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    16 May 2010
    Volume 45 Issue 5
    The instance of new drug research and development: novel anti-cancer lead compounds of 4-thiazolidinones
    LIU Xiao-jun1, YAN Bing2*
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  1-5. 
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    Taking thiazolidinone compounds as an example, we discuss the processes leading to the discovery of anti-cancer lead compounds. Using combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening approaches, we discovered potent compounds against drugresistant cancer cells. Mechanistic studies indicated that these compounds inhibited microtubule formation, caused G2/M arrest in cell cycle, and induced apoptosis and autophagy. The anticancer activity did not depend on the status of P-gp in cells. These compounds had superb membrane permeability and inhibited tumor growth in vivo. Screening them against 60 human cancer cell lines demonstrated broad anti-cancer activities indicating that they will play a significant role in the future of our fight against cancer.

    Study of the toxicity of functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes to NHFB cells
    LI Xiu-e1, GAO Shu-lian2, ZHANG Qiu3*
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  6-11. 
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    The cytotoxicity of the functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes (f-MWCNTs) library, previously synthesized by our group, to normal human fibroblasts (NHFB) was investigated by WST-1 assay. The effects of selected f-MWCNTs with different cytotoxicity on cellular uptake and proliferation, and oxidative stress in NHFB were studied. It was  found that different surface modification of MWCNTs could lead to different cytotoxicity, and  f-MWCNTs could be uptaken by NHFB and induce cytotoxity and reactive oxygen species in NHFB in a dose dependent manner.

    Population characteristics and seasonal variations of  phytoplankton in Nansi Lake
    LIU Qian-hui1, PEI Hai-yan1, 2,*, HU Wen-rong1,2, XIE Jun3
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  12-18. 
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    Phytoplankton are an important biological indicator for water quality assessment. To investigate the water quality of Nansi Lake, the population composition, quantity and dominant species of phytoplankton were studied from June 2008 to May 2009. 8 phyla, 59 genera and 117 species have been identified from 5 monitoring stations based on a monthly sampling. The species numbers of Chlorophyta and Bacillariophyta accounted for the total species number were 48.7% and 23.9%, respectively. There were many more species in summer and autumn than that in winter and spring. The seasonal variations of phytoplankton density were the same as that of species number. The predominant indices were not high, ranging from 0.04 to 0.35, and there were 23 predominant species including Chlorella vulgaris, Scenedesmus dimorphus and  Aulacoseira granulata. The phytoplankton diversity and evenness indices varied from 1.56 to 2.36, and 0.59 to 0.84, respectively. It could be concluded that the phytoplankton population structure in Nansi Lake is complex, and the stability of the phytoplankton population composition and quantitative distribution showed a high degree in Nansi Lake. The phytoplankton population characteristics changed significantly compared with the data in 1980s.

    Determination of melamine in eggs by high performance liquid chromatography
    WEI Jin-mei, ZHANG Yong-mei, CAO Lu-xing, LUO Yu-zhu*
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  19-21. 
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    A method was reported for the determination of melamine in eggs. After being extracted by 1%Trichloroacetic acid solution and 2.2% lead acetate from samples,melamine was separated on a Hypersil ODS 100×4.6mm,5μm C18 column with a volume ratio of acetonitrile and sulfonic sodium octane(pH=3) of 15∶85,  and  was detected by an ultraviolet detector at a wavelength of 210nm.The temperature of column was 40℃. The linear ranges were from 0.2μg/mL to 10.0μg/mL. The results indicated that the average recoveries were 82.0%~104.0% for high, middle and low concentration levels by this method. The relative standard deviations RSD was 6.81%(n=9).

    Establishment and identification of a continuous fin cell line from barfin flounder Verasper moser
    FAN Ting-jun, XU Xiao-hui, JIANG Guo-jian, GUO Xue-yang, SUN Ai, XU Bin
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  22-27. 
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    To establish a barfin flounder fin cell line and lay a solid foundation for viral and cytotechnological studies, the fin tissues, digested with hyaluronidase and collagenase II, were cultured in 20% fetal bovine serum(FBS)containing DMEM/F12 (1∶1), M199 and Leibovitz L-15 medium (pH7.2), supplemented with 20% fetal bovine serum, carboxymethyl-chitosan, basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and insulinlike growth factor-I (IGF-I), at 18~26℃, respectively. The results of in vitro culture showed that the optimum medium of the fin cells was DMEM/F12 medium (pH7.2) with the above supplements, and the optimum temperature of them was about 22℃. By utilizing 20% FBS-DMEM/F12 medium with the above supplements, the primary culture of the fin cells was initiated at 22℃. And the fin cells, in fibroblastic morphology, grew rapidly, and formed a confluent monolayer 20 d after culture initiation. By successive subculture, a barfin flounder fin cell line was sucessfully established, and sub-cultured to passage 135 till now. Growth property analysis showed that the fin cells of the cell line at passage 60 had a population doubling time of 56.9h, which indicated that the cells had active proliferating abilities. Chromosome analysis showed that the cells exhibited chromosomal aneuploidy but still had a modal chromosome number of 46 which had a normal diploid karyotype of 1 pair of submetacentric and 22 pairs of telocentric chromosomes. All these indicate that a novel continuous barfin flounder fin cell line was sucessfully established in this study, which as an ideal in vitro researching system, will be of great theoretical and practical significance for cytotechnological breeding and cellvirus interaction studies of barfin flounder.

    Analysis of feeding characteristics in summer and autumn of  the avian community in the Wulonghe Nature Reserve
    WANG De-liang, LI Ke, ZHU Wen-bo
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  28-34. 
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    Avian community was investigated from Nov. of 2005 to Sept. of 2006 in the Wulonghe Nature Reserve of Hubei Province, and the avian feeding characteristics in summer and autumn were also studied by use of cluster analysis. The results indicated that 82 species of birds were recorded in the survey. 50 and 51 species were respectively recorded in summer and autumn. 24 species of birds community were recorded in both seasons,and insectivore is the most important feeding guild. The first guild of summer is the Uplandshrubbery feeding group; it contains Aegithalos caudatus, Aegithalos concinnus, Zosterops japonica, and Pomatorhinus ruficollis. The first one of autumn is the Strandshrubbery feeding group; and it contains Motacilla cinerea, Phylloscopus humei, Phylloscopus fuscatus, Zosterops japonica, Emberiza aureola and Pica pica.

    A cross-entropy based ant colony algorithm for multiple QoS constrained multicast routing
    GE Lian-sheng1, ZHOU Jia-qiang2, QIN Feng-lin1
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  35-41. 
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     Many applications in network like multimedia transmission have stringent demands for quality of service (QoS), such as bandwidth, delay, and packet loss rate. Finding the multicast tree that satisfies these requirements is an NP-complete problem. Among the existing algorithms for multiple QoS constrained multicast are local search algorithms or centralized algorithms, which cannot guarantee the finding of global solutions in a real network. In this paper, an ant colony algorithm based on cross-entropy was proposed for multiple QoS constrained multicast routing. Simulation results in the NS-2 environment indicated that this algorithm could quickly find the close-to-the-best solution.

    Automatic structured data extraction from Web forums
    GUAN Mian, MA Jun
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  42-47. 
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    Because of both complex page layout designs and unrestricted user created posts, extracting structured data from Web forum pages is a very challenging task and not easily solved.  A general solution to automatically extract structured data from any forum site was proposed. By analyzing page structure, a group of data records were found from both list page and post page, and then a set of production rules was used to extract structured data from these data records. Experimental results showed that the proposed approach significantly outperformed some existing methods in extracting data records and achieved high accuracy in extracting some metadata of Web forums such as title, author, time and content.

    Intelligent optimization strategy for ELM-RBF neural networks
    LI Bin1,2, LI Yi-bin1, RONG Xue-wen1
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  48-51. 
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     A method of intelligent optimization strategy for extreme learning machine-radial basis function (ELM-RBF) neural networks was proposed, in which the centers and impact widths of hidden neural kernels were determined by the intelligent optimization algorithms of differential evolution and particle swarm optimization. Simulation results showed that the ELM-RBF neural networks learning algorithm based on the intelligent optimization strategy could generate much better generalization performance and robustness than other algorithms with the same network architecture.

    Faulttolerant control for uncertain discrete-time switched systems with nonlinear term
    NIU Yan-yan, XING Wei
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  52-57. 
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    The fault-tolerant control for a class of uncertain nonlinear discrete-time switched systems was studied. When the actuator was totally or partly out of control, a sufficient condition for the existence of state feedback fault-tolerant controllers was obtained by using the Lyapunov function and linear matrix inequality (LMI).First the asymptotical stability was studied for the closed-loop system.Then by means of the LMI, the design of fault-tolerant controllers was transformed into the feasible problem of a certain LMI system. A numerical example was given to show the feasibility of the results.

    Research on the third part logistics company’s financing pricing under conditions of permissible delay in payments for random demands
    YUAN Bo, WANG Chuan-xu*
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  58-63. 
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    Considering a supply chain consisting of one supplier and one retailer, a 3PL financing pricing model was set up under the condition of random demand. Based on the supplier’s permission of delayed payment and the 3PL company’s provision of an inventory impawn financing service, the retailer’s decision-making of its optimal order quantity and reorder point as well as the 3PL company’s optimal decision-making problem of providing the finance service was studied. A numerical example was given to analyze the effectiveness of the proposed model. It is shown that both retailer and the 3PL company can achieve their optimal goals by using the proposed model.

    On real option pricing based on interval analysis and the cloud model
    YU Shao-wei1, LI Xiu-hai1, LIU Qing-ling2
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  64-68. 
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    In view of the actual situation that it was impractical to assume the present values of expected cash flow payoff and expected costs as exact numbers in real option pricing, a new pricing approach to the real option based on interval analysis and the cloud model was proposed after elaborate analysis of current pricing approaches to the real option based on fuzzy sets theory and emlploying the cloud model. Firstl, a new algorithm of the backward normal cloud integrating interval analysis theory was proposed on the inspiration of the algorithm of the backward cloud proposed based on cloud X information. Second, by expressing the present values of expected cash flow payoff and expected costs with generated cloud models, integrating option pricing theory and the new algorithm of backward cloud based on interval number and using cloud operation, a new pricing approach to real option was proposed to transform the intervals evaluated by experts into normal clouds and to estimate the volatility of expected cash flow payoff based on the backward normal cloud. A numerical example was given to illustrate the validity of the proposed approach.

    The Egoroff theorems in set-valued fuzzy measures space
    ZHANG Yi-xin, WANG Gui-jun*, ZHOU Li-qun
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  69-73. 
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     A new order structure is introduced on the class of subsets of an m-dimensional positive Euclid space. In the new order structural sense, the relationships between (pseudo-) almost everywhere convergence and (pseudo-) almost uniform convergence in set-valued fuzzy measures are studied. Furthermore, the Egoroff theorems and their corresponding reverse theorems by depicting the sequence of measurable functions with set-valued fuzzy measure are obtained.

    The Lattice Boltzmann simulation of the Couette flow with the groove boundary
    ZHANG Feng1, SHI Wei-ping2, WANG Jian-li1
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  78-81. 
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    Using the momentum exchange method, the Lattice Boltzmann model was adapted to calculate the force acting on the boundary. The two dimensional hexagonal Lattice Boltzmann model was used to simulate the Couette flows with the sawtooth boundary and evaluate the drag coefficient of the sawtooth boundary. The result indicated that the variation of the drag coefficient vs Reynolds number was the same as that of the plane boundary.

    Machine interference problem with balking,reneging,warm spares and N policy
    MA Ming-jian1, YUE De-quan2, MA Jin-wang2
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  82-88. 
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    The machine interference problem with balking, reneging, warm spares and N policy was considered.The technique of blocked matrix was  used to derive the obvious iterative formula of the steady-state probability vectors about the availability, failure frequency and the mean time to first failure of the system.  Some numerical analyses were carried out, and the parameters’ effect on the performance measures about reliability is investigated.

    M/Hk/1 Queue with balking, state-dependent and multiple vacations
    TIAN Rui-ling, YUE De-quan, HU Lin-min
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  89-94. 
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     An M/Hk/1 queuing model was considered with balking, state-dependent and multiple vacations. Using the quasi-birth-and-death process method, the equilibrium condition of the system and the matrix-geometric solution of the steady-state probability vectors were derived. Some performance measures of the system and numerical results were also obtained.

    Weak atomic decompositions for vector-valued weak Orlicz martingale spaces
    ZHU Yong-gang, YU Lin
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  95-100. 
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    Some vector-valued weak Orlicz martingale spaces and three type weak atomics are defined, and the primary theorems of weak atomic decompositions for these weak spaces are established. As an application, the embedding relationships among these martingale spaces are discussed, and the results obtained here are closely connected with the geometric properties of the Banach space.

    The global convergence of a class of conjugate gradient methods
    CHENG Li-qing
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  101-105. 
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    Conjugate gradient methods with a certain kind of Property under an Armijo-type line search were investigated. These methods include the well-known PRP method as a special case, and the global convergence of the methods is proved. Preliminary numerical results show that these methods are efficient.

    An optimal replacement policy for a degenerative repairable system
    CHENG Guo-qing1, LI Ling1, TANG Ying-hui2
    J4. 2010, 45(5):  106-110. 
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    A deteriorating simple repairable system is studied. The decreasing α-series process to model its successive working times and increasing geometric process to model its consecutive repair times are asserted. The average cost rate of the system is given under the policy N, and the optimal replacement policy is derived analytically or numerically. A numerical example is provided, and some discussions and sensitivity analysis of the model are carried out.