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    20 November 2012
    Volume 47 Issue 11
    Theoretical study on the clathration of modified β-cyclodextrin  with trans-resveratrol
    HU Chun-xia1, FENG Sheng-yu1*, ZHANG Chong2, L Bing-jie3
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  1-6. 
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    The inclusion process of modified β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) with transresveratrol (TR) was studied by the ONIOM (B3LYP/6。31G*:PM3) method. The following conclusions were obtained: (1) the most stable inclusion compound was got by combining the passing process and the cycling process; (2) the possible driving forces for the inclusion complexes were charge transfer and dipoledipole interactions; (3) the hydrogen bonds played an important role in the stability of the inclusion compounds; (4) the formation of modified-β-CD inclusion compounds was predicted to be an enthalpy-driven process at the temperature of 298.15 K and 1 atm in gas phase.

    Fine structure splitting of lithiumlike ions Ni25+ and Zn27+ 2p states
    CHEN Guan-jun1, HUANG Shi-zhong2*
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  7-11. 
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    Fine structure splitting of lithiumlike ions Ni25+and Zn27+2p states was calculated by using MCDF (multi-configuration Dirac Fock) method. And the effects of transverse photon interaction, vacuum polarization correction and self-energy correction were considered in the calculation. Theoretical results of fine structure splitting of 2p states for Ni25+ and Zn27+ ions are 177512.60cm-1 and 239100.50cm-1, lower than the experimental values 16.5cm-1 and 13.7cm-1 respectively. The transverse photon interaction and self-energy correction are more important to the splitting while the vacuum polarization correction is ignorable relatively.

    A user-centric identity management and authentication system for mobile Internet
    WANG Juan1,2, HE Qi1, YAN Fei1,2, JIANG Wan-wei1, YANG Ming1, WANG Yan1
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  12-17. 
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    Based on the current research of user-centric identity management mechanism and technology, a new user-centric identity authentication system on mobile Internet platform named ID-Vcard was proposed and implemented on the Android platform. In the system of ID-Vcard, user can manage and use own identity information in the form of virtual card. In the process of authentication, it takes the advantage of the user’s and IdP’s digital certificates to authenticate users on RP. ID-Vcard has good usability in mobile platform because users can manage their identity information by virtual cards. In addition, it tries to reduce and eliminate the username/password authentication method.

    Research on the privilege separation model of  high level information systems
    LI Yu, MA Chao-bin
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  18-23. 
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    The privileges of the superuser can cause a lot of malicious attacks. To solve the problem, the privilege separation model in high level information systems was proposed. The administrator in operating system was decomposed into three roles. The formal definition of support and constraints relationships of the permissions was obtained. Besides, the privilege separation algorithm and security theorems were proposed in the model. Through the formal analysis, it is proved that the privileges of different roles in the algorithm meet the support and constraints relationships. The model can ensure the implementation of principle of least privilege effectively.

    Reversible fragile watermarking for authentication based on integer DCT and expansion embedding
    CHEN Quan1,2, XIANG Shi-jun2*
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  24-30. 
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    Reversible audio watermarking can restore the original audio data after extracting the watermark and be used for integrity verification and tamper detecting. A reversible fragile watermarking scheme was proposed for audio using intDCT (integer discrete cosine transform) and expansion embedding technology.  It is noting that a audio frame would be distorting after undergoing intDCT, amplitude expansion embedding and inverse intDCT. The reason of the distortion was analyzed and the corresponding solution was proposed.  Two reversible watermarking algorithms for audio integrity verification were  proposed. They employed two different embedding strategies, difference expansion embedding and prediction error expansion embedding in DCT highfrequency domain respectively. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can achieve less distortion and satisfied embedding capacity for integrity verification and tampering location.

    A novel anonymous threshold secret sharing scheme
    SHI Runhua, ZHONG Hong
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  31-39. 
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     There are many important applications for anonymous secret sharing in information security fields, but it is difficult for the known anonymous schemes to meet the practical application requirements due to their low efficiencies. Anonymous secret sharing was defined as a special secure multi-party computation problem and further solved by using the technologies of secure multi-party computation. First, several primary protocols about secure multi-party computation problems were designed and then a whole scheme of anonymous threshold secret sharing was proposed. This scheme can be suitable for any threshold parameter and really preserve the participants’ privacy, that is, the secret can be reconstructed without knowledge of which participants hold which shares. The proposed scheme is secure and efficient, and especially it is adaptable for anonymous authentication and anonymous signature in group cryptographic systems well.

    A webpage information hiding algorithm based on tag dictionary
    REN Jun-ling1, WANG Cheng-quan2
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  40-44. 
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     Webpage information hiding technology takes the webpage as covered channels to transmit the secret information. In this paper, an algorithm of webpage information hiding technology based on the tag dictionary was  proposed according to the webpage structure characteristics. The webpage information hiding capacity is increased by 25 times by using  the method of multiple tags combination without increasing the original webpage size and algorithm complexity. This provides a thought of webpage information hiding algorithm.

    uzzy group decision making for information security risk factors analysis
    HUANG Jing-wen
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  45-49. 
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    Fuzzy theory and group decision method were introduced to extend the method of decision making trial and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL) analysis, a new analysis method of information security risk factors was discussed. The proposed method can implement both qualitative and quantitative analysis and evaluation of information security risk factors. Therefore, it can provide the basis for making security strategies of information risk.

    Detectability of TCP-based DDoS attacks at their sourceend networks
    YU Ming, WANG Dong-ju
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  50-53. 
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    Defense of DDoS attacks at their sourceend networks is a kind of proactive defense to detect and block DDoS traffic. A comparative study was made on the detectability of constant rate DDoS attacks and grouped DDoS attacks based on the discrepancy in the number of packets sent to and received from a specific destination. Simulation results show that (1) there is a tradeoff between detectability of constant rate attacks and their destruction, and decreasing attack rate is not an ideal solution to enhance concealment of the attacks; (2) detectability of grouped attacks can be reduced by flexible group configurations with no loss of the attack destruction, among which increasing attack groups and attack sources is an effective solution.

    The research on the analysis and application of IPv6 Security Protocols  based on campus network
    TAN Hai-bo1, JING Feng-xuan2*,WANG Jia-wei2, SHAN Tao1
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  54-58. 
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    First, the security features of IPv6 packets were analyzed, and then the essential IPv6 protocol IPSec AH and ESP mechanism, the two working modes of IPSec were respectively compared. Final, the IPSec security mechanism was applied to the different levels of the campus network. At the same time, the IPv6 architecture was realized by combining with the CERNET2 campus network and good results were achieved.

    Design of digital authentication camera based on FPGA
    PAN Xiao-zhong1, 2, LUO Peng1, LIU Fang-ming1, LEI Yu1
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  59-66. 
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    A model of digital authentication camera based on semifragile watermarking was proposed, which is implemented on FPGA. Our watermarking algorithm was based on two invariant properties of DCT coefficients before and after JPEG compressions, resisting JPEG compression under certain quality factor. At the same time, attacks were detected and located. The hardware structure of the proposed model was designed and implemented upon the multimedia exploitation platform of DE2-70+TRDB-D5M+LTM. Watermarking is realtimely generated and then inserted concomitantly with image capture, and thus authentication is guaranteed from beginning of image obtainment.

    A research on dynamic and hybrid key management scheme of heterogeneous sensor network
    LIU Meng-jun, LIU Shu-bo*, LIU Hong-hui, CAI Zhao-hui, TU Guo-qing
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  67-73. 
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    In the application of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) needing secure communications, asymmetric key scheme is supposed difficult to be implemented on resources limited sensor node, and the symmetric key scheme based on probability predistribution possess the disadvantages of weak nodes connectivity, big memory consuming, complicated and inflexible key agreement. Hence, a dynamic hybrid key management scheme associated asymmetric and symmetric scheme (DHKAS) was proposed based on the heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. The scheme solved the Node Authentication problem in key management with a simple and reliable way. The analysis result shows that the proposed scheme effectively improves the connectivity of the node, reduces memory consuming and enhances the network secure ability.

    Design of laboratory equipment monitoring management system based on the internet of things
    RAO Xu-li1, ZHANG Mei-ping2, MA Xian-hu2
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  74-77. 
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     For the actual needs of the laboratory equipment management, a laboratory equipment management system was developed based on the use of RFID, Zigbee and other internet of things technology. These functions were be realized such as authorization for using equipment, switch control of equipment,operating status of equipment and the laboratory environmental parameters collection, dynamic monitoring of laboratory equipment and intelligent management.

    Threshold signature-based lightweight clustering handover scheme for Ad hoc networks
    MA Yan, LIU Jian-wei, ZHANG Yu-fei
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  78-82. 
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    The characteristics of Ad hoc networks require that the security approaches in Ad hoc networks must be lightweight. A new threshold signature scheme basd on the Chinese Remainder Theorem and clustering was presented for Ad hoc networks, and then a lightweight handover scheme was presented. The threshold signature scheme based on the cluster structure can guarantee the reality of cluster session key. The process of intercluster handover and intracluster handover can realize security handover quickly. The scheme can be used in different scale networks and can meet the dynamic topology of the Ad hoc networks. The mathematical proof and analysis show that the scheme is secure and have the ability to resist collusion attack.

    Time-frequency block interleaving schemes for PAPR reduction in OFDM systems
    WANG Ling-yin1, LIU Ju2
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  83-87. 
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     As for one orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) signal, conventional block interleaving is implemented, but the correlation between two generated candidate signals is very strong, which degrades the improvement in peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) reduction performance. Concerned on the limitation of conventional block interleaving, a timefrequency block interleaving scheme and its suboptimal scheme for PAPR reduction in OFDM systems were proposed. In proposed schemes, block interleaving was adopted among different OFDM signals in a timeslot, which improves the freedom of generating candidate signals and reduces the correlation between two different candidate signals. The simulation results show that, compared with conventional block interleaving, this schemes can obtain better PAPR reduction performance with the same computational complexity.

    ε-function rough sets and its application
    PEI Hai-feng
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  88-93. 
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     Fuction similarity degree based on intervals and discrete points is proposed, and the method of fuction clustering based on the two varied function similarity degree is given. Using the classifications of function universe,fuction rough sets is generalized, and ε-function rough sets is put forward. The investment model in economic system is built, and the solution to choose investment portfolio is presented using the tool of ε-function rough sets.

    Filteristic soft FI-algebras
    LIU Chun-hui1,2
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  94-98. 
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     We used the concept of soft sets and its related operations in FI-algebras problem research. Firstly,  the notion of filteristic soft FIalgebras  are introduced and their some algebraic properties are discussed. Secondly, several necessary and sufficient conditions of a fuzzy set to be fuzzy MP-filter and (∈,∈∨ q)-fuzzy MP-filter in FI-algebras are given by applying the notion of filteristic soft FI-algebras.

    Outer P-information generation and its reasoning-searching discovery
    ZHAO Shu-li1, FAN Cheng-xian2, SHI Kai-quan3
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  99-104. 
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    Stability and bifurcation analysis of the model with interference and piecewise constant variables
    CHEN Si-yang, LIU Xiao-na
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  109-118. 
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     The stability and bifurcation of a single-species with interference and piecewise constant variables were discussed. Based on the theory of characteristic value, the necessary and sufficient conditions of the local asymptotically stability were obtained. The existence of Flip bifurcation and Hopf bifurcation were investigated by using center manifold argument and bifurcation theory. Some numerical simulations were performed by Matlab to verify the theoretical results.

    Lp-solutions for one-dimensional reflected backward stochastic differential equations with continuous generators
    SHI Xue-jun1, JIANG Long2*
    J4. 2012, 47(11):  119-126. 
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    The result of existence of minimum and maximum Lp(1<p<2) solutions for the reflected backward stochastic differential equations (RBSDEs) was obtained, whose generators are continuous and of lineargrowth in (y,z). Furthermore, if g satisfies the Osgood condition in y, and has the property of uniformly continuity in z, both the existence and uniqueness theorems about the Lp(1<p<2) solutions to the RBSDEs were proved.