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    16 November 2009
    Volume 44 Issue 11
    Research on the treatment of sauce wastewater using activated carbon fiber as soft bio-media
    LI Shanping, LI Chong, XIAO Naidong, FU Jing, CUI Jiangjie
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  1-5. 
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     Activated carbon fiber was modified by heat oxidation and the sauce wastewater treatment effect by modified ACF soft bio-meida in bio-contact oxidation process was researched. During the experiment, microscopic examination was conducted to analyze the microbial morphology on the fiber surface, SEM was used to analyze the meidia surface after biofilm culturing finished and the removal efficicency of CODcr, BOD5、NH3—N, TN, TP from sauce wastewater was continuously monitored and analyzed. The results showed that: ACF biomedia has a preferable biological compatibility, the surface microbial morphology was in a good state and the average removal efficiency of CODcr, BOD5、NH3—N, TN, TP was above 60%, 95%, 70%, 20%, 30% respectively under the condition that the DO was between 2~4mg/L and the HRT was between 4~8h.

    Adsorption and desorption of zinc (Ⅱ) and cadmium (Ⅱ) on illite
    LI Chunling, YUE Qinyan, LI Ying, SUN Daming
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  6-11. 
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    Adsorption, competitive adsorption and desorption of zinc (II), cadmium (II) on illite were studied, and the effects of initial pH, humic acid and temperature were also determined. The adsorption capacities of the metal ions increased with initial pH increasing, and decreased with temperature increasing. The adsorption capacities were increased more with increasing concentration of humic acid. Both singlecomponent and competitive adsorption, the order of the adsorption capacities was: Cd2+>Cd2+The results showed that the adsorption process accorded with the pseudo secondorder equation. The calculated activation energy of Cd2+,Cd2+ on illite were 4104/mol and 3915/mol, which indicated that the adsorption process belongs to physical adsorption. The desorption capacities of Cd2+,Cd2+ adsorbed by illite in different solutions were in the following order, HCl>NaCl>NaOH>H2O.

    Synthesis of polystyrene with epoxy pendant groups via atom  transfer radical polymerization
    LI Ai-Xiang
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  12-15. 
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    Polystyrenes with epoxy pendent groups were synthesized via atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP). First, 4-(2, 3-epoxypropoxyl) benzaldehyde (EBD) was obtained by reaction of 4-hydroxy benzaldehyde and epichlorohydrin. Then, the Wittig reaction was carried out to convert EBD to styryl glycidyl ether (SGE). Finally, the polystyrenes with epoxy pendant groups were obtained by the SGE ATRP, which had controlled molecular weight and narrow molecular weight distribution.

    Analysis of the compound Haqing injection with hyphenated chromatography and chemometric resolution
    WANG Kang, LI Hua
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  16-20. 
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    Sectional moving window factor analysis (SMWFA)heuristic evolving latent projection (HELP), are used to resolve the overlapped two-dimensional chromatogram-spectrum data of the Traditional Chinese Medicine into estimated pure component chromatograms and spectrum profiles. In this work, the method was used to resolve a heavily overlapped components cluster of the compound Haqing injection. On the basis of results of the method, an improved deducted order of magnitude of the fixed size moving window evolving factor analysis (DOMFSMWFA) procedure was proposed and applied in the resolution of the compound Haqing injection, and the satisfactory results were obtained.

    Frequency analysis of complexes Mcytosine(M=Ca+、Ca2+、Mg+and Mg2+)
    ZHANG Xin-Chu, SUN Zhi-Bing
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  21-24. 
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    The complexes stable structures were obtained, which were composed of calcium and magnesium bivalent cations and cytosine, by the optimization with density function theory at the B3LYP/6-311+G(2df,2p) level. The vibrational frequency was calculated, and the atoms vibration was analyzed. Some vibration modes belonging to the obvious frequencies of the complexes were discussed. According to the results, the frequencies obviously changed when the pyrimidine monomer acted with the cations. This mainly because the cations could take part in the molecule’s vibrations and change the force constants and effective mass.

    The heaping of granular materials at different vibration frequencies
    HU Yun, HU Lin
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  25-28. 
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    Granular materials move in a twodimensional container under vertical vibration using an annular container made of two concentric cylinders in this experiment.  It is obvious that granular materials are heaping and transporting horizontally. The relationship between the transformation of heaping and the vibration frequency can be clearly observed by video photographs.

    Magnetic dipole transitions among 1s22s2p 3P0, of Be-like ions
    YANG Jianhui1, ZHANG Jianping, CHENG Xinlu, YANG Xiangdong
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  29-34. 
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     The extended optimal level version of the multiconfiguration Dirac-Fock (MCDF) and relativistic configuration interaction (RCI) calculations strength with the inclusion of Breit interaction, vacuum polarization, self energy and finite nuclear mass corrections in the active interaction approach has been used to calculate the fine-structure intervals, transition rates and oscillator strengths for the magnetic dipole of the interval transitions among 1s22s2p 3P0, 1Keylevels of ions in the beryllium isoelectronic sequence with a nuclear charge Z ranging from 6 to 80. A comprehensive comparison of present results is performed with other recent available values.

    Currentinduced spin polarization in spinorbit coupling systems
    ZHAO Lin, PANG Maoyuan, WANG Chunming
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  35-39. 
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    The currentinduced spin polarization in a twodimensional electron system with Rashba spinorbit coupling is investigated. For δform electronimpurity scattering, the spin polarization is consistent with the literature. In the case of remote electronimpurity collision, the spin polarization is found to be dependent on the electron density and increases with enlargement of the impurity distance, which is in contrast to the case for shortrange potential. And the Rashba spinorbit coupling constant can not be determined by measuring the longitudinal conductivity and magnetization in this situation.

    Using the Post-Newtonian approximation method to calculate the geodesic equationsof a test particle in the gravitational field of a CM celestial body
    HU Cheng-Zhong, GONG Yan-Xiang
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  40-43. 
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    The PostNewton approximation method is adopted to discuss the geodesic equations of a test particle in the gravitational field of a CM celestial body from the PostNewtonian metric tensor. When the parts of the magnetic charge and the magnetic moment are neglected, those equations transform into the equations obtained in the Schwarzschild gravitational field. Those equations have very important meanings in the research of the influence of longperiod orbital variation on the evolution of star galaxies.

    Forecasting stock market risks based on the flexible neural tree
    QU Shouning, FU Aifang, LI Jing, LIU Jing
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  44-47. 
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    The improved structural optimization algorithm of the flexible neural tree model is employed to select the parameters for effecting stock market production. With higher accuracy and shorter time, important parameters which affect the risk of the stock market are found. In the period of learning of the flexible neural tree model, the evolution generation of the algorithm is not a fixed value and the mean error rate is utilized to control the evolution generation. The structure and parameters of the flexible neural tree model are optimized by probabilistic incremental program evolution and simulation annealing, respectively. It has been demonstrated that the method is very effective for forecasting stock market risk.

    Research of an improved information gain methodusing distribution information of terms
    YANG Yu-Zhen, LIU Pei-Yu, SHU Zhen-Fang, QIU Ye
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  48-51. 
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    Classification performance of a traditional information gain algorithm will rapidly decline when feature items are in an unbalanced distribution. An improved calculation method of an information gain formula using feature items’ distribution information is proposed. Distribution information of feature items is computed to judge whether the imbalance of feature items exists and balance the influence of classification accuracy when the feature items do not appear. The improved calculation method has better performance through the experiment.

    Generation algorithm for the role assigning lattice
    LIU Jing-Lei, WANG Ling-Ling, ZHANG Wei
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  52-56. 
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    The role assigning problems in agent organization are studied. All the stable assigning is  F made and a strong stable relation ≤ is constructed ≤ based on the preference of roles and agents, so 〈F,≤〉 is a partial order structure. Because any two elements in F have least upper bound and greatest lower bound, 〈F,≤〉 is a lattice. An algorithm finding  all the stable role assigning is devised, and a join operatorand meetoperator  are also  constructed. Because F,  can be constructed by our propose algorithm, the role assigning lattice 〈F, can be consequently constructed. Finally, the time complexity of the algorithm is analyzed and its application in agent coalition is investigated to verify its efficiency and feasibility.

    Research on a RP(k)based resource awareness model
    LIU Ai-Wen, LIU Fang-Ai
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  57-62. 
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    A file sharing system called RP(k)CGrid is designed. It is a hybrid topology overlay network composed of two parts: a RP(k) backbone and resource cluster. A query register mechanism is proposed to enhance the cluster head nodes ability of resource discovery. A resource awareness model based on directory advertisement is introduced to improve resource awareness ability of the cluster head nodes without flooding. Experimental study reveals that the RP(k)CGrid has good efficiency in scalability and resource discovery.

    Superposition principle of gray histograms in video analysis
    LI Yu-Qian, LIU Lin, LI Jin-Bing
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  63-67. 
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    Based on the study of gray histograms of video sequences,  a new algorithm named the superposition principle of gray histograms and a corresponding approximate superposition formula is introduced, which can well describe the gray histogram of many video scenes formed by background and moving objects and afford an effective method of detecting moving objects in a dynamic background in the future. Experiments show that the superposition principle formula works well in such scenes as uniform background, and the principle can describe various combinations of scenes formed by the background and multiple objects, and detect moving objects in a dynamic background in future video analysis. It is helpful in video analysis.

    Research on goal description logics(GDLs)
    TUN Xiu-Guo, CENG An-Zhou
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  68-74. 
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    Aimed to two major problems: one is not decidable and the other is no clear semantics. We construct a framework with explicit representation and formal semantics of goalsgoal description logics (GDLs), which integrates two types of goals: declarative goals and procedural goals into one concept based on description logics(DLs). In addition, the goal plan is defined and analyzed, and some reasoning problems, such as goal consistency and goal satisfiability, are discussed. Contrary to traditional ways of goal description, GDLs can bridge the gap between theory and practice in a natural way.

    A scale chaos particle swarm optimization algorithm and the wavelet  in the forecast application of foundation settlement
    TUN Rui-Hai, DONG Ji-Wen, DUAN Qi-Qiang
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  75-78. 
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    Contrary to the problem of premature and low searching precision which the particle swarm optimization (PSO) has, this paper improved it from two aspects: the method of fixing inertia weight and the method of improving the algorithm’s searching precision. The inertia weight was determined by a function whose value was decreased nonlinearly and a stochastic value. The stochastic value randomness to jump out the local optima is used. In order to improve the particle’s diversity and the algorithm’s ability of searching global optima, the scale chaos searching was introduced. Also we made a comparison with the standard particle swarm optimization (SPSO) with wavelet to forecast foundation settlement. The experiment indicated that the method had strong global and local searching optima and high forecast precision.

    Study and application of CAD technology in grade crossing vertical design
    WANG Gui-Jie, WANG Wen-De, TAO De-Li
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  79-82. 
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    he advantages and disadvantages are analysed on the basis of the grade crossing vertical design. Based on these design methods and computer aided design(CAD)technology,grid and contour line construction drawings are given by auto draft.Design results could be checked by the threedimensional Surface model based on the grids data and the threedimensional panoramic dynamic perspective picture.Finally, as certification, some road grade crossing engineering cases which are designed by these methods and CAD technology are presented.

    P-sets and (,F)-data generation-identification
    SHANG Ji-Hua, Chen-Bao-Hui, Shi-Kai-Quan
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  83-88. 
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    P-sets which is composed of internal P-sets and outer P-sets, is a set pair and has dynamic characteristic. Based on Psets, the concepts such as data set, -data set, F-data set and (,F)data set, and then -data set theorem, F-data set theorem, (,F)-data band theorem, data set recovery theorem, (,F)data identification theorem and identification criterion are proposed. By using those results, applications of (,F)-data in an information system are presented. P-sets is a new theory and a new method in the research of a dynamic information system.

    P-rough integrals and the rough degree of function two-direction S-rough sets
    YU Xiu-Qing
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  89-92. 
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    The concepts of the precision degree and rough degree of function two-direction S-rough sets are given, which is based on [WTHT]P[WTBZ]?rough integrals generated by function two-direction S-rough sets. And a series of their characteristics are discussed. Also, the discernible criterion of function two-direction S-rough sets and the screening-surplus theorem of it are obtained.

    Dynamic characteristics of rough integrals
    HUANG Jiang-Yan, XU Xiu-Qing, FANG Wen-Jing
    J4. 2009, 44(11):  93-96. 
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    Based on the function S-rough sets and F-rough integral, the dynamic characteristics of rough integrals are studied. Two concepts, rough integral chain, rough integral ring, four theorems, up integral chain,down integral chain,rough integral chain theorem and existence of integral chain are given.Conditions of integral chain can be closed. Some of their characteristics are discussed, and the integral ring theorem is obtained. Finally, application of mean value theorem in rough integral chain are discussed. All theorems and conclusions present the foundation for further study on rough integrals.