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    24 December 2006
    Volume 41 Issue 6
    System F-Law intrusion and recognition
    SHI kai-quan
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  1-05 .  doi:
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    Using function one direction singular rough sets, the concepts of flaw, Flaw, law distance and the system intruded by Flaw are given. With these concepts, the state characteristics of the system law intruded by Flaw, the recognifunction one direction Srough sets; Flaw; intrusion; characteristic recognition0tion of the state characteristics, the recognition criterion and applications are all discussed.
    Solutions and positive solutions of a weaksemipositone beam equation fixed at both ends
    YAO Qing-liu
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  6-10 .  doi:
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    The existence and multiplicity of solutionsand positive solutions for a nonlinear elastic beam equations fixed at both ends are considered, where nonlinear term may not have lower bound. Main ingredients are the technology of integral equation and the fixed point theorems on cone. All conclusions about existence and multiplicity depend upon the “heights” of nonlinear term on some bounded sets, while they are independent of the growths of nonlinear term outside these sets.
    Diagonal, ideal and center of nest algebra of hyperfiniter facto
    JI Peni-sheng,CUAN Wei-ji,BU Mei-hua
    J4. 2006, 44(6):  11-15 .  doi:
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    On the uniform boundedness of modulating Hilberttransforms on Walsh phase plane
    LI Guo-quan,LU Shan-zhen
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  20-23 .  doi:
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    The Walsh models for the modulating Hilbert transforms is given. The uniform boundedness of these operators on Lp spaces is also proven.
    A stability theorem of the solutions to backward stochastic differential equations under nonLipschitz condition
    REN Yong,QING Xian
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  32-35 .  doi:
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    yεt=ξε+∫Ttf?ε(s,yεs,zεs)ds-∫Tt[gε(s,yεs)+zεs]dws,ε0,t∈[0,T] under nonLipschitz condition is proved. The main tool used is a corollary of the Bihari inequality.
    On the kcoloring of tintervals in a cycle
    LI Shu-guang,BAI Shu-yan,HE Zhi-hong,QI Kai-yuan
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  40-42 .  doi:
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    The problem satisfying the clients requests in a given cycle is considered. Each request is associated with a tinterval, which consists of up to t(t1) intervals on the cycle. To satisfy a request, one of the intervals defining it must be selected and one of k colors must be assigned . No intervals selected for the requests can be assigned with the same color if they shared an edge of the cycle. A 3.042approximation algorithm is presented for the objective of maximizing the total number of satisfied requests.
    A strong distributive lattice of quotient semirings
    LIU Hong-xing
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  43-45 .  doi:
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    A necessary and sufficient condition for a quotient semiring of a strong distributive lattice of semirings to be a strong distributive lattice of the quotient semirings of the corresponding semiring is obtained.
    Rough graph and its structure
    HE Tong,LU Chang-jing,SHI KAi-quan,
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  46-50 .  doi:
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    Abstract: By combining the rough set theory with the traditional graph theory, the equal definition of classical graph is presented based on the idea of rough set theory. In general, the definition of rough graph is given. Furthermore, the matrix expression of rough graph and the rough characteristic analysis of rough graph are also given. Rough graph extends the results of classical graph theory. It is the graph that can be used to research uncertainty problems, and is also a new research tool to analyze the system rough characteristic.
    School of Math. and System Sci., Shandong Univ., Jinan 250100, Shandong, China
    WANG Ting
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  51-56 .  doi:
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    The domain decomposition finite difference algorithm is dealt with for parabolic problems with variable coefficient. The basic procedure is to define explicit difference schemes at the interface point with smaller time step Δt=Δt/J,(J is a positive integer.) and larger space step , for improving the total accuracy. Algorithm and error estimates in one and two space dimensions are derived. At last, a numerical experiment is presented to confirm the conclusion
    Ranking DMUs under interval DEA model
    MA Li-jie,DENG Wei,ZHAO Yi-jun
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  61-64 .  doi:
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    A new DEA with an interval efficiency under outputDEA model is developed. An original DEA model is used to evaluate each DMU optimistically. A DEA model is formulated with an interval efficiency which consists of efficiencies obtained from the optimistic and pessimistic viewpoints. Thus, two end points can construct an interval efficiency. The interval inefficiency model, which is inverse to interval efficiency, can also be dealt with by the same idea. Finally, the two results under input DEA model and output DEA model are compared with each other respectively through an example, which confirm the consistency of the interval effectivities of decisionmaking units evaluated by these two models
    Numerical analysis of an agestructured population model with spacelimited recruitment
    SUN Guan-ying,LIANG Dong,WANG Wen-qia
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  65-70 .  doi:
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    A MonteCarlo simulation approach for stochastic flow of emergency evacuation networks based on different forward directed augmented paths
    WU Wei-wei,NING Xuan-xi
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  71-75 .  doi:
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    Combined with the existed methods to select the forward directed augmented path randomly, three different selections to the forward directed augmented paths are proposed. A MonteCarlo simulation approach is utilized to obtain the stochastic saturated flows distribution under various selections to the forward directed augmented paths. Two indices are given to evaluate the stability of the saturated flows and the reliability of the saturated flows under different path selected scenarios. Finally, three examples are used to analyze the stochastic saturated flows distribution under the circumstances of different path selections.
    Srough sets and its knowledge heredity mining
    CUI Ming-hui,SHI Kai-quan
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  76-80 .  doi:
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    Using the concept of heredity knowledge and its heredity coefficient of Srough sets, it gives the concept of variation coefficient of knowledge, presents the theorem of attribute dependence of variation coefficient and the relation theorem of heredityvariation, and puts forward the heredity mining of knowledge and its algorithm in conclusion.
    Approximation to limited linear combined ridge basis function of plane wave
    ZHANG Li-wei
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  87-89 .  doi:
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    The approximated function can be regarded as the plane wave spreaded along some directions when the approximation to limited linear combined ridge basis function of plane wave is ridge functions or their combination. The directions of ridge basis function are given through nonlinear least square method and artificial neural network. The approximated function is reconstructed by the directions obtained in the first step. Some examples are given.
    Improvement of relative Hopf module structure theorem in YetterDrinfeld category
    LV Lin-yan
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  90-92 .  doi:
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    Let L be Hopf algebra on field k with antipode sL and A be Hopf algebra with antipode sA. Let B be a right Acomodule algebra. The fundamental structure theorem about (A,B)Hopf module in LLYD is improved, which is the extension of the basic structure theorem of Hopf module.
    An extended rough set methodology for probability decision analysis
    HU Ming-li,LIU Si-feng
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  93-98 .  doi:
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    In order to obtain probabilistic decision rules from multiple attribute decision systems with incomplete information, an extended rough sets methodology is proposed. Firstly, the concept of consistency degree based on the tolerance relation is presented. Secondly, rough approximations and region boundary of knowledge are put forward by giving out tolerant region value. Thirdly, the basic properties of rough approximations are discussed, and the probabilistic decision rules are acquired. Finally, the feasibility and effectiveness of this new method are demonstrated by a real example.
    Analysis of dynamic bit allocation algorithm in FMT system
    WANG Shao-bo,GAO Zhen-ming.LI Zhi-yong,HU Lan-yu,WANG Feng-li
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  99-102 .  doi:
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    An adaptive bit allocation algorithm was proposed in FMT system. Based on equal power transmission at the transmitter, the modulation code and transmission parameters on each per subcarrier were decided by SDR measurement at the receiver. The simulation result shows that the resistance ability to decay of FMT system is improved efficiently.
    Mathematical models for reconstructing transcriptionalregulatory networks
    LIU Hua-feng,WANG Wen-yan
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  103-108 .  doi:
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    Transcriptive regulatory networks are the global representation of multiple interactions between genes and their products, which can help us understand the cell's function at the level of gene expression. Recent research advances in multiple bioinformatics (computational molecular biology) and highthroughout experimental technologies have made the reconstruction of transcriptive regulatory networks possible. The study of transcriptive regulatory networks intends to infer regulations between genes from microarray data, and reveals the complex life of cell. Also far from being completed, the ability to recreate transcriptive regulatory networks from available experimental data facilitates the systematic dissection of cell function. The research of transcriptive regulatory networks is an important topic in functional genomics, and one of the most challenging questions in the front of bioinformatics and system biology. Several typical mathematical models and their new research developments are discussed concisely.
    Effects of simulated acid rain on the growing rules of northern wheat
    NI Shou-qing,ZHAO Da-chuan,CUI Qian-jie,LI Jian-guo,YANG Guo-dong
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  109-113 .  doi:
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    The wheat samples were sprayed during its vegetative and productive stages by simulated acid rain of northern China, whose pH values were 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 respectively. The results show that the visible blade injures threshold value is pH3.0 after the treatment of acid rain. The mean leaf area is suppressed evidently. The water content of wheat is not sensitive to acid rain in the range of 71.4% to 85.0%. The chlorophyll content reduces in the range of 0.4% to 37.1%, while the malondialdehyde content increases in the range of 4.5% to 49.3%. The catalase activity declines in the range of 9.7% to 94.4%, while the peroxidase activity increases in the range of 40.1% to 54.7% at the first stage and is suppressed in the range of 8.6% to 33.1% at the end of the treatment. Effects of simulated acid rain on wheat increases more and more remarkable with the increase of hydrogen ion concentration, which is correlated with disposal times and doses.
    Enhance dehydration of polymer flooding producedfluid by using flocculants
    LU Lei,CHEN De-hua,GAO Bao-yu,WANG Dong-ping,CAO Bao-chuan
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  114-118 .  doi:
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    Two cationic organic flocculants and three modified Pluronic demulsifers were selected together to enhance the dehydration efficiency of polymer flooding produced fluid. Dehydration experiments were put forward in lab and on the spot to exam the cooperation effect between flocculants and demulsifiers.The mechanism of cooperation effect was also discussed. The results indicate that cationic flocculants can improve both volume and speed of the dehydration, and can make the water separated from oil clearer. LWL, which has smaller molecule weight and stronger cationicity, has a better performance in dehydration with the cooperation of demulsifiers. The mixture of LWL and BWJ also performs well. YD09 can make the output oil fit the oilfield standard without changing the current technics and establishments.
    Chemical constituents for the essential oil ofKaempferia.galanga L by supercritical fluid extraction and stem distillation
    QIU Qin,CHEN Ting-ting,HAN Ling,LIU Ting-li,
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  119-123 .  doi:
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    Essential oil was extracted from Kaempferia.galanga L by supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) and steam distillation (SD). The extracted components were determined by gas chromatography with area normalization method, and were identified by gas chromatographymass spectrometry. There are 39 components separated and identified from Kaempferia.galanga L by SFE, which compose of about 86% of the total essential oil. There are 51 components seperated and identified from Kaempferia.galanga L by SD, which compose of about 89% of the total essential oil. The result shows that SFE method can reflect the chemical components of the medicinal materials more accurately and more comprehensively.
    Determination of dioxinlike polychlorinated biphenyls in soil by supercritical CO2 fluid extraction and gas chromatography
    CUI Zhao-lin,ZHAO Shi-yan
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  124-128 .  doi:
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    By using supercritical CO2 fluid extraction (SFECO2) and gas chromatography, a method was established for the determination of twelve dioxinlike polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in soil. The extraction conditions were optimized. The optimized operational variables of SFECO2 are obtained as following:the pressure is 25?MPa, the temperature is 100?℃, the static extraction time is 20 min, the dynamic extraction time is 45 min, the trapping solvent is acetone, the CO2 flow rate is 2.5?mL/min and the modifier is 10% dichloromethane. The recoveries of twelve PCBs ranges from 73.0% to 129.0% and the method precision is 1.0%~10.5%. The contents are 77~667?pg/g for eight PCBs in the soil sample from cornfield. The other four PCBs are undetectable.
    Relationships between the anesthetic activities for Arenicola larva and the structures of organic molecules
    LIU Tian-bao,LI Zong-bao,PENG yan-fen,
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  129-131 .  doi:
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    The structures of 20 organic molecules are optimized at HF/631G*〖KG-*3]* level, of which the parameters of geometric structure and electronic structure are calculated with the technique of molecule graphics. Results show that there is a good multivariate linear relationship between experimental value of the anesthetic activity for Arenicola larva, the topological index(1Xv), the highest positive charge of hydrogen atom(QH) and the lowest minus charge(Q-). The main structural factors that affect the anesthetic activity for Arenicola larva are proposed.
    Quantitative analysis of the ultrastructure of native cotton fibre surface and its changes——Surface roughness of ultrastructure determined by AFM
    WANG Lu-shan,GAO Pei-ji,SHI Dong-xia,ZHANG Yu-zhong
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  132-139 .  doi:
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    The examinations of cotton cell walls by atomic force microscopy show that the supermolecular structure is heterogeneous, and the cotton fibres contain microfibrils which are the main structural units of cell walls. These microfibrils are arranged in two fashions, one is cross fashion, and the other is parallel fashion. These arrangements are more orderly than those in the other plant cell walls. Partial hydration of cell walls indicates that the sensitivity of microfibrils to the crude cellulase differs in different arrangement fashions. The examination by AFM indicates that the inhomogeneous ultrustructure of microfibrils and the different arrangement fashions of microfibrils cause the heterogeneousness of cotton fibres. Surface roughness, a statistic parameter for whole surface structure, can be a criterion to measure and monitor the ultrastructure and their changes combining with XRD and FTIR results.
    Antimicrobial activities of Trichokonins: Peptaibollike antimicrobial peptides produced by Trichoderma koningii
    XIE Shu-tao,SONG Xiao-yan
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  140-144 .  doi:
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    Peptaibols is a kind of Aibriching peptide antibiotics mostly produced by soil fungi and synthesized by nonribosomal peptidesynthetase (NRPS). Trichokonins, with full length of 20 amino acids, belong to the first subfamily of peptaibols. The minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) of Trichokonins against ordinary Staphylococcus aureus and a multidrug resistant Staphylococcus aureus strain are both 50?μg/mL. It can be observed from the timekilling curves that the multidrug resistant strain shows a higher survival rate in the presence of 50?μg/mL Trichokonins. When they were inoculated for 20 times in 50 μg/mL Trichokonins, the sensitivity of both strains to Trichokonins decreased greatly, and the MICs increased to higher than 200?μg/mL. The results indicate that both strains become resistant to Trichokonins after the treatment. The mechanism of the resistance requires further experimentation for its disagreement with the existing views.
    Influences of sitedirected mutagenesis on the enzymeactivity and thethermostability of the xylose isomerase from Thermus thermphilus
    GUO Ting,BAO Xiao-ming
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  145-148 .  doi:
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    By using overlap extension PCR, a P137G site mutant named xylA137 was introduced in the xylose isomerase gene xylA from Thermus thermphilus. The recombinant plasmid XM204XI137 containing P137G was expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae H158 to produce the H158XI137 strain. The results of enzymatic activity show that H158XI137 is twice of the contrast H158XI at 30?℃. In addition, the range of optimum pH become broader, while the thermostability decreases obviously. The result indicates that the proline at the position 137 of the xylose isomerase is not only very important for the enzymatic activity, but essential for maintaining the thermostability.
    Construction of FLP/frt sitespecific recombination system for monocotyledonous plants
    LI Bei,ShAN Xiao-zhan,YIN Xiao-yan,ZHANG Ju-ren
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  149-156 .  doi:
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    Abstract: The FLP/frt sitespecific recombination system of the 2?μm plasmid of Saccharomyces cerevisiae can be applied to eliminate the marker gene from the nuclear genome after successful selection of the transgenic plants (cells). The promoters of the rice actin gene and maize ubiquitin gene can efficiently regulate the constitutive expression of a foreign gene in transgenic monocotyledons. The FLP/frt sitespecific recombination system fitting for monocotyledonous crops was constructed to breed the markerfree transgenic monocotyledons with high tolerance to salt and drought. This system includes the FLP expression vector pCAMBIA3300UbiFLPbar, the frt containing vectors pCAMBIA1300UbiTsPPasefrtalsfrtm and pCAMBIA 1300Actin1AtNHX1frtalsfrtm.
    The growth of calli and regenerated plantlets of Gentiana Przewalskii Maxim. and the constituents analysis of its two effective components
    MA Jie-xiong,JIANG Li,QI Yu-yu,XIANG FEng-ning,XIA Guang-min
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  157-160 .  doi:
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    Vigorous grown embryonic calli and regenerated plants from Gentiana Przewalskii Maxim., a Chinese medicinal plant, are obtained by various media with different hormone combinations. The contents of swertiamarin and gentiopicroside of embryogenic calli, the regenerated plantlets and the wild plants in G. Przewalskii were determined by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography (RPHPLC). The results show the induction and the growth rates of calli cultured on various media are different. In addition, the highest frequency (78.0%) of calli induced is observed on MS medium with 2?mg/L 2, 4D, 1?mg/L 6BA and 6?mg/L GA, while the fastest growth of embryonic calli is occurred on MS medium with 3mg/L 2,4D and 0.5?mg/L KT, which has increased 7.18 fold. Furthermore, the effective components in embryonic calli and the regenerated plants are different. The embryonic calli contains 0.265% of gentiopicroside, which is lower than that of the wild plant. The regenerated plants have 0.279% of swertiamarin and 1.579% of gentiopicroside, of which the former is higher and the latter is lower than that of the wild plant. Base on the speed of growth, the contents of the effective components accumulated from the calli and the regenerated plants are much higher than that from the wild plants.
    Analysis of the soil cultivable bacterial diversities underdifferent vegetations of Fanggan village
    ZHOU Juan,GUO Wei-hua,ZONG Mei-juan,HAN Xue-mei,WANG REN-qing
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  161-167 .  doi:
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    The cultivable heterotrophic bacterial diversities under different vegetations were characterized by the traditional method from number, category and configuration aspects. Plate counts and some dominant bacterials were identified by BIOLOG microplate. The results show that the microbes under different vegetations have dissimilar diversities. The amounts and species of microbes changein different vegetation soil. In early spring, the variety of quantities and species of cultivable heterotrophic bacterial communities under different vegetation soil are not of prominent linear correlation, while becoming more and more prominent,with the climate changing. Between the cultivable microorganism and the soil microbial biomass significant linear correlation does not exist, while the CFU and species of preponderant microbes under different vegetations are of good relevance in the category of 95% credible interval (P<0.05). The percentages under different vegetations are different with different shapes and communities structures of the preponderant bacterias, even if in different time under the same vegetation. For some preponderant bacteria identification, Alcaligenes faecalis is found in farmland, Rhizobium radiobacter is found under Robinia pseudoacacia forest, and the remaining ones are identified to genus.
    Transpiration characteristics and its influencing factors of sixteen polar clones
    PANG Yong,MU Zong-zhao,WANG Yue-hai,BAO Yu-hai,SUN Lei
    J4. 2006, 41(6):  168-172 .  doi:
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    The transpiration characteristic and its influencing factors were studied based on the observation and research of the samples selected from 16 varieties of poplar clones induced in Gaomi city east of Shandong province. The results show that the general daily changing tendency of 16 poplar clones is generally unanimous with singleapex curve. In addition, changing tendency of transpiration rates is just the same as that of the stomatal conductance. The daily stomatal conductance and transpiration rates are of the following order, Gs(Kapaci)>Gs(T66)>Gs(Gao1hao)>Gs(I109)>Gs(Zhongheifang)>Gs(Zhonglin2001)>Gs(8029)>Gs(Heilin1hao)>Gs(NL895)>Gs(NL1388)>Gs(Zhonglin2025)>Gs(Zhai11hao)>Gs(L324)>Gs(I110)>Gs(Zhai055)>Gs(Heilin3hao); Tr(Kapaci)>Tr(T66)>Tr(Gao1hao)>Tr(I109)>Tr(Zhongheifang)>Tr(Zhonglin2001)>Tr(8029)>Tr(Heilin1hao)>Tr(NL895)>Tr(NL1388)>Tr(Zhonglin2025)>Tr(Zhai11hao)>Tr(L324)>Tr(I110)>Tr(Zhai055)>Tr(Heilin3hao). The mutuality between transpiration rates and stomatal conductance is the most prominent, which is affected mainly by the outer environment factors. The mutuality between transpiration rates and air relative humidityis negative. Based on the above discussion, it is suggested to apply the poplar clones in that region.