heredity, and the characteristics of F-heredity of system rough law are given, and the principle of F-heredity characteristic and attributes characteristic principle of F-heredity of system rough law are presented. F-heredity relies on the attributes complement to the attributes set α. From such discussion, the law mining by the method of F-heredity is presented
    Unionrepresentation theorem of bothbranch fuzzy set
    LIU Ji-qin,
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  7-13 .  doi:
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    The unionrepresentation theorem of bothbranch fuzzy set is given, and some operational properties of bothbranch fuzzy set are discussed. The results indicate that the unionrepresentation theorem of bothbranch fuzzy set is the general form of representation theorem of Zadeh fuzzy set, and the representation theorem of Zadeh fuzzy set is the special form of unionrepresentation theorem of bothbranch fuzzy set.
    Function S-rough sets and F-recognition of system state
    ZHAO Shu-li,and SHI Kai-quan
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  14-17 .  doi:
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    Based on the dual of function Srough sets, the concept law generation of system state is put forward, the first theorem and the second theorem of recognition of system state are presented, and the recognition criteria are given; from the results above, an application of function S-rough sets in-recognition of system state is offered.
    The characteristic of S-rough sets on CS(K)
    ZHANG Chun-ying,XUE Ding-jun,and LIU Bao-xiang
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  18-23 .  doi:
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    According to the equivalence class, the concept nodes of CS(K) (Concept Lattice) are partitioned. The characteristics of rough sets and S-rough sets are analyzed. The definitions of rough sets and S-rough sets on CS(K) are given and the related theorem is presented. The relation between the concept lattice and S-rough sets is found. At last, the characteristics of S-rough sets are illnstrated with an example.
    The θ-rough fuzzy sets
    LI Jian and XU Xiao-jing
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  24-27 .  doi:
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    The conception of θ-inclusion equivalence class of rough fuzzy sets is proposed, a new definition form of variable precision rough fuzzy sets θ-rough fuzzy sets is given, and the structure and property of θ- rough fuzzy sets are discussed. Lastly, the equivalence relation between the cut of θ-rough fuzzy sets and the θ-rough sets of the cut of fuzzy sets is proved.
    Interval decomposition of function S-rough sets
    PEI Hai-feng and XU Xiao-jing
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  28-30 .  doi:
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    Interval equivalence classes and interval function S-rough sets are defined based on interval attribute of function S-rough sets, and the finite covering theorem of closed interval equivalence classes and that of closed interval function S-rough sets are put forward. The relation of function S-rough sets and S-rough sets is also theoretically proved.
    The localization of semirings
    LIU Hong-xing
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  31-33 .  doi:
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    The concept of fractional semirings and the universal property of its are given.
    On ColAutS(G)-vertex-transitive Cayley graphs of semigroups
    ZENG Yan-shan,FAN Suo-hai
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  39-42 .  doi:
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    Some results on (g,f)-uniform graphs
    CAI Jian-sheng and BIAN Qiu-ju
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  43-47 .  doi:
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    A graph G is called a (g,f)-uniform graph if for each edge of G, there is a (g,f)-factor containing it and another (g,f)-factor excluding it. Some sufficient conditions for a graph to be a (g,f)-uniform graph are given and discussed.
    g, f)Factors and ffactors with constraints in bipartite graphs
    HOU Jian-feng,WANG Ji-hui,and LIU Gui-zhen
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  48-51 .  doi:
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    Let G=(X,Y,E) be a bipartite graph and let g and f be two positive integer functions defined on V(G) with g(x)<f(x) for each x∈V(G). It is proved that if a G is the (mg,mf-1)-graph and M is a mathing with m edges, then G has a (g,f)-factor containing an edge of M and excluding other edges of M. If G is the (2m-1)-edge connected bipartite (mf)-graph, then G has an f-factor containing any given edge and excluding any given m-1 edges.
    Paths in the base incidence graph of a matroid
    ,and LI Le-xue
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  52-53 .  doi:
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    It is proved that if M=(E,B) is a simple matroid, the rank of M ρ=ρ(M) is at least 2, every element of E is contained in at least one circuit, Δ(M)is the base incidence graph of matroid M, then there exists a path P in Δ(M), such that the vertices of P cover all vertices of E.
    Uniqueness of meromorphic functions that share one IM value
    QU Jing-jing
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  54-58 .  doi:
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    The uniqueness problems of meromorphic functions concerning differential polynomials are studied. And by using the theorems obtained by HongXun Yi in 1999, some results given by Lin and Yi are improved.
    Sums of nine almost equal prime cubes
    XU Yun-fei and Lǔ
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  59-62 .  doi:
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    On certain divisor sum over squarefull integers
    ZHANG De-yu and ZHAI Wen-guang
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  63-68 .  doi:
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    Robust option pricing model and empirical performance
    and PENG Shi-ge
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  69-73 .  doi:
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    Singular LQ suboptimal control problem with disturbance rejection
    CHEN Li,
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  74-77 .  doi:
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    A singular linear quadratic suboptimal control problem (LQ suboptimal control problem) is considered for nonregular descriptor systems with disturbance rejection. Under the given conditions, a suboptimal controlstate pair can be found such that the performance of the closedloop system is within some range. The suboptimal control can be synthesized as state feedback. All the finite eigenvalues of the closedloop system are located on the open lefthalf complex plane and the state of the closedloop system has the least free entries.
    Robust H∞ filtering for a class of nonlinear stochastic uncertain systems
    HUANG Yu-lin,ZHANG Wei-hai and LI Qing-hua
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  78-84 .  doi:
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    For a class of nonlinear stochastic uncertain systems, its robust H∞ filtering problem has been studied. It is assumed that the uncertain matrices in the nonlinear term are timevarying and norm bounded, while the nonlinear terms satisfy uniformly Lipschitz condition at the origin, and furthermore, the external disturbance is a stochastic process. A sufficient condition for the existence of H∞ filtering of the nonlinear stochastic systems is given via linear matrix inequalities, and an example is also presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the result.
    Design of observers for nonlinear Lipschitz descriptor systems with unknown inputs
    ZHANG Wei and JU Pei-jun
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  85-88 .  doi:
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    The problem of the design of observers for a class of nonlinear Lipschitz descriptor systems with unknown inputs is considered. The objectives are twofolds. Firstly, the design of an unknown input observer for nonlinear descriptor systems is studied. Secondly, if the disturbance is not possible, robust observer for such systems is proposed. The existence conditions of these observers are given and proved. A detailed example is presented for the method.
    A dynamic secure and efficient group key agreement protocol
    ZHENG Shi-hui,WANG Shao-hui and ZHANG Guo-yan
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  89-93 .  doi:
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    A two rounds key agreement protocol for DPG is proposed. It is secure against passive attack, and both Perfect Forward Secrecy and Key Independence are achieved. The protocol is efficient and simple, and is obtained by combining the ElGamal encryption scheme with ElGamal signature scheme. Based on broadcast channel,it is also fit for key agreement in wireless communication (especially adhoc network).
    The deepstudy of a meanVaR model under constraints of investment chance
    AN Qi-guang and WANG Hou-jie
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  94-100 .  doi:
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    Under the assumption that the rates of return of portfolio are normal random variables, a meanVaR portfolio model including riskfree debit and credit with different riskfree rates under constraint of investment chance is established. Existence and uniqueness of the model's optimal solution are discussed. On the basis of meanVaR model's effective border, the constraint of investment chance is introduced, and the model's effective border and the optimal solutioin are obtained.
    A study on the optimal ratio of stateowned stock in SOEs' reform under open conditions
    MENG Qing-chun and SUN Zhi-xia
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  101-105 .  doi:
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    Experiment on coherent motions in the turbulent nearwall region over a dragreducing grooved surface
    LI Xin-hua,DONG Shou-ping,ZHAO Zhi-yong and CHEN Jun-feng,
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  106-110 .  doi:
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    Measurements of flow field by means of a twocomponent LDV system have been carried out in turbulent boundary layers over a smooth surface and a drag reducing grooved surface with a zero pressure gradient. Variations of the second and thirdorder moments of velocity fluctuations are investigated to give thorough information on coherent motions in the turbulent nearwall region over both surfaces.
    Nodes of the nearfield light intensities of the femtosecond laser pulses through a subwavelength aperture
    CAO Gang,REN Xiao-rong,NIU Ai-qin,LIU Man and CHENG Chuan-fu
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  111-115 .  doi:
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    By using the method for the numerical calculation of Green's function, the light field of the femtosecond laser pulses through a subwavelength aperture is simulated and calculated. The timedependent laser pulse with Gauss profile is decomposed into a series of monochromatic simple harmonic waves firstly. For the light field of the harmonic wave with a single frequency, the numerical calculation is made and the light fields in the space domain are received. Such numerical solution is iterated for all the waves with different frequencies, and all the numerical solutions are transformed into the light fields in the time domain by inverse Fourier transform. Through analysis, it is found that the femtosecond laser pulses propagate the both sides of the aperture along the medium interface, and during the propagating process, the diffraction light fields form the intensity nodes on the medium interface and in the near domain.
    Study of chemically enhanced primary treatment of wastewater received by urban rivers
    XU Chun-hua,GAO Bao-yu,LU Lei,XU Shi-ping,CAO Bai-chuan,YUE Qin-yan and ZHANG Jian
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  116-120 .  doi:
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    The chemically enhanced primary treatment of wastewater received by the Zhulong River and Baijia River in the city of Zibo, Shandong, China has been studied. According to the characteristics of the rivers, their water quality, and the wastewater received, several coagulants were selected to use in the experiments conducted at the rivers, including polyaluminum chloride (PAC), cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM), anionic polyacrylamide (APAM) and polydimethyldiallylammonium chloride (PDMDAAC). Their efficiencies for removing COD, SCOD, turbidity, NT and PT were investigated and compared. APAM and PDMDAAC were found to be the most appropriate coagulants. The impact of surface load and pH on the effectiveness of coagulation was also considered and analyzed. The results showed that at the optimum dosage of APAM (0.3?mg/L), the COD and SCOD removal efficiencies reached to 44%~64% and 33%~67%, respectively, while at the optimum dosage of PDMDAAC (0.5?mg/L), COD and SCOD removal efficiencies were 51%~60% and 21%~67%, respectively. Both APAM and PDMDAAC achieved a lower efficiency, 15%~20%, in removing NT, whereas they had a higher PT removal efficiency that was 60%~80%. It was found that pH had a very little effect on the efficiency of COD removal, and better coagulation could be achieved when pH was in the range of 7~10. The results also showed that there was insignificant change in COD and turbidity removal efficiency when surface load was increased from 0.8?m3/m2·h to 1.2?m3/m2·h.
    Statistical models of synchronous and asynchronous communication
    CHEN Lei
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  121-124 .  doi:
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    The precise definitions of synchronous and asynchronous communication modes are described in this paper. Statistical models for these two forms of communication are proposed. The concept of Communication Entropy (Comtropy) is defined. This will lay the foundation for the further research of networkmediated communication.
    Synthesis and analysis of network traffic based on multifractal wavelet model with different vanish moments
    FENG Hai-liang,LIN Qin-jia,CHEN Di and CHEN Chun-xiao
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  125-130 .  doi:
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    Multifractal wavelet model (MWM) is a comparatively ideal model, which is able to fairly describe the multifractal characteristic of the network traffic. The choice of wavelet base affects the model's description precision of real traffic multifractal character. Daubechies wavelets, which are classified by vanish moments, are representative in wavelet functions. In this paper, with the consideration of Daubechies wavelets with different vanish moments, the question of how to choose the wavelet base in the multifractal wavelet model is discussed. Finally, by analyzing several simulation results of the traffic, the proper wavelet base is obtained.
    Analysis of DRM system performance based on OFDM
    DONG Guo-feng,CHEN Di and SHAO Chang-yong
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  131-134 .  doi:
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    Based on DRM channel, the relation between the total number of subcarrier (N) and the other two key parameter of OFDM system: interchannel interfere (ICI) and the channel bitrate (R) is investigated. The analysis shows that the appropriate N can not only satisfy the requirement of R, but also have high resistance to the ICI. Then simulation analyzes the relation between the R(S/N) ratio of the DRM system and channel delay (τ) as well as the gain of multipath (ρ), proving that appropriate guard interval has great immunity to the ISI.
    A study of population structure and dynamics of Robinia pseudoacacia clones
    ZHANG Xian-qiang,GUO W-ei-hua,YANG Ji-hong,LIU Cheng-cheng and WANG Ren-qing
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  135-139 .  doi:
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    The population structure and dynamics of Robinia pseudoacacia clones are studied.The result indicates that the clone population has relative stable and pyramidal number structure,made up of abundant infancy daughter ramets with high death rate,and few adult daughter ramets with low death rate.Clones produce daughter ramets at high age stage and the number of daughter ramets is increasing.The diameter at ground height (DGH),height and canopy width of genet are significantly larger than those of daughter ramets.The growth of height and canopy width is accelerated at infancy stage,but relatively stable at adult stage.The growth and dynamics of daughter ramets are affected by genet though clonal integration,and competition from shrubs and herbage of surroundings.
    Studies on the differences of gene expression in chicken ovary of crossbreds versus purebreds
    KANG Wenxia,ZHANG Zhaoyuan,WANG Hui* ,and ZHANG Yuan*
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  140-143 .  doi:
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    The technique of mRNA differential display was used to analyze the differences in gene expression of ovary tissue among 4 flocks involving 2 purebreds: White Leghorn(AA), Nongdahe(DD), and the two hybrid breeds : AD and DA, at the age of 32 weeks. Only bands that can be repeated in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of duplicate PCR products were used for statistic analysis. Our results showed that differences of gene expression between crossbreds and their purebreds were very obvious. 24 kinds of primer subsets amplified 726 clear bands of cDNA fragment in 4 flocks. In them, the differential expression bands of cDNA fragment are 112(15.43%). There are 7 differential expression patterns: Ⅰ. strengthened expression 17(15.17%) bands; Ⅱ. decreased expression 15(13.39%) band; Ⅲ. gene unexpressed 9(8.04%) bands; Ⅳ. particular expression 7(6.25%) bands; Ⅴ. single parent coincident expression 58(51.78%) bands; Ⅵ. Codominance 6(5.36%) bands; Ⅶ. both parents coincident expression 614(84.57%) bands.
    Preliminary classification and identification of Streptomyces strain 45#
    LI De-shun,ZONG Xue-mei,ZHANG Chang-kai and YUAN Zhi-gang
    J4. 2006, 41(2):  144-148 .  doi:
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    The Streptomyces strain 45#, which was isolated from soil, can produce broadspectrum antimicrobial substances with high activities. Analysis on these antimicrobial substances showed that they have notable antagonistic effects on phytopathogens as well as some bacteria, but unconspicuous effects on fungi comparatively. A similarity of basic properties between Streptomyces strain 45# and Streptomyces nogalater was proved by a series of comparison of the morphological and cultural characteristics, and the physiological and biochemical properties. The results exhibited that the homology of 16S rDNA between these two strains reached 99%. A phylogenetic tree was constructed by comparing with some correlative published 16S rDNA sequences. According to the multiclassification principle and the phylogenetic analysis, the Streptomyces strain 45# should be nomenclatured as Streptomyces nogalater.