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Research on identificating Chinese micro-blog opinion sentence based on three-way decisions

TIAN Hai-long, ZHU Yan-hui, LIANG Tao, MA Jin, LIU Jing   

  1. School of Computer and Communication, Hunan University of Technology, Zhuzhou 412008, Hunan, China
  • Received:2014-04-27 Revised:2014-07-08 Published:2014-09-24

Abstract: Micro-blog opinion sentence identification is the foundation for opinion mining and public opinion analysis.Therefore, the accuracy of identification of critical opinion sentences is very important for the follow-up research work. A Chinese micro-blog perspective sentence identification method based on three-way decisions.using support vector machine classifiers and sigmoid function to caculate the probability of a micro-blog belonging to perspective sentence,and conducting a contrast experiment between Chinese microblog perspective sentence identificaition method based on three-way decisions and traditional support vector machine,it shows that three-way decisions has accepted a good identification effect.

Key words: chinese micro-blog, three-way decisions, opinion sentence

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