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    20 January 2017
    Volume 52 Issue 1
    Sequence analysis of mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene and molecular phylogeny of three species of abalones
    GUO Zhan-sheng, ZHANG Jun-wei, LI Liang, HOU Xu-guang, ZHANG Hai-tao, ZHANG Xue-jin
    JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE). 2017, 52(1):  1-8.  doi:10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2016.268
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    PCR method was used for amplification of mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene from H.discus hannai, H.iris and H.rubra, and all of amplicons were purified and sequenced. The results showed that 16S rRNA gene sequences with length of 544, 546 and 550 bp were obtained from H.discus hannai, H.iris and H.rubra, the content of A+T were 58.1%, 56.1% and 55.9% respectively, the mutual homology among them was 94.18%, the variation of the sequences focuses on the three regions: 9-34 bp, 248-295 bp and 326-375 bp. The cluster dendrograms of the three collected abalones and 22 abalones from GenBank data based on 16s rDNA were analysed, their genetic distance ranges from 0.00 to 0.14. The phylogenetic tree was constructed with NJ and ML methods to reveal the evolutionary relationships, the results showed that the phylogeny of Haliotide was easy to cluster in one clade when distributed in same district and had same chrosome numbers.
    Interaction between alkyl polyglycosides and other different surfactants
    XU Hai-li, LONG Pan-feng
    JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE). 2017, 52(1):  9-14.  doi:10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2016.360
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    Surface tension were carried out for mixed systems of octyl b-D-glucopyranoside(APG)and sodium decanoate(SC), octyl b-D-glucopyranoside(APG)and silicone surfactant(T-5.5-0)in different molar ratios, respectively. Their molecular interaction parameters in the mixed micelles were evaluated from the results of surface tensions and critical micelle concentrations(CMC), and the interaction between APG and other different surfactants was discussed. These results will provide important information for the application of mixed surfactant systems.
    Information recommendation based on users interest model
    YANG Zhen, SI Shu-yong, LI Chao-yang
    JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE). 2017, 52(1):  15-22.  doi:10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.1.2015.118
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    Information recommendation technology can help users filtering out useful content from the huge amount of information on the Internet, thus attracts a wide range of researchers attention. In this paper, we proposed a collaborative recommendation algorithm based on the users interest by using latent factor model, which captured the users implicit interests by decompose the User-Behavior matrix into a product of a User-Implicit matrix and an Interest-Behavior matrix. The experimental results in the MovieLens data sets show that the implicit characteristic can reflect the users interest more precisely than explicit characteristics, as a result, improving the recommendation performance as an expectation.
    Improved particle swarm optimization for flight conflict resolution based on variable neighborhood search
    MA Lan, LI Wei-an, YIN Tian-yi
    JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE). 2017, 52(1):  23-28.  doi:10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2016.316
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    Flight conflict resolution is the key to the safe operation of aircrafts. Both Particle Swarm Optimization(PSO)and Variable Neighborhood Search(VNS)can be used to resolve flight conflict problems. But the rate of PSO will be lower when the solution is close to the optimal one, while VNS is weak at global search. In order to combine fast convergence for global search of PSO and local search of VNS, we proposed enhanced PSO with VNS. The simulation results prove that the improved algorithm can search the global optimal solution effectively, meanwhile inherit advantages of both two algorithms and improve the quality of final solved flight tracks.
    The method of query expansion based on local co-occurrence and context similarity
    TANG Liang, ZHAO Xiao-feng, XI Yao-yi, YI Mian-zhu
    JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE). 2017, 52(1):  29-36.  doi:10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.2.2015.E49
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    In order to solve the mismatch between user query and representation of index document, which affects the performance of information retrieval, this paper proposes a query expansion method based on the integration of local co-occurrence and context similarity. The method expands the user query through the following two ways, one is the adjacent words which have co-occurrence relationship with the query words, the other is the similar words which have a high correlation with the query words. The method focuses on testing the influence of the adjacent words window size and the optimal length of context vectors. Experimental results show that compared with the single expansion method, our method can improve the average accuracy obviously, and the average accuracy reaches the highest when the window size of adjacent words is 5, and the length of the context vector is 15.
    A secure dynamic identity-based remote user authentication scheme
    QU Juan, LI Yan-ping
    JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE). 2017, 52(1):  37-42.  doi:10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.2.2015.289
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    A remote user authentication scheme with user anonymity based on a smart card were analyzed, it was found that the scheme was insecure to against offline password guessing attack, insider attack, user impersonation attack and server spoofing attack. In order to overcome these pitfalls, a dynamic identity remote user authentication scheme based on hash function and random number is proposed. The results show that the new scheme not only removes the aforementioned drawbacks, but also makes user free to update the password. So, the improved scheme is more suitable for practical application.
    Model of low carbon remanufacturing logistics network based on robust optimization
    LI Bo-tang, ZHAO Gang
    JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE). 2017, 52(1):  43-55.  doi:10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2016.174
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    In order to solve the issue of low-carbon remanufacturing logistic network designing under uncertain situation, in the case of carbon emissions trading, considering the uncertainty of transportation cost, demand and waste product quality, for the decision on the opening or closing of the recycling center and its expansion, the location of the remaining facilities and transportation routes between nodes, by using the robust optimization, to minimize the sum of carbon trading revenue and expenditure and logistics costs, we establishes the robust mixed linear programming of remanufacturing logistic network. According to the case verified the feasibility of the robust model, the analysis included the variation of carbon trading and uncertain parameter indicates the balance of optimality and robustness of robust model decision.
    The method of case retrieval with determining case attribute weights based on emergency decision perspective
    ZHENG Jing, WANG Ying-ming, ZHANG Kai
    JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE). 2017, 52(1):  56-64.  doi:10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2016.168
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    Case-based reasoning is one of the effective methods to generate emergency alternative in the emergency, and case retrieval is an important process. We propose a case retrieval method based on prospect theory and grey system theory to deal with the situation of considering the influence of the decision makers risk attitude and the relevance between the problem and the solution, respectively. The prospect value is defined based on the prospect theory, the correlation degree between the solution and the problem is defined according to the grey system theory. Furthermore, the nonlinear weight optimization models of minimum deviation are constructed to get the optimal weights. Then the optimal alternative can be determined according to the similarity of the emergency cases. Finally, we prove the feasibility of the proposed method through an emergency case.
    The application of a supermemory gradient method for large-scale signal reconstruction problem
    LI Shuang-an, CHEN Feng-hua, ZHAO Yan-wei
    JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE). 2017, 52(1):  65-73.  doi:10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2016.059
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    We study a nonmonotone supermemory gradient algorithm for solving large-scale sparse signal recovery problems. The l1 penalty function of the constrained l1-regularized least-squares recovery problem is replaced by the smoothly clipped absolute deviation(SCAD)sparsity-promoting penalty function. In addition, a convex and differentiable local quadratic approximation for the SCAD function is employed to render the computation of the gradient and Hessian tractable. The proposed method sufficiently uses the previous multi-step iterative information at each iteration, avoids the storage and computation of matrices associated with the Hessian of objective functions, thus it is suitable to solve large-scale sparse signal recovery problems. Under some assumptions, the convergence properties of the proposed algorithm are analyzed. Numerical results are also reported to show the efficiency of this proposed method.
    Consensus problem of time-delayed multi-agent system with measurement noise
    WANG Ya-jun, ZHANG Shen, HU Qing-song, LIU Feng, ZHANG Yu-ting
    JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE). 2017, 52(1):  74-80.  doi:10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2016.090
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    To study the influence of noise and time delay on the average consensus of multi-agent systems, the model of time delay multi agent system with measurement noise was established. Using the stability theory of stochastic differential equations, sufficient conditions for the almost surely average consensus were derived. The influence of time delay and noise on the consensus behavior of multi-agent system was simulated, and the correctness of the theoretical results was verified.
    Dynamical analysis of a class of periodic epidemic model with delay
    WANG Shuang-ming
    JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE). 2017, 52(1):  81-87.  doi:10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2016.314
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    A time-periodic and delayed epidemic system modeling the spread of bacteria is studied by method of dynamical systems. In terms of corresponding periodic eigenvalue problem, we establish the global dynamics of the system.
    Turing instability induced by cross-diffusion in a three-species food chain model
    ZHANG Dao-xiang, ZHAO Li-xian, HU Wei
    JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE). 2017, 52(1):  88-97.  doi:10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2016.286
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    This paper considers a strong coupled cross-diffusion system about a three-species food chain model. We first prove that the unique positive equilibrium solution is globally linearly stable for the ODE system and remains globally linearly stable when the reaction-diffusion system without cross-diffusion by constructing Lyapunov functions. Then we use the Routh-Hurwitz criterion and Descartes' rule to illustrate that the unique positive equilibrium solution becomes linearly unstable only when the cross-diffusion plays a role in this reaction-diffusion system. Finally, numerical simulations are performed to test our theoretical results by means of Matlab. We can obtain different types of patterns including spotted, striped and mixture patterns.
    A globally convergent conjugate gradient method with Armijo line search
    ZHENG Xiu-yun, SHI Jia-rong
    JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE). 2017, 52(1):  98-101.  doi:10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2016.154
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    By modifying the search direction, a sufficient descent conjugate gradient method was proposed for solving unconstrained optimization problems. The proposed method can generate sufficient descent directions at each iteration without any line search. The global convergence of the proposed method was proved under Armijo line search. Some numerical experiments show that the proposed method is promising.
    Precise asymptotics in the complete moment convergence for NA random variables
    DENG Xiao-qin, WU Qun-ying
    JOURNAL OF SHANDONG UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE). 2017, 52(1):  102-110.  doi:10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2016.126
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    Let {Xn; n≥1} be a strictly stationary sequence of negatively associated random variables with mean zero and finite variance. We obtain general functions for the precise asymptotics of the logarithm law in the complete moment convergence, which about partial sums and the maximum of partial sums under suitable conditions for NA random sequences, and expand the application range.