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Study of the effects on synthesis Mg-Al-hydrotalcite-like compounds

WANG Dong-qing, LI Li-fang*, WANG Jian-wei   

  1. College of Chemistry and Material Science, Shandong Agriculture University, Tai’an 271018, Shandong, China
  • Received:2010-11-05 Published:2011-04-21


The size and size distribution will be affected by many factors in the process to synthesize Mg-Al-HTlc (hydrotalcite-like compounds, HTlc) nanoparticles using the mixed co-precipitation method. Orthogonal design was used in this study to synthesize Mg-Al-HTlc nanoparticles and to estimate the factors (such as peptizing time, peptizing temperature, aging time and alkali dosage) effect on the unit cell parameters, size and size distribution in the monodispersed Mg-Al-HTlc nanopartical preparation process. The result showed that the order of factors influencing HTlc mean size was: peptizing temperature> aging time> peptizing time> alkali dosage. The order of factors influencing HTlc size distribution was: alkali dosage> peptizing temperature> aging time> peptizing time. The optimal condition for preparing monodispersed HTlc was: peptizing time 48h, peptizing temperature 100℃, and alkali dosage nNH3·H2O/(2n(Mg2+ )+3n(Al3+ ))=1, aging time 45min.

Key words:  hydrotalcite-like compounds; syntheses; nanoparticle; orthogonal design

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