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    20 March 2012
    Volume 47 Issue 3
    Analysis of habitat characteristics of Tanichthys albonubes in Shimen National Forest Park
    WANG De-liang, LI Ke, LU Li-ling
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  1-4. 
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    To understand habitat characteristics of Tanichthys albonubes, a field survey was carried out on the habitat of T.albonubes in Shimen National Forest Park from April 2009 to March 2010. The results showed that there were three type of habitat of T.albonubes: the Utype river, mudsandbottom stream and sandstonebottom stream. It was found via PCA (principal component analysis) that altitude, river depth, velocity and human disturbance intensity were the main factors in the formation of habitats. In addition, velocity and human disturbance had an independent effect upon habitat selection. However, river depth and bottom composition had no obvious effect.

    Soil geochemical elements in the Yutai high quality rice base
    ZHOU Juan1, WANG Ren-qing2, GUO Wei-hua2*, WANG Qiang2, WANG Wei2,
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  5-9. 
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    In this study,  geochemical elements were investigated in the Yutai high quality rice base, which is one of the typical agricultural products bases in Shandong Province, China. The soil geochemistry was investigated through 28 chemical elements, such as pH, C(org), As, B, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, F, Hg, Mn, Mo, Ni, P, Pb, V, Zn, Se, N, S, SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, MgO, CaO, Na2O and K2O. The study of soil geochemical showed that the useful elements of N, P, K, B, Mo, Mn, Se, and Fe were enriched in the Yutai high quality rice base soil. However, some heavy and toxic elements, such as As, Cd, Hg, and Pb were obviously enriched in the surface soil. The contents of As,B,Co,Cr,F,Mn,V,S,Al2O3,TFe2O3,MgO, and CaO in the submerged paddy soil (SPS) were obviously greater than in the fluvoaquic soil (FAS), but SiO2 and Na2O were obviously lower in the FAS. The contents of C(org) and moisture in the SPS were obviously higher than in the FAS. The results showed that the SPS was apt to be acidified.

    Expression and purification of PMEPA1 protein and its antibody preparation
    XU Li-hong, LUO Shen-heng, WANG Sha-sha, HOU Guo-li, DIAO Ai-po*
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  10-13. 
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    To study expression and function of PMEPA1 protein in cells, the constructs of pTrcHisA-PMEPA1 and pGEX4T-2-PMEPA1 were made and transformed into E.coli BL21RIPL to express recombinant protein His-PMEPA1 and GSTpPMEPA1. The proteins were purified by Ni-TNA and Glutathione Sepharose 4B affinity chromatography respectively. A rabbit was immunized with purified His-PMEPA1, the antibody against PMEPA1 was prepared successfully, and purified using GST-PMEPA1. Western blotting showed that the purified antibody can recognize endogenous PMEPA1 proteins in cell lines.

    Distribution characteristics of different forms of nitrogen in  the surface sediments of Nansi Lake
    YANG Hong-mei ,ZHANG Gui-zhai, LI Xiao-ming*
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  14-20. 
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     In this study, different nitrogen forms in the seven surface sediments of Nansi Lake were separated by means of sequential extraction, and their contents, distribution characteristics and related factors were analyzed. The transferable nitrogen can be divided into four forms, the ion exchangeable form(IEF-N), weak acid extractable form(WAEF-N), strong alkaline extractable form(SAEF-N) and strong oxidant extractable form(SOEF-N) and their contents, distribution characteristics and influencing factors were analyzed. The results indicated that the content of total nitrogen and different translate nitrogen fractions(except SAEF-N) in the upper Nansi Lake was higher than the lower lake district. The ratio of TTN and TN in the lower lake was higher than the upper Nansi Lake. Nitrogen mainly combined with grained sediments in Nansi Lake. There were no significance correlation of TN and NH4+-N between sediments and water, which proved that most of the nitrogen came from its main inflow rivers. As a result, the N/P ratio in sediments was only about 1.5~4.5 below the Redfield index, while the N/P ratio in water was 13.7~24.1 higher than Redfield index, which farther illustrated that the nitrogen and phosphorus came from its main inflow rivers. Although the concentration of TN  has greatly decreased in the last decade, phosphorus was the most restricting nutritious element.

    Expression of IL-8, CXCR1 and CXCR2 in gastrointestinal and  hepatic cancers
    BIAN Yue-hong#, HUANG Shu-hong#, YANG Ling#, CAO Jian-meng, ZHANG Hong-wei*
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  21-26. 
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    To study the role of IL-8 and its receptors CXCR1 and CXCR2 in gastrointestinal and hepatic cancers, expression of IL-8 and its receptors CXCR1 and CXCR2 were investigated in esophageal, gastric, colorectal cancer as well as hepatic cancer by using immunohistochemistry and RT-PCR assay. The positive staining of CXCR1 appeared in the nuclear membrane of malignant crypts and in the cytoplasm of malignant crypts, while CXCR2 was observed in cytoplasm of the tumor nest of gastrointestinal cancers. In primary hepatic cancer, CXCR1 and CXCR2 were stained in the cytoplasm of the tumor nest, but not in the adjacent hepatic tissue. Furthermore, expression of IL-8, CXCR1 and CXCR2 transcripts was analyzed by RTPCR assay. CXCR1 and CXCR2 transcripts were detected, which confirmed the results of immunohistochemistry. IL-8 transcripts were detectable in primary gastrointestinal and hepatic cancers, suggesting that IL-8 involved in gastrointestinal and hepatic cancers. Further analysis showed that there was consistency of the presence of IL-8 and CXCR1/CXCR2 in primary gastrointestinal and hepatic cancers (p=0.0448). These data suggest that IL8 together with its receptors CXCR1 and CXCR2 may play roles in promoting gastrointestinal and hepatic tumor development and progression.

    Chaos particle swarm optimization based on the adaptive inertia weight
    ZHOU Yan1,2, LIU Pei-yu 1,2, ZHAO Jing1,2, WANG Qian-long1,2
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  27-32. 
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    Aiming at the premature convergence problem which the particle swarm optimization algorithm suffers from, a chaos particle swarm optimization based on adaptive inertia weight is proposed. Firstly, chaotic sequence generated by cube map is used to initiate individual position, which strengthens the diversity of global searching. Secondly, adaptive inertia weight is adopted to improve the convergence rate. Furthermore, chaos perturbation is utilized to avoid the premature convergence. The results of the simulation experiment show that the convergence rate and the precision of the improved algorithm are obviously enhanced, and the algorithm can effectively avoid the premature convergence problem.

    Person′s name disambiguation based on person  related social communities
    LI Qi1,2, MA Jun1,2*
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  33-37. 
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    Person′s names are so ambiguous that the results of searching for a person′s name are usually a mixture of pages about namesakes. Person′s name disambiguation is a course of distinguishing different person′s entities with the same name. The method of person′s name disambiguation based on the relevant community was proposed and the modified Espresso algorithm was used to find relevant community for each Web page. The enlarged name sets were applied in the two-stage person′s name disambiguation algorithm, and then the algorithm was tested it on the WePS-2 test dataset. The experimental results show the effectiveness of our method.

    Content extraction from web page based on the DOM tree and line-text statistical noise-elimination
    LI Xia, JIANG Sheng-yi
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  38-42. 
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    As different web pages have different codes, the HTML web page first need to be encoded with the uniform code UTF8, and then translated into an XML document which is parsed into the DOM tree. After removing some noise nodes from the DOM tree according to the features of XML language and the rules of the noise characteristics, text contents are extracted from the DOM tree by the method of statistics of punctuation and noise information is continued to be eliminated from contents extracted above by the method of statistics of line-text. The result of experiments on 2000 web pages obtained from different web sites shows that our method has high accuracy, great generality, and simplicity, and can be automatically used to extract the right contents from different web sites.

    Automobile domain oriented spam detection
    TANG Du-yu1, WANG Da-liang2, ZHAO Kai2, QIN Bing1, LIU Ting1
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  43-46. 
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     The task that aims to detect spam reviews for the automobile domain was divided into four sub-tasks: supporting review detection, irrelevant review detection, advertisement detection and fake review detection. Both rule-based methods and machine learning methods were used to identify spam reviews. Many aspects were considered in the rule-based method, such as automobile domain knowledge, words with polarity, and information of the author. The review content feature and author information were combined to train a model with a maxent classifier. Experimental results showed that machine learning method performs well for the domain whose property was obvious, with numerical feedback information and labeled training data.

    A sentiment analysis method based on a polarity lexicon
    ZHANG Cheng-gong 1, 2, LIU Pei-yu1, 2*, ZHU Zhen-fang1,2, FANG Ming1,2
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  47-50. 
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    A polarity lexicon is the foundation of sentiment analysis and orientation analysis. An overall and effective polarity lexicon was constructed, including base lexicon, domain lexicon, network lexicon and modifier lexicon. The influence of modifiers to polarity words was studied. A sentiment analysis method based on a polarity lexicon was proposed, in which the modifiers and polarity words were combined into polarity phrases, and the phrase was used as the basic unit to compute the polarity of sentences and texts. Experimental results showed that the effect of orientation analysis using polarity lexicon raised in this paper was good.

    Shape blending Bézier-like curve with geometric continuity
    LIU Hua-yong, WANG Huan-bao, LI Lu, ZHANG Da-ming
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  51-55. 
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    In shape blending process, the parametric continuity of blending curves is not always preserved. In this paper, based on a symmetric opinion, first the Bézierlike curve is defined, and the geometric continuity preserving problems of blending curves are investigated by using the boundary properties of the Bézier-like curve. Especially, in the linear blending process, the maintenance conditions of the first order and the second order geometric continuities are derived, and several solutions are discussed. Then one and two order balance geometric continuity conditions and their relative parametric preserving algorithm are given. The algorithms can be used in computer animation and industrial design.

    The dynamic characteristic analysis for a bidirectional matrix converter based on differential geometry
    OUYANG Lin-qun1, HUANG Qiu-yuan2, WANG Xiao-hua1
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  56-60. 
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    Based on differential geometry, a novel dynamic characteristic analysis method for a bidirectional matrix converter is proposed. The internal dynamics and stability of the system and dynamic characteristic are achieved by the different outputs. And thus the parameters of the control strategies are given. The results show that the method can prove the efficiency of the analysis of the circuits. In consideration of the output parameters of the circuit, a control scheme based on input-output linearization theory is proposed. The validity of the analysis law with excellent steady-state and dynamic characteristics is verified by the simulation results.

    TCP rate control in wireless mutiple-hop networks by  cross-layer optimization for QoS provisioning
    WANG Qian, XU Ru-zhi, YANG Feng
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  61-66. 
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     The wireless mutiplehop network has a rapid development as a promising network technology in recent years. It has the merits of high reliability and good scalability, but its multihop and dynamic self-organizing feature have brought enormous challenges to the application of multimedia services. A systematic network utility maximization (NUM) based cross-layer design approach is proposed by using convex optimization methods for the joint optimization of physical, transport and MAC layers in order to maximize the network′s overall throughput while providing end-to-end QoS (Quality of Service) for multimedia traffic. Simulation results show that our cross-layer optimization can be iteratively performed based on local link information and the optimum TCP rate control and contention control parameters, which reduce the delay and maximize the system throughput while satisfying application’s QoS requirements.

    Research of the reasonable orientation of a solid urban transportation network
    HAN Qiang1, HU Yi-hong2
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  67-70. 
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     Based on integral equilibrium, this paper defined what the reasonable orientation for three-dimensional urban transportation network is, and then formulated it as a mathematical program. Taking the characteristic of non-plane network into account, a three-dimensional guillotine cut algorithm was designed for reasonable orientation of them.

    Evaluation method and application of the integration level of  regional industrialization and information
    ZHANG Xin, MA Jian-hua*, LIU Pei-de, LIU Qiang, XU Feng
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  71-76. 
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     The evaluation problem of the integration level of regional industrialization and information was studied and the evaluation index system was given for an inconsistent hierarchical structure. The AHP method was given to determine weight. The level index and information index, industrial convergence index and Industrialization index of provinces were calculated, and finally the stability of the weight was studied by the sensitivity analysis method.

    The algorithm of the bounded batch scheduling problem  with a decision due window
    HAN Guo-yong, ZHAO Hong-luan, LIU Hao, LIU Zhen-dong, ZHANG Zhi-jun
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  77-80. 
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    The due window situation is combined with the conception of batch so that the jobs can be processed in batches on a single machine. To minimize the weighted number of early and tardy jobs, the batch is bounded and all the jobs share a common due window[e, d]. Further, the location and size of the due window are decision variables, and the optimal sequence is determined. An efficient algorithm is proposed with several optimal properties.

    Universal approximation of three-layer regular fuzzy neural networks for a class of functions
    DUAN Chen-xia1, SUN Gang2, WANG Gui-jun1*
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  81-86. 
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    In fuzzy neural networks, the multi-variable continuous functions class is extended as a functions class of preserving maximum values on compact sets. The properties and the metric problems of the extended functions class on compact sets are studied by means of the concept of preserving maximum values. Finally, it is found that three-layer regular fuzzy neural networks possess approximation with respect to the extended fuzzy function class. Also, the approximation effect between the expected output and the real output of regular fuzzy neural networks is analysed and text is studied by an example.

    Global exponential robust stability of stochastic interval cellularneural networks with S-type distributed delays
    ZHANG Wei-wei1, WANG Lin-shan2*
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  87-92. 
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    By applying the Lyapunov stability theory and stochastic analysis approaches, some algebraic criteria are derived to ensure the globally robustly stochastically exponentially stability in the mean square for the addressed system, and the almost sure exponential stability is also studied. An example is given to illustrate the effectiveness and improvement over existing results.

    Asymptotics for the LASSO estimator for partially linear models
    LI Feng1, LU Yi-qiang2
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  93-97. 
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     Based on the profile least squares method, the LASSO penalty profile least squares estimator is constructed, and the choices of penalty parameter and bandwidth are also discussed. Because the optimization problem is linear, it can be easily implemented. Under some regular conditions, the consistency and asymptotic normality of the estimator for parameter component are investigated. Finally, Monte Carlo simulation studies are conducted to assess the finite sample performance of the proposed variable selection procedures.

    Marketing expenditure decision under Bayesian analysis
    YE Jian-hua, MA Ming*, LIU Hua
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  98-102. 
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     Customer lifetime value (CLV) play an important role in customer relationship management (CRM). By using the Bayes method, a decision-model is proposed  to maximize the rest of the CLV, and the optimal remarketing expenditure for each period is obtained.

    A new method of solving the assignment problem based on the permissible-edge algorithm of minimum cost flow problem
    XIONG De-guo, HU Yong-wen
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  103-109. 
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     A new algorithm of the assignment problem is proposed by constructing its minimum cost maximum flow model and applying the permissible-edge algorithm based on the principle of duality to the model. The new algorithm gradually expands the permissible network in the capacity-cost network by means of modifying the potential of labeled nodes subject to complementary slackness condition, and then augments flows on the permissible network, which proceeds until the minimum cost maximum flow of the original capacity-cost network is obtained. The non-zero edge of this maximum flow corresponds to the optimal solution of the assignment problem. During the iterating process, successive iteration will fully use the information of previous ones, which effectively reduces the computation. For non-standard assignment problems, this algorithm can be directly applied without converting the problem to the standard form.

    Numerical methods for pricing American options upon  the optimal exercise boundary
    GUO Zun-guang1, KONG Tao2*, LI Peng-fei2, ZHANG Wei2
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  110-119. 
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    Numerical methods of American options are studied. Three numerical schemes arose for solving the optimal exercise boundary of the American option:  the composite trapezoid scheme, composite left rectangular scheme and composite right rectangular scheme. In numerical tests, these three schemes are compared with each other, and finally it is concluded that the composite trapezoid scheme is the best one. Based on numerical schemes of the optimal exercise boundary, a numerical scheme for solving American options is presented by the decomposition of the American option. At last a simulation of an American option is given by this scheme.

    An interval algorithm for a class of unconstrained two-level programming problems
    QIN Jun, CAO De-xin
    J4. 2012, 47(3):  120-126. 
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    The interval algorithm for a class of unconstrained two-level programming problems is discussed, in which the objective functions are in C1. By way of constructing the interval extensions of the two-level objective functions and introducing the test rules of region deletion, an interval algorithm for solving unconstrained two-level programming problems is established, and experimentation upon the numerical examples is performed. Both theoretical proof and numerical experiments show that the algorithm is reliable and effective.