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    20 November 2011
    Volume 46 Issue 11
     Agrobacterium-mediated introduction of disease-resistant genes
    into tomato(Lycopersicon esculentum Mill
    YU Hui-min1, SHI Zhu1, SHAO Hong-wei1, LI Wei1, HOU Bing-kai2*
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  1-4. 
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    A plant expression vector pBLGC containing two disease-resistant genes, the Chitinase gene and the Glutanase gene, was introduced into cotyledon explants of tomato via Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation. After co-culture, kanamycin selection and regeneration, 23 kanamycin-resistant plants were obtained. Among these, 7 plants were demonstrated to be transgenics by PCR and PCR-Southern Blot analysis. Through pathogenic fungus inoculation, it was shown that 3 transgenic plants had strong disease resistance. These results will lay an important basis for the further study of tomato disease resistance and for tomato genetic improvement.

    Hookeriales new to Shandong Province, China
    HUANG Zheng-li1, REN Zhao-jie2, LI Lin1, ZHAO Zun-tian1*
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  5-7. 
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    The moss order Hookeriales and the species Hookeria acutifolia Hook. et Grev were reported as new to Shandong Province. The description of H.acutifolia based on specimens and the corresponding discussion were presented.

    Analysis and evaluation of 21 kinds of elm variations population diversity
    MU De-yu1, WANG Qiang2, JI Wen-li1*
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  8-11. 
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    Based on the investigation of 21 kinds of two-year-old elm variations, analysis of variance (ANOVA), contrastive analysis and principal component analysis (PCA) methods were applied to investigate their growth characteristics. The results demonstrated significant differences among elm’s diameter at breast height (DBH), height, crown height and crown diameter. The first two principal components explained 89.24% of the variance and properly described the characters of the total data. Based on the PCA results, we divided the 21 kinds of elm variations into 4 groups and discussed their application potentialities. This work determined the different elm variations’ characteristics and gave an example to assess plant growth.

    A highly sensitive chemiluminescent enzymelinked immunosorbent assay for the determination of lomefloxacin
    CAO Zhao-zhen1, LU Sheng-xin1, XI Ri-mo2*
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  12-16. 
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    A chemiluminescent enzyme-linked immumosorbent assay (CL-ELISA) based on polyclonal antibody for lomefloxacin was developed. Assay conditions, including the concentration of coating antigen, the dilution degree of the primary antibody and IgG-HRP, and the type of micro-titer plate. were studied. The optimized CL-ELISA presented high sensitivity with an IC50 value of 0.22ng/mL and detection limit of 0.032ng/mL. Good specificity was acquired with only norfloxacin and fleroxacin showing a percentage of cross-reactivity higher than 1% (6.88% and 2.16% respectively) among the ten detected representative quinolones. The method developed was applied in the detection of lomefloxacin recovery in spiked milk. The average recovery rates were in the ranges of 88.7%~103.4% and 97.8%~107.2% for intra- and inter-assay respectively while the corresponding coefficient of variation (CV%) were in the ranges of  6.3%~ 8.6% and 2.4%~ 8.0%.

    β lower approximation attribute reduction in variable precision rough sets
    YU Cheng-yi, LI Jin-jin*
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  17-21. 
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    From the view of attribute sets, the attribute reduction in the variable precision rough set model is studied. A new β lower approximation binary relation is defined. Using relations the equivalence relation is constructed on attribute sets and its power sets, and a dependence space is also produced. By applying the binary relation and dependence space,  judgement theorems for judging β lower approximation consistent sets are obtained, from which we provide a new attribute reduction algorithm. It can preserve β lower approximation in every decision class. Finally, a practical example illustrates the validity of the method.

    The congestion control mechanism in wireless networks by cross-layer optimization based on the adaptive bandwidth estimation
    WANG Qian, XU Ru-zhi, YANG Feng
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  22-27. 
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    TCP is the transmission layer protocol which actively explores available network bandwidth. One of the ways of TCP modification is based on estimation of the available bandwidth and adjustment of the transmission window. In this paper, a novel TCP congestion control mechanism is proposed using adaptive bandwidth estimation in wireless networks which continuously measures the bandwidth via monitoring the rate of ACKs and RTT values. Based on the estimation of the available bandwidth, this scheme dynamically adjusts the congestion window and realizes the adaptive parameter setting of the slow start threshold. Simulation results show that the probability of multi-packet loss has been significantly decreased and TCP performance has been effectively improved by implementation of this scheme.

    A load distribution algorithm based on an ant colony for multi-source multicast networks
    WANG Ling-xiu, CAO Ye-wen*
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  28-32. 
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    Due to the problem that IP multicast protocols tended to construct a single minimum spanning tree for a multicast source (i.e., group), which can not balance the resource allocation of multicast networks, an ant colony-based load balancing algorithm for multicast networks called the load distribution algorithm (LDA) was proposed. The proposed LDA mainly consisted of two parts: the Selecting Candidate Path and Multicast Scheduling. PIM-SSM (Protocol-Independent Multicast Single-Source Multicast) with the LDA can balance network traffic distribution and meanwhile maintain less packet loss and average delay in the case of co-existing multiple multicast sources. Simulation comparisons between PIM-SSM with the LDA and the original PIMSSM, showed that higher network utilization was achieved in PIM-SSM with the proposed LDA, while maintaining less average end to end delay where there were bottleneck effects.

    An improved AODV protocol based on a piggyback mechanism and weighted neighbor stability
    WANG Ning-ning, CAO Ye-wen*
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  33-37. 
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    An improved NCR-AODV (improved neighbor change ratio AODV) that can greatly reduce route cost and end-to-end delay is presented. A piggyback mechanism is added into the AODV protocol. Then the weighted neighbor change ratio is introduced which means jointly considering NCRs both at the current time and historical times. The results of NS2 simulation show that the proposed Improved NCR-AODV can greatly enhance the network performance.

    Information camouflage and true-false information screening
    LIN Rong1,2, ZHANG Li2
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  38-43. 
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    Orderings of a class of bicyclic graphs with respect to two kinds of indices
    ZHOU Xu-ran, WANG Li-gong*
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  44-47. 
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    The Merrifield-Simmons index and Hosoya index of the class of bicyclic graphs Tr,k,ln,p,q are investigated and their orderings with respect to these two indices are obtained.

    Characterizations of fuzzy subinclines, fuzzy ideals, fuzzy filters and fuzzy congruence relations
    LIU Lu-lu1, FU Wen-qing2, LI Sheng-gang1*
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  48-52. 
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    In this paper, the notion of fuzzy filter is defined, and some characterizations of a fuzzy subinclines, fuzzy ideals, fuzzy filters and fuzzy congruence relations are given. It is also proved that [0,1]-SInc (the category of fuzzy subinclines and fuzzy incline homomorphisms) over Inc (the category of inclines and incline homomorphisms) is topological.

    The composite boundary value problems of k-monogenic functions
    BU Yu-de
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  53-58. 
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    The composite boundary value problems of monogenic functions and k-monogenic functions are considered. The solutions of these problems are given.

    Aubry-Mather sets for a class of asymmetric Duffing equations
    WANG Xiao-ming, LIANG Xiao-bin
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  59-63. 
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    The existence of Aubry-Mather sets for a class of asymmetric Duffing equations are obtained via the generalized Aubry-Mather theorem, which improves and generalizes the known results.

    Multiplicity of periodic solution of a class of non-automous second order system
    ZHANG Shen-gui
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  64-69. 
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    In this paper,we investigate the existence of periodic solution for non-autonmous second order systems with partially periodic potential or linear nonlinearity by the general saddle point theorem.Some sufficient conditions for the existence of multiple periodic solutions are obtained, and these results improve existing ones.

    H-oscillation of even order vector neutral partial differential equations with damped terms
    CAI Jiang-tao
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  75-80. 
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    The H-oscillation of a class of even order vector neutral partial differential equations with damped terms are  studied. Some criteria of sufficient conditions for the H-oscillation of all solutions of the equations are obtained under Robin and Dirichlet boundary conditions by employing the method of reducing dimension with the inner product and making use of Riccati transformation and introducing parameter functions.

    The topologically stability of a non-wandering operator
    WANG Ming-gang, XU Hua
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  81-88. 
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    The stability of a non-wandering operator is studied by introducing filtration and nocycle condition in infinite dimensional separable Banach space. Some examples of filtration and no-cycle condition in infinite dimensional separable Banach space are shown. Then a sufficient condition for a non-wandering vector manifold to be stable is given.

    The superiority of the Bayes linear unbiased minimum Variance estimator under balanced loss function
    LIU Xie-jin1, MIAO Bai-qi2
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  89-95. 
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    The superiority of the Bayes linear unbiased minimum variance (BLUMV) estimator with respect to the optimally weighted least square (OWLS) estimator of unknown parameter was studied in terms of the balanced loss risk function criterion, and the two estimators can converge to the same one under a certain condition. The superiority of the BLUMV estimator over the OWLS estimator was studied under predictive Pitman closeness (PRPC) criterion.

    Primal-dual infeasible interior-point algorithm for  second-order cone programming
    TANG Jing-yong1,2, HE Guo-ping3
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  96-100. 
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    A generalized higher-order optimality condition for super efficient solutions
    ZHU Qin, XU Yi-hong*, WANG Tao
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  101-104. 
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    The super efficient solution of set-valued optimization is considered in real normed spaces. For a specific set, its super efficient points set is obtained by direct calculation. Without any convexity assumption, by employing Henig dilating cone, the generalized higher-order derivative necessary condition is established for set-valued optimization problem to attain its super efficient solutions.

    Analysis of the M/M/m/k-m preemptive priority queuing system with negative customers
    ZHANG Lei, WANG Yu, L Sheng-li, MA Zhan-you
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  105-111. 
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    A multi-server queuing system was studied with two classes of customers which shared a limited buffer. The customers of the first class had the preemptive priority,while the second class included positive and negative customers. The negative customers would not be served and the positive customers were removed one by one at the tail. According to the state transition figure,  the stationary balance equations were obtained. By using matrix analysis theory, the average queuing length and the loss rate of the two classes were separately given, and a numerical example was presented to prove the effectiveness of this model. Then the influence of various parameters on the system was analyzed in combination with figures.

    On a linear quadratic differential game of the stochastic It ô system
    ZHOU Shao-wei
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  112-116. 
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    Optimal control problem in the microbial fed-batch fermentation process
    YU Yong-sheng, GONG Zhao-hua, LIU Chong-yang
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  117-121. 
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    A nonlinear dynamical system is proposed to formulate the microbial fedbatch fermentation process of 1, 3-propanediol (1, 3-PD) production. Taking the 1, 3-PD concentration at the terminal time as the performance index and the feed rates of glycerol and alkali as the control function, an optimal control problem subject to constraints of state and control is presented. A solution method is developed to seek the optimal feed rates based on control parameterization method and modified differential evolution algorithm. Numerical results show that the concentration of 1, 3-PD at the terminal time can be considerably increased compared with previous results.

    A posteriori error estimates for Legendre-Galerkin spectral  methods in two dimensions
    ZHOU Jian-wei1, YANG Dan-ping2*
    J4. 2011, 46(11):  122-126. 
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    Some posteriori error indicators and their reliablity and efficiency properties for Legendre-Galerkin spectral methods in two dimensions are deduced. Especially, a posteriori error indicators are determined by the known righthand side term in model equations. We reformulate these a posteriori error indicators as explicit forms, so as to be easily calculated in practical applications.