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    24 March 2008
    Volume 43 Issue 3
    Comparative study of spatial interpolation methods on weather data in Shandong Province
    XU Chao,WU Da-qian,ZHANG Zhi-guo*
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  1-05 .  doi:
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    Average precipitation and temperature data of 17 meteorological stations in Shandong Province from 1990 to 2001 were employed for spatial interpolation. The relationships between the average precipitation, temperature and elevation, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), longitude and latitude using stepwise regression equations were set up. Due to the sparse distribution of meteorological stations in Shandong Province, some suppositional meteorological stations were added to provide additional spatial information of meteorological data. Three methods, inverse distance weighted (IDW), radial basis function (RBF) and ordinary Kriging (OK), were adopted for interpolation. The results show that the suppositional meteorological stations can greatly improve the interpolation accuracy, and the ordinary Kriging method was the best among the three selected methods.
    The vacuolization and differentiation of vascular endothelial cells by a γ-butyrolactones derivative
    JING Qing-chuan,ZHAO Jing,ZHAO Bao-xiang*,ZHANG Shang-li,MIAO Jun-ying*
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  6-09 .  doi:
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    The effects of vacuolization on the differentiation of vascular endothelial cells were analyzed from a chemical biochemistry genetics perspective using the blastodisc cells differentiation model induced by FGF with the γ-butyrolactones derivative. The results of neutral red staining and acridine orange staining show that the vacuoles are acid, γ-butyrolactones derivative can suppress the differentiation of chick blastodisc cells to vascular endothelial cells by inhibiting the acid vacuoles in cells. The data validates the effect of vacuolizationon cell differentiation, which can be regarded as a reference for future research on the target protein functions of γ-butyrolactones derivative in chick blastodisc cells differentiation to endothelial cells.
    QSAR study on etheric compounds toxicity to embryonic mice
    LIU Tian-bao,PENG Yan-fen
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  10-12 .  doi:
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    The DFT-B3LYP method with the basis set 6-311G** was employed to calculate the molecular geometries and electronic structures of 25 etheric compounds. E(HOMO), E(LOMO), E(NHOMO), E(NLOMO), ET, QH, Q-, μ and V were selected as structural parameters to study the toxicity (pC) of such ethers to embryonic mice, which were used to establish the quantitative structureactivity relationships (QSAR). The results indicate that there is a good multivariate linear relationship between the experimental value of the toxicity to embryonic mice and the total energy of molecules (ET), the secondary highest occupied orbital energies (E(NHOMO)). The principle structural factors having an effect on the toxicity to embryonic mice were discussed.
    Solvothermal extraction of flavones from Ginkgo leaves
    LI Da-zhi,XIAO Zhong-feng,XIE Yan,DANG Yan-qiu,HAN Guo-jun
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  13-15 .  doi:
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    The solvothermal extraction method was used to extract flavones from Ginkgo leaves, and the analysis of the content was completed by HPLC. The dominant factors affecting the leached output were investigated by orthogonal experiments. The optimum conditions determined by the solvothermal method were as follows: the volumetric ratio of ethanol is 70%, the volume of solvent is 40mL when the mass of Ginkgo leaves is 1g and the heating time is 3h. Compared with thermal refluxing extraction, the solvothermal extraction method can provide an efficient, simple and harmless method for obtaining flavones from Ginkgo leaves.
    Studies on the ASP compound system with moderate basic strength alkali after polymer injection flooding
    YU Li,SUN Huan-quan,XIAO Jian-hong,CHEN Hui,CAO Zheng-quan,SONG Dai-feng,ZHENG Li-qiang,LI Gan-zuo
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  16-20 .  doi:
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    Modified natural carboxylate/buffer base/polymer flooding was studied for the Gudao River Shoal Oil of the Shengli Oil Field after polymer injection flooding. First, interfacial activating and the influence of modified natural carboxylate , i.e., SDCM-2 was systematically investigated. Then, the effects of water flooding, polymer flooding and buffer base ASP flooding were studied by laboratory physical simulation experiments. When the concentration of mixed alkali (m(Na2CO3)∶m(NaHCO3)=1∶1) is 1.5% and the concentration of SDCM-2 is 0.1%, the oil-water interfacial tension reaches to a ultra-low level. The flooding efficiency of buffer base ASP flooding is 18%OOIP after polymer injection flooding. Finally, a visualized microscopic simulation flooding experiment was developed and the flow pattern of fluid in porous media was directly observed. Results show that the binding residual oil after polymer flooding deforms to be thinner and longer, then forms an oil bank through the capillary throat and moves to exit when the ASP system is added into the model. It is also shown that buffer base ASP flooding can improve flooding efficiency apparently by enlarging the swept volume and advances washing oil efficiency. Buffer base ASP flooding is one of the efficient methods to enhance recovery efficiency.
    Preparation and characterization of the polyrotaxanes formed by cyclodextrins and SEM-25
    GUAN Rui-fang,ZHANG Zhi-guo,ZHU Xiao-li,FENG Sheng-yu,KONG Xiang-zheng*
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  21-25 .  doi:
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    The reaction between SEM-25 and cyclodextrins are selective. SEM-25 can react with α-cyclodextrin and γ-cyclodextrin respectively to form “channel type” inclusion complexes, the polyrotaxanes, while the inclusion complex between SEM-25 and β-cyclodextrin cannot be prepared. The polyrotaxanes were characterized respectively by FT-IR, XRD and
    Preparation and characterization of PANI-coated poly (styrene co-styrene sulfonate) nanoparticles synthesized in a microemulsion system
    YAO Hui-ling,SHI Yuan-chang,ZHAI Guang-yao ,ZHANG Xiao-yan
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  26-29 .  doi:
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    Core-shell structured nanoparticles of conducting polymers have outstanding physical and chemical property and broad application in many domains, such as energy, photoelectron and conducting dope. PANI-coated poly(styrene-co-styrene sulfonate) (PANI/PS-PSS) nanoparticles were prepared. First, nanoparticles of poly(styrene-co-styrene sulfonate)(PS-PSS)were synthesized in a nitrogen atmosphere by a microemulsion system, then the PS-PSS particles were used as templates to prepare PAIN-coated core-shell PANI/PS-PSS nanoparticles under a low temperature.
    Determination of fuzzy tokens in fuzzy Petri nets based on fuzzy statistics
    YUAN Jie,SHI Hai-bo,LIU Chang,SHAN Yu-gang,SHANG Wen-li
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  30-33 .  doi:
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    In current application studies of fuzzy Petri nets, a commonly existing problem is that fuzzy tokens are assigned or supposed subjectively by experts. Based on this, it was proposed that fuzzy tokens of places are obtained by fuzzy statistics. This approach provides a basis for properly applying fuzzy Petri nets. A general formalized algorithm was given for computing fuzzy tokens. The presented instance confirms the feasibility and validity of fuzzy statistics in acquiring fuzzy tokens.
    Ridge distance estimation methods based on multi-peak detection and energy weight
    ZHANG Xiao-mei,JIA Tong-hui,YIN Yi-long,ZHAN Xiao-si
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  34-39 .  doi:
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    Fingerprint enhancement has important functions in fingerprint identification, such as reducing noise and emphasizing key features. As a result, ridge distance estimation is a key step in AFIX (automated fingerprint identification system). However, it is still a difficult task to accurately and reliably estimate the ridge distance. Two methods for estimating the ridge distance, namely, the method based on multipeak detection and the method based on energy weight, were put forth. In addition, the performance of these two methods is verified by applying ridge distance estimation results to fingerprint enhancement and minutiae extraction. Experimental results indicate that these two methods have a good impact on ridge distance estimation.
    On global robust stability for a class of static recurrent neural networks with delays
    TAO Ni,WANG Lin-shan
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  40-42 .  doi:
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    By using properties of the M-matrix, method of Liapunov function and inequality technique, the global robust stability for a class of static recurrent neural networks with delays was studied, and a new algebraic criterion was given.
    Existence and uniqueness of solution for singular (k,n-k) conjugate boundary value problems
    WANG Jian-guo,GAO Qing-ling
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  43-47 .  doi:
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    Nonlinear singular (k,n-k) conjugate boundary value problems were considered,The existence and uniquences of the solution and the continuity and monotone of solutions on parameter λ were discussed,and some results were established.
    The existence for the solution of the Laplace equation with an exponential Neumann boundary condition
    ZHANG Yi-bin
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  48-53 .  doi:
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    Using Mini-Max method and Blow-up analysis, the existence for the solution of a class of the Laplace equation with an exponential Neumann boundary condition was given when the parameter lies in a certain interval.
    A representation of the generalized inverse A(2)T,S of Hilbert space operators and their applications
    ZHONG Jin,LIU Xiao-ji
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  54-57 .  doi:
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    A(2)T,S of Hilbert space operators was given. Then, the integral and limit representations of the generalized inverse A(2)T,S were obtained, which are related to this representation.
    Rough law generation and its separation
    ZHANG Ling,QIU Yu-feng,REN Xue-fang
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  58-63 .  doi:
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    By using function S-rough sets (function singular rough sets), rough law generation and the theorem of rough law generation were given. Based on the above results, rough law separation, the separation theorem of rough law, the compound generation theorem of rough law band, and the principle of rough law band were proposed. Finally, an application of rough law separation in recognizing the risk law of profit was presented.
    Existence of analytic solutions of a second-iterative functional differential equation
    LIU Ling-xia
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  64-69 .  doi:
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    Analytic solutions of a secondorder iterative functional differential equation x″(x[r](z))=c0z+c1x(z)+…+cmx[m](z), z∈C, were discussed in a complex field, where r and m are nonnegative integers, c0,c1,…,cm are complex constants, and x[i] is the ith iterated function x(z). The analytic solutions are obtained in the case of unit root α, of which that the linearized eigenvalue α is near resonance under the Brjuno condition.
    The abstract prime number theorem
    LI Jin-hong,
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  70-74 .  doi:
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    The zero-free region of the abstract zeta function ζG(z) was studied. For its application, an asymptotic formula of the abstract prime number theorem was established.
    F*-Paracompactness in L-topological spaces
    LIU Hong-ping,MENG Guang-wu
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  75-79 .  doi:
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    F*-paracompactness in L-topological spaces was introduced. It was proved that F*-paracompactness has many good properties, such as that it is L-good extension, hereditary with respect to closed subsets,weakly in homeomorphic invariant property, and that the Cartesian product of a fuzzy compact space and a F*-paracompact space is a F*-paracompact space, as well as that a F*-paracompact Hausdorff space is both a S*-regular and a WS*-normal space. At last, a discussion about the relations of other paracompactnesses was given.
    Information hiding and reduction based on S-rough sets
    WANG Li,LIU Jin-liang,YAO Bing-xue
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  80-83 .  doi:
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    By using S-rough sets of attributes particle characteristics, the information was enciphered and its reasonability was verified. The confidentiality of the information was achieved, which proved this method to be a more effective method of encryption.
    Topological degree computation and its applications to three-point boundary value problems in Banach space
    CUI Yu-jun,ZOU Yu-mei
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  84-86 .  doi:
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    A new method of topological degree computation was given with the positively homogeneous function which was applied to threepoint boundary value problems in Banach space.
    The Os-r connectedness of L-topological spaces
    YU Na,MENG Han,MENG Guang-wu
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  87-91 .  doi:
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    The concept of LF Os-r connectedness was introduced by r closure,and its several fundamental properties were investigated.It is a L-good extension.
    Cellular automata based simulation of new product market diffusion
    LI Wang,SUN Yong-zheng,
    J4. 2008, 43(3):  92-96 .  doi:
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    After the cellular automata based model of new product market diffusion was formulated,the process of new product market diffusion under different market conditions was simulated, and the effect of advisement and product quality on the new product market diffusion was also studied by use of game theory. The simulation results are consistent with characteristics of new product market diffusion in the real market. Compared with other new product market diffusion models, this model has concise structure, intuitionistic simulation and an easy analysis process.