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    16 January 2010
    Volume 45 Issue 1
    Self-assembly of surfactants perform synergism and amalgamation  between bulk solutions and interfaces
    HAO Jing-Cheng
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  1-9. 
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    Synergism and amalgamation between bulk solutions and interfaces could be performed by surfactant self-assembly. The self-assembled structures inbulk solutions and interfaces which are one of the main researche areas in surfactant sciences are also the areas of soft matters. In this short review, we summarize the progress in selfassembled systems,  self-assembled structures (specialvesicles), the evaluation of selfassembled structures and properties of surfactant solutions from the Key Laboratory of Colloid and Interface Chemistry (Shandong University), Ministry of Education. We proposed a new opinion of surfactant sciences: Self-assembly of surfactants perform synergism and amalgamation between bulk solutions and interfaces.

    Effects of procaine hydrochloride on the molecular conformation ofmonoolein and drug release behavior in the cubic phase
    LIU Shao-Jie, CHI Wei-Dong, LIU Wei-Jie, LI Zhen
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  10-16. 
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    The effect of procaine hydrochloride (PC) on the molecular conformation of monoolein in the cubic liquid crystalline phase was studied by FT-IR. It was found that the conformation of the hydrophobic group of monoolein was strongly affected by PC, and the Hbond between MO and PC could induce a change of the vibrations of C=O bond in the polar group of the MO. The release behaviors of PC fromMO/water cubic phases with different PC contents were  after investigation found to be similar and corresponded to the Higuchi quarter root law.

    Studies on rheological properties of wormlikemicelles formed by sodium carboxylate
    YU Li, SUN Huan-Quan, XIAO Jian-Hong, CHEN Hui, JI Yong-Qiang, ZHENG Li-Qiang, LI Gan-Zuo
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  17-22. 
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    The effects of various factors on rheological properties of wormlike micelles formed by sodium carboxylate, namely sodium oleate (NaOA) aqueous solution in the presence of trisodium phosphate (Na3PO4) were investigated. These factors include temperature, alcohols, alkane, inorganic salts, the mineralization of oil field water and polymes, which are frequently encounteredin the oilfield development process. The rheological properties of wormlike micelles, such as zero shear viscosity and shear activation energy were analyzed and explained. These studies provide the basis of applications of wormlike micelles to oilfields.

    Study of the catalytic activity of the carbosilane dendrimer-platinum complex
    LI Chun-Fang, LI Dong-Xiang, HOU Wan-Guo, FENG Sheng-Yu
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  23-26. 
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    Catalytic activity of carbosilane dendrimer-Platinum complexes in thehydrosilylation of unsaturated compounds was studied by using the reaction of 1-Hexene and HSi(OEt)3 as a model reaction. The effect of the ratio of N to Pt,temperature and the generation of dendrimers on the catalytic activity was investigated. The results showed the catalytic activity descended gradually with an increase of the ratio of N to Pt and that the optimal ratio was between 2 and 4. The β-addition product is the main product of the hydrosilylation. The catalyst has favorable selectivity.

    Theoretical study of the EPR g-factor for clusters (CrO4)4-
    WANG Min-Jie, ZHU Lian-Xuan, ZHAO An-Qing, YUAN Chao
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  27-30. 
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    The EPR g-factor for clusters (CrO4)4- in Ba3Ge2O7 crystals was studied from the complete high-order perturbation formulae. The results were in more agreement with the experimental value by a charge-transfer model as compared with a double spin-orbit(SO) coupling parameter model. The difference ofg is 0.0003 between the calculated values and the experimental values from thecharge-transfer model, and is 0.0249 from the double spinorbit coupling parameter model.

    Removal of Cr (VI) from aqueous solutions by nano β-FeOOH
    CHENG Dan-Dan, XU Chun-Hua, YIN Zhi-Lei, YUE Qin-Yan, WANG Yan
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  31-35. 
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    Iron oxyhydroxide (FeOOH) has good performance for adsorptionof heavy metal ions because of its high surface charge and large surface area. Three different methods were used to synthesize FeOOH. The identities of FeOOH were verified by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The surface area of the  nanoparticle was measured by a surface area analyzer, and thezeta potential of the  nanoparticle was obtained by a zeta potential analyzer. The XRD peaks of these three crystallites well matched with the standard β-FeOOH. TheTEM images showed that they  were nanoscaled, and the morphologies were rectangle, shuttle and spindle, respectively. The three kinds of β-FeOOH wereusedto conduct adsorption experiments to investigate their adsorption capacity of Cr (Ⅵ) in the simulated water. The result of the adsorption experiments showed that β-FeOOH which synthesized with organic macromolecules had high removal efficiency for Cr (Ⅵ) in comparison with other samples. Adsorption isotherm studies indicated that the adsorption capacities of β-FeOOH were 15.45 mg/g, 16.87 mg/gand18.48mg/g at 293K, 303K and 313K, respectively. An increase in the valuesof KF with the increasing temperature indicated that the adsorption was an endothermic process.

    Impact of acid deposition on the soil acidification of Mt. Taishan
    ZHANG Ming, LI Xiao-Ming
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  36-40. 
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    According to the sampling sites at Mt. Taishan during the second national soil investigation (1980's) of China, two groups of soil samples were  separately collected from Mt. Taishan in November 2008 and May 2009. The soil samples were analyzed according to the same analyzing methods of the 1980's. The results showed that compared with the 1980's, the pH of soil samples collected from the sites lower than Zhongtianmen did not have significant change, but the decrease of pH at the sites higher than Zhongtianmen was apparent. Also the exchangeable Al3+ and H+ had increased, and the base saturation(BS) had decreased in soil samples of all soil sampling sites compared with the data in the 1980's. This phenomenon indicated the trend of the soil acidification at different altitude was obvious. The results also showed that thepH of soil samples did not show significant change between November 2008 and May 2009. The exchangeable Al3+ and BS of soil samples showed much more change at the high altitude sites than the two indices at low altitude sites between November 2008 and May 2009, which implied that the soil acidification was not only related to soil type but also to the frequency and amount of acid precipitation. 

    Determination of efficacious components of Gentianaceae plants and their calli by RP-HPLC
    ZHAO Zhong-Juan, WANG Yan-Fei, CAI Yun-Fei, JIA Guang-Min, XIANG Feng-Ning
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  41-45. 
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    A developed reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography (RPHPLC) was used to determine the contents of five efficacious components (Swertiamarin, Gentiopicroside, Mangiferin, Oleanolic acid and Urolic acid) in Chinese medical herbs Swertia musstii Franch, Gentiana siphonantha Maxim, and Gentianella albiflora Maxim., Gentianopsis paludosa Ma. and their calli from subculturals. A Phenomenex Luna C18 column was used and the column temperature was room temperature. Swertiamarin, Gentiopicroside and Mangiferin were detected at 259nm with Vmethanol∶Vwater∶Vacetic acid=25.00∶75.00∶0.04 as mobile phase and 0.8?mL/min as flowrate. While by Vmethanol∶Vwater∶Vacetic acid=85.00∶15.00∶0.04 as mobile phase, 1.0mL/min as flow rate and 209?nm as wavelength, and the contents of Oleanolic and Urolic acid were analyzed. The kind and content of efficacious components from the four Chinese medical herbs were quite different. Swertia -musstii-Franch contained the most efficacious components and its contents were the highest. The contents of five efficacious compounds in the above four medical herbs calli had less efficacious compounds than that of wild plants and their changes were different. However, according to the projected growth rate, the content of efficacious components accumulation of the callus was much higher than that of the wild plant. This is a precise and quick method to analyze the efficacious components inChinese medical herbs, which provides the basic for large-scale production of efficacious components in Chinese medical herbs.

    The construction and prokaryotic expression of a site-specific integration vector for chloroplast transformation of spinach(Spinacia oleracea L.)
    GENG Xiao-Xia, WANG Wen-Chao, HOU Bing-Kai
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  46-54. 
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    The construction of a site-specific integration and expressionvectorand its potential utility was reported in the spinach(Spinacia oleracea L.)chloroplast genetic transformation. According to the published chloroplast DNA sequence of spinach, the full length of rbcL gene and the 5′end part of accD gene, 1956bp and 1320bp respectively, were cloned through PCR technique and used as the homologous recombinant fragments in vector construction. The selectable marker aadA gene (encoding aminoglycoside 3′-adenylytransferase and conferring resistance to spectinomycin and streptomycin) and the reporter gene GFP(encoding green fluorescent protein) were controlled by the promoter Prrn and the terminator psbA3′ from tobacco. aadA expression cassette and GFP expression cassette were cloned and placed between two homologous recombination fragments to obtain the sitespecific integration and expression vector pRAGA for spinach chloroplast transformation. The results of restriction enzyme analysis of obtained vector were in accordance with what was desired. After E. coli was transformed by the vector pRAGA and excited by 488nm blue light, it was found that  E. coli emitted bright green fluorescence under a confocal laser scanning microscope, while the controlE.coli showed no fluorescence. This result indicated that the chloroplast sitespecific integration and expression vector pRAGA had been successfully constructed and could be used in prokaryotic chloroplast transformation of spinach.

    A survey of QoS multicast routing algorithms
    GE Lian-Sheng, JIANG Lin, QIN Feng-Lin
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  55-65. 
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    Multicast routing and Quality of Service (QoS) are two important research issues in current and next generation of the Internet. As a joint research problem of the two issues, QoS multicast routing is a multi-objective and optimization problem. Furthermore it is NP-Complete and its solution is urgently needed in practice. The problem models of QoS multicast algorithms and their mathematical descriptions were integrated. A classification of the QoS multicast algorithms and a survey on the current development results in the research areas were given. Several typical QoS multicast routing algorithms were analyzed,then the problems of these algorithms were pointed out, and finally possible research directions in the future were prospected.

    Improvement of the Kerberos protocol based on the RSA padding scheme
    YIN Xue-Yong, Qin-Jing, CAO Yong-Chao
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  66-68. 
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    The deficiencies of the Kerberos protocol is modified by using the application of the RSA padding scheme which is proposed by Coron, Naccache e.t.. It isproved that the modification and refinement to Kerberos do not make security decline by using BAN logic. The analysis of efficiency and secure properties of the refinement are also given.

    The optical property of GaN under high pressure
    LIU Fu-Ti, ZHANG Shu-Hua, GAO Ceng-Hui
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  69-72. 
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    The optical property of zinc blend structure GaN under different highpressures was investigated by means of the plane wave pseudo-potential method with generalized gradient approximation. The results show the indirect band gap and the direct band gap widened with pressure increasing. GaN changed from direct band gap to indirect band gap semiconductor when ambient pressure reaches 125GPa. Also, there was a blue shift at absorption wavelength with increasing pressure.

    Short-term scheduling formulation with decomposition structurefor multi-purpose batch plants
    DING Ran, LI Qi-Qiang, LIANG Tao
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  73-79. 
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    For the short-term scheduling of multipurpose batch process, unit-specific event-driven formulation needs many additional variables to subscribe storage, orelse it would lose some good results. To resolve this problem, a novel event-driven formulation is presented. In this model, the storage state is formulated asa time function using the existent variables, which can exactly reflect the storage state, and the dimension of the model would not be enlarged. The new model has a typical decomposition structure, which consists of two levels of optimization problems. Then a composition algorithm is proposed. Because the sub-problem mainly consists of time consequence constraints and storage constraints by relaxing, a simple algorithm based on simple deduction is given to obtain the optimalor sub-optimal solution. Using the returned solution, the master problem couldbe resolved by a genetic algorithm. So the searching space is greatly reduced. The application of the model is illustrated through two example problems, which also reflects the validity of the algorithm.

    Disturbance-observerbased H control for a class of networked control system
    YAN Lai-Yun, SHEN Yan-Jun
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  80-85. 
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    A novel type of H control based on the disturbance-observer is proposed fora class of networked control systems. These disturbances includetwo parts: one disturbance in the input channel is generated by exogenous system and the other disturbance is due to the bound H2 norm. The new disturbance-observer is designed for the disturbance in the input channel, by using the theory of Lyapunov stability and LMI methods, and a H law is obtained based on the estimate. Fainally, an example is given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the results.

    The structure of semi-superabundant semigroups
    LIU Kai-Zhen, KONG Xiang-Zhi
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  86-88. 
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    The usual Green relations, *-Green relations are generalized to ρ-Green relations and the semilattice decomposition of a kind of semi-superabundantsemigroups is given.

    Reductions about covering decision information system
    XU Qing-Yuan, LI Jin-Jin, ZHANG Yan-Lan
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  89-93. 
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    By using inclusion degree between sets, the relationships among covering decision reduction, covering distribution reduction and the largest coveringdistribution reduction about covering decision information system are discussed. Also the characterizations of covering upper and lower approximation reductionabout inconsistent covering decision information system and their relationshipsto covering distribution reduction and the largest covering distribution reduction are studied. The results generalize and deepen the reduction theories of decision information system.

    Recognition and screening of P-sets
    YU Xiu-Qing
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  94-98. 
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    The dynamic characteristics of P-sets are discussed on the basis of P-sets’ definition. The conception and the theorems of the P-sets’ family are obtained. GivenP-expansion degree, a dynamic recognition measurement, and the changing extent of P-sets couldbe expressed with numbers. The theorems of P-sets’ recognition and screening are obtained. These theorems could be used to recognize and detect the state of a system.

    Dσ-spaces and local Dσ-spaces
    SUN Wei-Hua, GUO Hong-Feng, Zhang-Xin
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  99-101. 
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    The unions of Dσ-spaces are discussed and it is proved that every θ-refinable local Dσ-space is a Dσ-space.

    Asymptotic stability of linear θ-methods for neutral delay integro-differential equations
    YU Yue-Xin, LIU Zhong-Yan, JIANG Chun-Hua
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  102-106. 
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    Linear θ-methods are adapted for solving a class D(α,β12,β3,γ,δ) of nonlinear neutral delay integro-differential equations (NDIDEs). It is proved that an A-stable linear θ-method (i.e. 1/2≤θ≤1) can preserve the asymptotic stability of the underlying systems of NDIDEs. A numerical test isgiven, which confirms the theoretical results in the end.

    Quadratically hyponormality of Bergman weighted shifts
    DONG Yan-Wu, LI Chun-Ji
    J4. 2010, 45(1):  107-110. 
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