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    20 January 2012
    Volume 47 Issue 1
    Research advances in the molecular structure and biochemical properties of  crustacean phenoloxidase
    FAN Ting-jun, REN Bing-xin, FAN Xian-yuan, YU Miao-miao, JIANG Guo-jian
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  1-7. 
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    Phenoloxidase, a copper-containing metalloenzyme, is a key enzyme in the reaction cascade of the prophenoloxidase-activiting system. It plays vital roles in the nonspecific immunity of invertebrates by melanization. This paper reviews the molecular structure and biochemical properties of crustacean phenoloxidase.

    Studies of the chemical constituents of leaves of Allium sativum L.
    WEI Na-na, LOU Hong-xiang*
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  8-11. 
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    Chemical constituents of leaves of Allium sativum L. were isolated and purified by column chromatography and their structures were elucidated on the basis of spectral analyses. 10 compounds were obtained and identified as S-(+) dehydrovomifoliol (Ⅰ), (+) vomifoliol (Ⅱ), N-transferuloyl-3′-methoxytyramine (Ⅲ), N-cis-feruloyl3′-methoxytyramine (Ⅳ), N-trans-p-coumaroyltyramine (Ⅴ), N-cis-p-coumaroyltyramine (Ⅵ), N-trans-p-coumaroyl octopamine (Ⅶ), N-cis-p-coumaroyl octopamine (Ⅷ), 4-hydroxybenzoic acid (Ⅸ), 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid (Ⅹ). Compounds Ⅰ~Ⅵ and Ⅷ  wereisolated from this plant for the first time.

    Research of a new bolaamphiphile as a gene therapy drug delivery vector
    SUN Dan-dan1,2, LIU Hong-mei1,2, LI Yan1,2, DAI Feng-ying1, ZHANG Xin1*
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  12-16. 
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     To test the performance of new bolaamphiphile used as a gene carrier, compounds of the bola and siRNA-bolaplexes were prepared. The morphology of bolaplexes at different weight ratios of bola and siRNA was observed with AFM (Atomic force microscope). After Hela cells were transfected, the cytotoxicity of bolaplexes was detected with the CCK-8 kit, and the swallow effect was inspected with FM (fluorescence microscope) and FC (flow cyctometry). The result of AFM showed that at the condition of weight ratio of 1∶1, the size of the bolaplexes was about 100-200nm, and they could access Hela cells through endocytosis with high efficiency. Toxic experimental results showed that the cytotoxicity of bolaplexes was inferior to that of the compounds of Lipofectamine2000TM and siRNA, so bolaplexes have a good prospect for applications. This study laid a foundation for the clinical study of bolaamphiphile used for gene therapy.

    Effect of ammonia on atioxidant in the liver, pancreas, and kidney of  Yellow River Cyprinus carpio
    JIANG Hui-min
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  17-22. 
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    To study the toxic effects of ammonia on the aquatic specials, four ammonia levels (0.071 mg·L-1, 0.143 mg·L-1, 0.284 mg·L-1, and 0.427 mg·L-1) with one control group were set for Cyprinus carpio for research. The samples were tested at the 1st, 7th, 14th, 28th and 35th day. SOD、GSHPx activities and MDA content of the liver, pancreas, and kidney were determined. The results showed that with an increase of the ammonia concentration, the activities of SOD and GSH-Px in the pancreas first increased and then decreased, and the MDA content exhibited a rising trend. It showed very significantly that ammonia exposure affected the content of MDA and activity of SOD by variance analysis (P<0.01),and they had a dose-effect relationship. Significantly, ammonia exposure affected the activities of SOD and GSH-Px in the kindey by variance analysis (P<0.05),and it was very remarkable that ammonia exposure affected the content of MDA in the kidney (P<0.01), and they had a dose-effect relationship. With the extension of ammonia exposure time, the activities of SOD in the liver, pancreas, and kidney, and GSH-Px in the kidney were promoted then suppressed at a low concentration. However, these activities were suppressed at a high concentration. It had no significant difference by variance analysis(P>0.05). Ammonia could reduce the oxidation resistance of the liverpancreas, and kidney in the test concentration range, and the content of MDA and activity of SOD could be used as an effective biomarker for toxicity assessment of ammonia to Yellow River Cyprinus carpio.

    The coordination mode between organic functional groups and inorganic metal of layered hybrid materials M2(OH) (4-x) (C10H17O2)x·zH2O
    ZHENG De-shan1, 2, SUN Si-xiu2
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  23-27. 
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    The coordination mode between organic functional groups and inorganic metal of layered hybrid materials M2(OH) (4-x) (C10H17O2)x·zH2O, synthesized by grafting of chiral 3,7-dimethyl-6-Octenoic acid in layered hydroxide metal acetates, was analyzed and discussed using infrared spectroscopy (IR) technology. The results showed that the carboxyl functional groups in the organic-inorganic hybrid material M2(OH) (4-x) (C10H17O2)x·zH2O took a bidentate coordination mode, one end of the carboxyl functional groups connected to the inorganic metal ion, the other one end of it bonded the hydroxyl or water by hydrogen bonds.

    Fluorescence enhancement effect of optical functionalized carbosilane dendrimer in the course of protonation
    LI Chun-fang, LI Dong-xiang*, HOU Wan-guo*
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  28-32. 
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    Carbosilane dendrimer with peripheral fluorescein groups was prepared and its fluorescence enhancement effect in the course of protonation was investigated in this study. The results indicated that the absorption spectra of the fluorescent groups of the dendrimer were consistent with the monofluorescein reference compound, but the fluorescence intensity and fluorescence quantum yields were higher than the reference. Certain energy transfer effects might occur among the luminescent groups in the same dendrimer, resulting in the enhanced fluorescence intensity.

    Study of the adsorption of type I collagen on LB film
    ZHANG Da-zhi, LENG Shi-liang, SUN Ting-ting, WANG Cun-ying
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  33-38. 
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    The supra-molecular organization of the adsorbed collagen layer depends on the properties of the substrate surface and the preparation procedure. Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) film of dodecanediyl-bis (dimethyl octadecyl ammonium bromide), a Gemini surfactant, transferred onto mica at zero surface pressure was utilized as the substrate, which was incubated into the solution in the presence of type I collagen at pH3.0 and 37℃. The morphologies of these samples were characterized by atomic force microscopy (AFM). After a given adsorption time, the movement and the turnover of some surfactant molecules in the monolayer led to exposure of the part of mica substrates to the collagen solution. The adsorbed collagen could readily and rapidly combine and form the network structure in the region of the monomolecular film, while it might gradually evolve into the network structure in the region of the relatively blank substrate with increasing adsorption time. Finally, both of them could come to be disordered intertwining collagen fibrils.

    First principles study of structure and thermodynamic properties of MgH2
    LIU Fu-ti1,2, CHENG Xiao-hong2, ZHANG Shu-hua3
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  39-43. 
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    Based on the first principles electronic structure and thermodynamic properties of tetragonal MgH2 with pressures up 100GPa and temperatures up to 600K were studied with a quasi-harmonic Debye model. The volumes, equilibrium lattice parameter, energy gap were obtained, and the bulk modulus, heat capacity and entropy, Debye temperature and volume thermal expansion coefficient under different pressures and temperatures were successfully calculated.

    Energy transfer in contact binaries
    WU Yong-gang1, SONG Han-feng1,2*, LI Yun1
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  44-49. 
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    Energy transfer which is carried by the both circulation and turbulent motions is discussed and analyzed in this paper. The formula of the energy transfer has been derived from the hydrodynamic equations. It is found that the velocity of circulation has a high value ~9×103cm/s at the bottom of the convective envelope while the turbulence velocity can attain ~2.4×105cm/s at the outer convective envelope. Therefore, circulation and turbulence are two important physical factors for contact binaries. At t=1.4548×109a, the energy transfer by the circulation reaches ΔLcirc=0.14L⊙, while at t=1.4548×109a, the energy transfer by the turbulent motion is ΔLturb=0.72L⊙.

    Study of pulsational instability of  accretion disks with anomalous viscosity
    ZHOU Ai-ping, ZANG Yong-li
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  50-54. 
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    Starting from the equations of magnetohydrodynamics, the dispersion equation of accretion disks including anomalous viscosity,anomalous resistivity,azimuthal magnetic field and vertical magnetic field is derived from the perturbation method. It is numerically shown that there exist one monotonous mode of instability and three monotonous modes of stability in the inner disk region if  the magnetic field is weak, and the magnetic field acts as a factors of instability for the monotonous mode of instability. The monotonous modes diminish and there are four modes of oscillations in the disks when the magnetic fields strengthen. Two of them are always pulsationally stable, and the azimuthal magnetic field acts as a factor of instability, while the vertical magnetic field is the  stabilizing factor. The other two modes are instable if  the wave number is small, and they become stable when the wave number increases. The azimuthal magnetic field and vertical magnetic field act as factors of stability and instability, respectively.

    Finite-horizon quantized estimation using sector bound approach
    WEI Li1, ZHANG Huan-shui1*, FU Min-yue2
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  55-61. 
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    This paper is concerned with the finite-horizon filtering estimation problem by using the reductive information of the quantized innovations from the innovations. We consider the case where the quantizer is logarithmic, and an upper bound of the estimation error covariance is derived for all the quantized innovations. The calculation of the filter involves solving a Riccati equation related to the quantized innovations.

    Robust stabilization for uncertain discrete-time Markov jump descriptor systems with time-varying delays via output feedback controllers
    ZHANG Hua-ping1,2, MA Shu-ping3, FAN Hong-da1
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  62-71. 
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    The problems of robust stability and robust stabilization via dynamic output feedback for uncertain discrete-time Markov jump descriptor systems with time-varying delays are discussed, where the uncertain is the norm-bounded parameter uncertainty and the delays are time-varying. Based on the restricted system equivalent (r.s.e.) transformation and by introducing new state vectors, the discussed system is transformed into a discrete-time Markov jump standard linear system. Then the transformed system is discussed.By constructing a novel Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional, a sufficient condition for the system to be regular, causal and robust stochastically stable is established in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). And the dynamic output feedback controllers with full and partial knowledge of transition probabilities are obtained, respectively. Finally, a numerical example is given to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

    Approaches for attribute core and attribute reduction based on an  improved extended positive region
    FENG Lin1,2, LUO Feng3, FANG Dan3, YUAN Yong-le1
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  72-76. 
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    The disadvantage of the existing approaches for extending the positive region from the inconsistency decision table is  analyzed. Based on the self-learning model under uncertain condition, a new approach for extending the positive region is established. Finally, algorithms for calculating cognitive attribute core and cognitive attribute reduction are developed. Simulation results illustrate the efficiency of these algorithms.

    Numerical attribute reduction of mutex neighborhood covering rough set theory
    ZHANG Ling-jun, XU Jiu-cheng, LI Shuang-qun, LI Xiao-yan
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  77-82. 
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    Rough set theory is an effective method  of  knowledge reduction, but can not directly deal with numerical attributes. To address this problem, based on the concepts of neighborhood and cover, the algorithms of covering itself reduction and covering reduction are constructed. And then, by discussing the relationship among neighborhood samples, the mutex in neighborhood samples is defined. The unreasonable positive region caused by mutex, leads to  attribute dependency that may not accord with what the real condition dataset reflects, thus the method of decompose mutex neighborhood is proposed. Finally, we report experimental results with four numerical gene expression datasets and compare the results with some other methods. The results prove that the proposed method is effective, and has higher tumor classification accuracy.

    Generalization for covering generalized rough sets
    LIN Guo-ping, LI Jin-jin, CHEN Jin-kun
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  83-86. 
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    It is a very important issue that one unites the covering generalized rough set and the classical rough set in the theory of covering generalized rough set. The covering rough set can thus be transformed into the classical one, which can extend their applications to the context of  covering information systems. Several significant properties for simplifying the research of  covering rough sets are obtained. The analysis shows that the proposed method is much easier and more intuitive to understand  than the existing method based on an equal domain relation. In addition, an example is employed to show that the covering rough set not only  be transformed into the classical one but can also  improve the approximation accuracy of the target concept.

    Information granularity in intuitionistic fuzzy information systems
    YANG Wei-ping1, LIN Meng-lei2
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  87-92. 
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    Intuitionistic fuzzy information granularity is an important tool to effectively measure the uncertainty of intuitionistic fuzzy information systems. Intersection, union, subtraction and complement operators of granular structures in intuitionistic fuzzy information systems are presented in this paper. Three new partial order relations in intuitionistic fuzzy information systems are proposed, and the relationships among them are established. An intuitionistic fuzzy information granularity and the axiomatization of it are defined, and their properties are also investigated.

    R-generalized fuzzy sub-lattices
    WANG De-jiang, LIAO Zu-hua*, CAO Shu, SONG Lu-yao, LIU Chun-zhi
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  93-97. 
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    The definition of R-generalized fuzzy sub-lattices is  introduced. It proved that the finite intersection (union) of a R-generalized fuzzy sub-lattice is still a R-generalized fuzzy sublattice, and the homomorphic image (preimage) of a R-generalized fuzzy sub-lattice is still a R-fuzzy sub-lattice.

    Inverse P-sets
    SHI Kai-quan
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  98-103. 
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     Using P-sets(packet sets), inverse P-sets(inverse packet sets) and its structure are presented, which is briefly expressed as P-1-sets. P-1-sets is the dual form of P-sets. P-1-sets is a set pair composed of internal inverse P-set F and outer inverse P-set , or  (F,)  is P-1-sets, and P-1-sets has the dynamic characteristic. The separation theorem and dynamic equivalence class characteristic of P-1-sets and the application of P-1-sets are given in the dynamic information system.

    Union-separation of an internal P-fuzzy set and its attribute characteristics
    YAN Li-mei
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  104-109. 
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    P-law reasoning and unknown law discovery-application
    YU Xiu-qing, XU Feng-sheng
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  110-115. 
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    Function packet sets (function P-sets) are a pair of function sets composed of a function internal packet set(function internal P-set) and a function outer packet set(function outer P-set), which have dynamic and law characteristics. Based on this, the concepts of internal packet iteration law, outer packet iteration law, and packet iteration laws are proposed. Also, theorems about existence and attribute supplement-deleting of packet iteration laws are presented. By using packet iteration laws, packet law reasoning is defined, and the theorem about packet law reasoning and the discovery of packet iteration law is obtained. Finally, packet law reasoning is applied to the discovery of unknown law in the scopes of risk investment.

    Half P-sets (XF, X) and path match of navigation data
    ZHANG Shi-liang1, LI Yu-ying1,2, LIN Hong-kang1,2
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  116-120. 
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    In the marine typhoon warning, search and rescue system, there is a phenomenon of data loss. In order to correctly display, real-time a ships′ current position on an electronic map, the concepts of theF -navigation data and-match degree are given by using half P-sets. The theorems of the identification F-navigation data, the recovery of navigation data, the match criterion of steady-state for F-navigation and the matching criteria of navigation data in the electronic map path are proposed. Finally, the paper gives an application of matching the electronic map path with the F-navigation data.

    Function P-sets and dynamic characteristics of information regularity
    LIN Rong1,2, FAN Cheng-xian3
    J4. 2012, 47(1):  121-126. 
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     Function P-sets is a new mathematical structure which has dynamic characteristic and regularity. Based on these two characteristics, the dynamic information regularity generated by Function P-sets is discussed, and the concept of stability in the information regularity interval is presented. The internal-point and external-point theorems and attribute theorem of stability in the information regularity ingerval are given. An application of the dynamic information regularity in the range[a, b] is given.