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    20 July 2011
    Volume 46 Issue 7
    Research advances on structure and function of animal hemoglobin
    FAN Tingjun, XU Bin, JING Zhao, ZHANG Yanan
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  1-6. 
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    Animal Hb plays important roles not only in transportation and storage of oxygen but also in regulation of pH value, control of nitric oxide levels, participation in immune responses, binding and transportion of sulfide and other biological functions, which has attracted research interests of scholars because it is an ideal molecule with which to study biological multifunctions of proteins. In the present paper, we review the molecular structure and biological function of animal Hb base on recent research advances and a large number of academic literature in this field.

    Study of the treatment of hypertension in mice with the Cirsium japonicum DC decoction
    WANG Zhenping, BI Jia, CHEN Zhongke
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  7-10. 
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    In this study, the effects of Cirsium japonicum DC decoction (CJDC) on antihypertension, the structure and weight of heart, kidney and other organs in mice model of hypertension were explored, and the blood coagulation was also detected. The results showed that a moderate dose of CJDC could significantly reduce the blood pressure to the normal level in hypertensive mice, and no significant effects were found on the ratios of viscera to body of heart, liver, kidney, spleen and thymus. There were significant increases in the density of kidney and heart tissue and decreases in renal capsule in hypertensive mice, which returned to the normal level in treatment mice. CJDC could also significantly shorten the time of blood coagulation in treatment mice. Conclusion: A moderate dose of CJDC could significantly lower the blood pressure as well as protect heart and kidney better in treatment mice. It also increased hemostatic with positive correlation to the dose, so the dosage should be appropriate.

    Study on interaction of both quinolones with DNA by ultraviolet spectroscopy
    ZHANG Bi-cheng1, HU Lin2*, LIU Yan-hui2, ZHANG Jing1
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  11-16. 
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    The interaction, at different time, different temperature and different concentration, between FLRX、LMF and Salmon sperm DNA are studied by UV-visible spectrophotometry. The results showed that Salmon sperm DNA′s UV adsorption values increas with the concentration of both quinolones increasing respectively. Two quinolones bind DNA′s groove at pH4.0~11.0. The combination constants of between FLRX、LMF and Salmon sperm DNA are calculated by double reciprocal analysis,and the combination constants are KDNAFLRX=0223×104L/mol and KDNALMF=0.290×104L/mol.

    AIsolation and structure identification of several holothurian glycosides compounds from the processing liquid waste of  sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus
    YUAN Wenpeng1, LIU Xin1, FAN Tingjun2, ZHANG Yonggang1, XIA Xuekui1, LIU Changheng1*
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  17-20. 
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    In order to explore higher applicative value of processing liquid waste of sea cucumber, holothurian glycosides compounds from the processing liquid waste of sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus were investigated. The processing liquid waste was separated by macroporous resin chromatography, silica gel column chromatography and preparative high performance liquid chromatography to afford five compounds. On the basis of detailed spectroscopic analysis and comparison of the reported data in the literatures, they were elucidated as holotoxin D (1)、holotoxin B1(2)、holotoxin A (3)、holotoxin A1(4) and cladoloside B (5). All of the compounds were isolated from the Apostichopus japonicus processing liquid waste for the first time. This study laid a foundation for rational utilization and development of processing liquid waste of sea cucumber.

    Application of TbfmocMetOH for solid phase synthesis of ubiquitin
    JIN Zhi, HU Nai-feng, LIU Qiang, WANG Pu*
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  21-25. 
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    The synthetic Tbfmoc-Met-OH is used to replace Fmoc-Met-OH as a building block for solid phase peptide synthesis of ubiquitin. Based on the significant differences in gel filtration and UV absorbance between the Tbfmocubiquitin and the impurities, Tbfmocubiquitin can be separated from the impurities using gel filtration easily and efficiently. After removing the Tbfmoc group under mild condition (pH=8.5), the ubiquitin product is obtained with high purity, which is confirmed by amino acid analysis, MS and HPLC measurements. The strategy used in the paper can overcome the Tbfmoc-Cl’s weak points, including long reaction time, low coupling efficiency, more by-product producing and product purification difficulty, and the established new method can be used for the synthesis, separation and purification of ubiquitin easily and efficiently.

    The effect of pH on the rheology of Mg-Al-HTlc/kaolinite suspensions
    DAI Xiao-nan, WANG Qi-peng, ZHAO Chao
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  26-29. 
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    The effect of pH on the rheological properties of Mg-Al-Hydrotalcite-like compound/kaolinite suspensions are investigated. For pure kaolinite suspension, both of the yield stress τy obtained in the controlled rate mode and critical shear stress τc obtained in the controlled stress mode increased first and then decreased with the increase of the pH, showing a maximum at about pH=7. But for Mg-Al-hydrotalcite-like compound/kaolinite suspensions with R=0.25, it is showed a maximum at about pH=11. Experimental results are discussed on the basis of the interactions between the HTlc and kaolinite particles.

    Generation and circuit implementation of a unified hyperchaotic system
    ZHANG Wei-qiang, LIU Yang-zheng*
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  30-34. 
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    To solve the implementation problem of unified hyperchaotic system, a four-dimensional unified hyperchaotic system is generated via adding dimensional and linear feedback to the three-dimensional unified chaotic system. The characters of three equilibriums are discussed and a fractal dimension is calculated. The range of unified hyperchaotic system is studied by Lyapunov exponent spectrum and bifurcation diagram. The parameter value of unified hyperchaotic system is changed which contain gengeralized hyperchaotic Lorenz system、hyperchaotic L system and gengeralized hyperchaotic Chen system. Compared with other hyperchaotic system,the value of biggest positive Lyapunov exponent for the new unified hyperchaotic system is bigger. The hyperchaotic strange attractors of unified hyperchaotic system are achieved based on digital signal processing(DSP)for some typical systems.

    The integral of probability density function in force network ensemble
    ZHANG Xing-gang, HU Lin
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  35-38. 
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    Based on the force network ensemble theory, a general form of probability density function for force network ensemble is formulated in two different kinds of force phase space. Direct integration method and fourier transform method are proposed to solve the integral problem of probability density function.By comparing this two methods, it’s indicated that they all can solve this problem effectively,and the direct integration method is more convenience when K is small,while the fourier transform method has an advantage when N is small.

    Electronic structure and optical property of CaF2under high pressure
    ZHANG Shu-hua1, LIU Fu-ti2,3, CHENG Xiao-hong3
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  39-42. 
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    Through firstprinciples plane-wave ultra-soft pseudo-potential method of density functional theory, based on the optimized structure, the electronic structure and optical property of CaF2 under 0~400GPa pressure have been computed. The result of calculation revealed that with the increasing of pressure, the lattice parameter was decreased, energy band was moved, energy gap was increased, absorption spectrum existed in blue shift, but the influence of pressure variation became reduced.

    The simulations of the gravitational accelerations in a rotational distorted binary system
    WANG Jing-zhou 1, SONG Han-feng1,2
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  43-47. 
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    Rotation and tide are two very important physical factors which affect the structure and evolution of the binary system. The distributions of the effective gravitational accelerations which are derived by the highorder perturbation potential have been simulated. The distribution is compared with the one which has been derived from the Roche model. The results show that the distortions of rotation and tide have a significant impact on the effective gravitational accelerations. The maximum can attain 103~104cm/s2 with the initial parameters. Therefore, the distortions can not been neglected in discussing the structure and evolution of the close binary system.

    Periodic ordering decisions in a supply chain with fuzzy random demand
    WANG Chuan-xu 1, JIANG Liang-kui2
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  48-55. 
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    The decisions of ordering and lead time reduction in a supply chain consisting of one manufacturer and one buyer with fuzzy random variable lead time demand was investigated.  A decision model was presented to determine the lead time, ordering cycle, the buyer’s target replenishment level and manufacturer’s target inventory level so that the expected supply chain cost could  be minimized. The cost functions of buyer, manufacturer and supply chain with fuzzy random lead time demand were firstly obtained. Then, considering the fuzzy total demand, the fuzzy cost functions for buyer, manufacturer and supply chain were derived. Also, The solution procedure to the proposed model was developed. At last, a numerical example was provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed model.

    Ruin probability for a risk model with dependence between premium and claim under the thinning process
    HUANG Yu-juan1, YU Wen-guang2
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  56-59. 
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    A dependence risk model is considered, where the claim may produce a repremium with probability ρ, i.e. the repremium process is the ρ-thinning process of the claim process. The capital interest rate, inflatable rate and diffusion are also investigated. Then by the method of martingle analysis, the estimation of upper bond and general formula of the the ultimate ruin probability in this new model are got. In addition adjustment coefficient equation is established and the upper bond and lower bond of the adjustment coefficients are estimated.

    Analysis of compatibility of interval multiplicative preference relations
    XU Ying-jun
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  60-64. 
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    First, the concept of compatibility degree of two interval multiplicative preference relations is defined, and then a compatibility index of two interval multiplicative preference relations is also given. It is proven that an interval multiplicative preference relation and the synthetic interval multiplicative preference relation of a set of interval multiplicative preference relations are of acceptable compatibility under the condition that the interval multiplicative preference relation and each of the interval multiplicative preference relations in the set are of acceptable compatibility.

    A group decision making method based on preference ordinal with three parameters interval numbers
    LIN Jian, JIANG Yong
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  65-69. 
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    The group decision making problem with finite alternatives was investigated, in which the preference ordinals were expressed by three parameters interval numbers. Firstly, the definition of three parameters interval number was given, and the probabilistic description of preference ordinals was presented by considering of preference information. Secondly, two definitions of consistency of preference ordinals were introduced, and an algorithm was proposed to adjust the inconsistency in preference ordinals. A method based on deviation function was presented to determine the weighted vector of decision maker, and then the effective algorithm to solve group decision making problem with finite alternatives was estabished. Finally, a practical example was illustrated to show the feasibility and availability of the developed method.

    Flocking control protocol design based on Hamiltonian framework
    WANG Qiang, WANG Yu-zhen*
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  70-77. 
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    Several new results on the Flocking control protocol design are presented. Firstly, a Hamiltonian structure is provided for the systems by choosing a kind of suitable Hamiltonian functions. Secondly, based on the provided Hamiltonian structure, two kinds of Flocking control protocols are designed only by using local information of each agent. One protocol is with linear alignment rule and the other is with a kind of nonlinear alignment rule. It is shown that, following the two Flocking control protocols, all the agents’ velocities can converge to the same value, and stable Flocking behaviors can be guaranteed. Finally, result of simulation reveals that the Flocking protocols proposed in this paper work very well in the Flocking control of multi-agent systems of “boids” model.

    Novel criterion of exponential stability for a generic linear rational expectations model of economy
    LIU Long1, LI Ming2, YU Li-yang3
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  78-82. 
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    The problem of exponential stability for a generic linear rational expectations model of economy was discussed. The norm-bounded uncertainties were used to describe the uncertainties of economic system. Based on the approach of LMI, the result was presented. Finally, an example was given to show the benefit of the presented approach.

    Classification of fruit fly wings vibration sound based on the AR model and SVM
    ZHANG Ning-xian, GUO Min*, MA Miao
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  83-86. 
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    The AR model for three different strains of fruit fly wings vibration sound is established respectively. The AR coefficients and the variance of white noise sequence are extracted as the feature, then the sound of the three different strains of fruit fly wings vibration sound is classified by support vector machine(SVM). The order of AR model is determined by using AIC criterion, and the parameters of AR model is estimated by Burg method, and then the heavy tailed RBF is used as the kernel function in SVM to implement the feature extraction and classification of the different strains of fruit fly wings vibration sound. The experiomental results show that the classification accuracy rate of the three strains of fruit fly wings vibration sound is more than 88%.

    Research on the PAPR of FMT system based on extreme theory
    YANG Xing-hai1, 2, LIU Ju2, XIN Hua-mei3, ZHU Wei-hong2
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  87-91. 
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    Filtered multitone modulation (FMT) technique has good ability on conquering multipath and interchannel interference (ICI). FMT is also affected from high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) just as OFDM, and the high PAPR has weakened the performance of FMT. The complementary cumulative distribution function (CCDF) of PAPR of FMT system is obtained based on the extreme theory. The CCDF analysis shows that the PAPR distribution of FMT is as same as that of OFDM, which has nothing to do with the filter type and length. Finally, the conclusions are verified by the simulation experiments.

    On the Levi type theorem for maximal solutions of BSDES with leftLipschitz generator
    WANG Yan-bin, FAN Sheng-jun*, LI Wei-wei, ZHANG Jing-zhi
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  92-95. 
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    This paper puts forward and proves the Levi type theorem for the maximal solutions of certain one-dimensional backward stochastic differential equations with left-Lipschitz generator.

    Option pricing under a new interest rate model when the underlying asset obeys jumpdiffusion process
    XU Cong-cong1, LIU Xin-ping2
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  96-100. 
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    Based on the new type interest rate model proposed by Kim and Kunitomo, the option price was studied when the stock price obeys the jumpdiffusion process. Considering the payment of stock dividend, the analytical expressions of European call and put option prices were obtained using martingale method by assuming that the parameters are timedependent. This study developed the results of BlackScholes model.

    A sufficient descent DY conjugate gradient method and its global convergence
    LI Min, CHEN Yu, QU Ai-ping
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  101-105. 
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     A modified DY conjugate gradient method(MDY)is proposed based on DY method and HZ method. This method can generate sufficient descent directions for the objective functions, and this property is independent of the line search method used. Under mild conditions, it is proved that the conservative MDY method with Armijo line search or Wolfe line search converges globally even if the minimization function is nonconvex. Numerical results show that the proposed method is efficient.

    Modified HS conjugate gradient method based on Zhang H C nonmonotone technique
    GAO Bao, SUN Qing-ying
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  106-111. 
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    By combining Zhang H C nonmonotone technique with modified Armijo line search rule, a new HS conjugate gradient method for unconstrained optimization problems is presented. Under mild conditions, the global convergence of the new algorithm is proved. The numerical results show that the new method is effective and suitable for solving large-scale problems.

    Backward stochastic Volterra integral equation under local Lipschitz condition
    WANG Tian-xiao
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  112-115. 
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    The backward stochastic Volterra integral equations (BSVIEs for short) under local Lipschitz condition are studied. The unique solvability of solutions, such as the M-solutions, S-solutions, adapted solutions, is derived.

    The M[X]/M/1/SWV queue with start-up time
    CAO Xue-yun, XU Xiu-li, LI Pei
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  116-123. 
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    A batch arrival M[X]/M/1 with start-up time and single working vacations is concerned. A model of three-dimensional Markov chain is established. Then, the PGF and the stochastic decomposition of stea-dy-state are given. The two parameters addition theorem of condision Erlang distribution is obtained, with which the upper and lower bounds of steadystate waiting time is given under Laplace transform order. The mean queue length, the mean waiting time of the upper and lower bounds, the mean sojourn time are also given. Finally, some numerical examples to verify the conclusions.

    Growth estimates of a singular superlinear elliptic equation
    ZHAO Yong-qian1, 2 MEI Lin-feng2
    J4. 2011, 46(7):  124-126. 
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