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    24 January 2008
    Volume 43 Issue 1
    The expression of the Rab23 protein in different organs of mice
    HUANG Shu-hong#,YANG Ling#,XIE Guo-rui,ZHANG Hong-wei*
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  1-03 .  doi:
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    In order to explore the function of the Rab23, the expression of the Rab23 protein in various organs of mice was investigated. Fresh tissues were taken from mature adults of male and female mice and the expression of the Rab23 protein was detected by using immunohistochemistry analysis. Rab23 protein expression was detected in tissues of the brain, ovaries, testis, mammary glands and stomach in mice. But no detectable expression was found in tissues of the heart, liver, intestines, lungs, thymus, kidneys and spleen. The specific tissue locations of the Rab23 protein suggest that Rab23 may play a role in keeping the normal functions in these organs and tissues. The results give new data for understanding the molecular function of Rab23.
    A pathogenic strain isolated and identified from the yellow-rotdisease of Pleurotus ostreatus
    LI De-shun ,CAO Xin-hong,SU Jing ,WANG Zhen,ZHANG Chang-kai *
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  4-07 .  doi:
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    This experiment studied the yellow-rot disease of pleurtus ostreatus. Two main strains of bacterial were isolated from cultivation plates (G1 and G2). By resumption infection experiment, it was found that the fruting bodieds of G1 are in accord with natural infection fruiting bodies. So, it is believed that G1 is the main pathogen of yellow-rot disease. Finally, this pathogen strain was identified as Pseudomonas fluorescens by traditional physiological-biochemical experiments, 16s rDNA analysis and the Biolog microbial identification system.
    The vegetation characteristics of limestone mountains in Jinan and their application to the optimal disposition of vegetation
    FANG Yong,LIANG Yu,WANG Yue-hai,WANG Wei-dong
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  8-13 .  doi:
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    The limestone mountainous region is the highlight and most difficult point of afforestation. In an investigation of the southern mountain area of Jinan, the importance value, niche breadth and niche overlap of 10 essential species were analyzed. It was founnd that Platycladus orientalis (Linn.)Franco. is the primary dominant species and constructive species in the southern mountain area of Jinan, Vitex negundo L.is the primary dominant species in the shrub layer, and Eriophorum angustifolium Roth. is the primary dominant species in the herb layer. By synthetic assessment result, P. orientalis (L.)Franco.—V. negundo L. (Lespdeza bicolor Turcz.)—E. angustifolium Roth. are the constructive species of treeshrubherb in the limestone mountainous region. Ulmus japonica Sarg. and Ulums macrocarpa Hance. have a lower value of niche overlap (value is 0), so both can be applied in a reasonable arrangement in governing the barren mountainous areas.
    Accumulation of phenolic acids in soil of a continuous cropping Poplar plantation and their effects on soil microbes
    TAN Xiu-mei,WANG Hua-tian*,KONG Ling-gang,WANG Yan-ping
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  14-19 .  doi:
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    Soil samples in the rhizosphere of different kinds of continuous cropping black poplar plantation were obtained, and the contents of 5 phenolic acids and their variations were analyzed by HPLC. Results show that P-hydroxybenzoic acid, benzoic acid, vanillin, ferulic acid and cinnamic acid are presented in different accumulation characteristics in the soil of all the continuous cropping types. The content of gross phenolic acids of the second and the third generation of poplar plantation significantly increased 138% and 642% respectively, compared with the first generation. The content of ferulic acid increased with a planting generation increase, which was contrary to benzoic acid and cinnamic acid. The experiment of adding five kinds of exogenous phenolic acids to the soil was conducted to study their effects on soil microbes, which shows different effects on soil microbes. In general, with an increasing concentration of the treated exogenous phenolic acids, the amounts of soil microbes first increased, and then decreased. However, P-hydroxybenzoic acid has an inhibitory effect on fungi, actinomycete and ammonifier, but has a stimulating effect on cellulosic bacteria. Vanillin has an inhibitory effect on actinomycetes, and the same effect for ferulic acid and cinnamic acid on cellulosic bacteria.
    Influence of an olfactory marker protein on the fluorescence enhancement of europium nanoparticles
    YU Jiang,LI Ning,WU Xia,GAO Xi-bao
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  20-23 .  doi:
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    Europium nanoparticles were prepared using tannic acid as the reductive agent in sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate solution searching for a novel fluorimetric method of proteins determination. Nanoeuropium OMP conjugates were synthesized by the method of lipoic acid modification on the nanoparticles surface. The fluorescence changes, mechanisms of europium nanoparticles and the conjugates of europium nanoparticles with OMP were analyzed by fluorophotometer. The relationship between fluorescence changes and the concentration of OMP was also studied. The fluorescence intensity of nanoeuropium OMP conjugates was significantly increased compared with that of europium nanoparticles,which was linearly proportional to the concentration of OMP in the range of 0.020~8.0mg/L, and the detection limit was 0.012mg/L under optimum conditions. The relative standard deviation (n=11) was 2.4% for 5.0mg/L OMP. The effect of an olfactory marker protein on the fluorescence enhancement of europium nanoparticles can be attributed to the result of the energy transfer of OMP among molecules. This method can be used to determine the concentration of OMP.
    The effect of cerium nitrate on extra-cellular polymeric substances and granulation of activated sludge
    LI Shan-ping,XIAO Nai-dong,ZHAO Yu-xiao
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  24-27 .  doi:
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    Cerium nitrate affects SOUR (specific oxygen uptake rate), biomass growth velocity and biologic phase of activated sludge in various degrees. Results show that cerium nitrate (50mg/L) can greatly improve the quality of sludge. Then, the conventional activated sludge was inoculated with aerobic SBR where glucose and sodium acetate were used as the carbon sources to study the formation of aerobic granular sludge. The composition of extracellular polymeric substances(EPS) and the hydrophobicity of sludge, as well as MLSS, SVI, COD, TN and TP were observed. The results indicate that cerium nitrate could promote the formation of aerobic granular sludge. The removal rates of COD, TP and TN are 95%, 80% and 85%, respectively.
    Synthesis of P(DMDAAC-AM) as cationic polymeric flocculants by dispersion polymerization
    SI Xiao-hui,YUE Qin-yan*,GAO Bao-yu,WANG Xiao-na,WEI Jin-cheng,LULei
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  28-32 .  doi:
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    Dispersion polymerization of DMDAAC (dimethyl diallyl ammonium chloride) and AM (acrylamide) in an alcoholwater media was studied. The effect of the following six factors were mainly studied: the mass ratio of alcohol to water, monomer content, the inolar ratio of AM to DMDAAC, the initiator dosage, initiation temperature and EDTA on the intrinsic viscosity and conversion efficiency of copolymerization. The structure and surface shape of the polymers were studied by means of IR and transmission electron microscope (TEM). The result shows that the product with intrinsic viscosity as 94.77(cm3/g) was obtained under the following optimized conditions: m(alcohol)∶m(water)=1∶1, monomer content= 40%, n(DMDAAC)∶n(AM)=2∶8, the mass fraction of initiator K2S2O8=0.04%, initiation temperature=40℃ and the mass fraction of stabilizer PVP is 4% of the monomer.
    Fabrication of Gd2O3:Eu3+ nanofibers by electrospinning technique
    LIU Wei,ZHAO Cong-zhao,CHAI Lin-yu
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  33-35 .  doi:
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    PVP/Gd(NO3)3·Eu(NO3)3 composite fibers were prepared by electrospinning technique with Gd(NO3)3·6H2O, Eu(NO3)3·6H2O and PVP as starting materials. After calcining the above precursor fibers, Gd2O3:Eu3+ fibers were successfully obtained. The Gd2O3:Eu3+ micro/nano fibers were characterized by SEM, FTIR, XRD, TG-DTA and luminescence spectra, respectively. Results show that the crystalline phase and morphology of Gd2O3:Eu3+ fibres are greatly changed by the calcination temperature.
    Theoretical analysis of the g factors and hyperfine structure constants of the Rh2+{A} center in lithium deuteride
    ZHANG Hua-ming,WU Shao-yi*,LU Guang-duo,ZHANG Zhi-hong,WEI Li-hua
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  36-39 .  doi:
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    Based on the crystal-field theory, the high-order perturbation formulae of the EPR parameters g factors g‖,g⊥ and the hyperfine structure constants A‖, A⊥ for a 4d7 ion in tetragonally compressed octahedra were established and applied to the EPR spectra for the Rh2+{A} center in lithium deuteride. In the theoretical calculations, the contributions of the g factors from the cubic field parameter Dq and the tetragonal field parameters Ds and Dt were taken into account. In addition, the contributions of the hyperfine structure constants from the core polarization constant and the reduction factor H due to the admixture between the 4d and 5s orbitals of the central ion were also included. The calculated results show good agreement with the experimental data. The corresponding parameters are Ds≈-313cm-1,Dt≈-52cm-1,H≈0.502, suggesting that the system studied has some tetragonal distortion and admixture of the 5s orbitals of the central ion.
    Effect of Si interlayer on GaAs/AlAs hetero-junction
    LI Yong-ping,LIU Jie*,JIANG Yong-chao,TIAN Qiang
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  40-42 .  doi:
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    GaAs/Si/AlAs heterojunctions prepared by MBE were examined. The influence of 0.5 ML and 1ML Si interlayer on GaAs/AlAs were investigated by DLTS technique and XPS measurement. The results reveal that the Si interlayer has little influence on the crystal, and the valenceband offset of GaAs/AlAs is increased because of the presence of the Si interlayer.
    Molecular dynamics simulation on the structural stability of the Ag nanorod with [111] crystallographic orientation
    LU Min,LUO Fei,LIU Wei-qing,WEI Wang-he
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  43-48 .  doi:
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    The relaxation of a fcc Ag nanorod with [111] crystallographic orientation at different temperatures was studied based on the FinnisSinclair embedded atom potential by a molecular dynamics simulation method. The characteristic of the homeostasis of the Ag nanorod relaxation was demonstrated. The stable structural variation of the Ag nanorod and the optential energy, and the structural evolution of the Ag nanorod at different times were specially studied. The results show that the temperature plays an influential role in the structural stability of the Ag nanorod. A critical temperature of destabilization (Tc) is found in Ag nanorods. When the temperature of the nanorod is less than Tc, the system keeps the intact line form of crystal. When the temperature of the nanorod is higher than Tc and lower than the melting point, the system collapses and fuses, then recrystallizes immediately, and then forms a stable polyhedron bounded by (111) and (100) facets while the temperature nears the melting point. When the temperature of the nanorod is higher than the melting point, the system leads to the formation of disordered spherical clusters.
    On para-communication and pan-communication (I)
    CHEN Lei
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  49-54 .  doi:
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    Based on the given mathematical definitions of synchronous and asynchronous communication, two new concepts of communication modes—para-synchronous and pan-synchronous communication modes—were derived. A discussion of properties of communication entropy (comtropy)was presented.
    An ID-based proactive threshold blind signature scheme
    XU Yan,YU Jia,LI Da-xing
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  55-59 .  doi:
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    An ID-based proactive threshold blind signature scheme is presented. The signer does not know the content signed by himself, and the signed message cannot be tracked. In this scheme, the dishonest private key generator cannot impersonate any user at any time. At the same time the scheme has the property of proactive security, that is, the whole lifetime of the signature is divided into several time periods, and the shares of private key need to be renewed in each time period. However, new shares can construct the same private key as old shares. In the end, it is proved that the scheme is correct, non-forgeable and robust.
    An improved k-means algorithm for document clustering
    SUO Hong-guang,WANG Yu-wei
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  60-64 .  doi:
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    The k-means algorithm is a popular method for document clustering, but it often gets stuck at a local maximum far from the optimal solution. A procedure based on local search was used to improve this algorithm. The formula about object function change was also deduced, which can be used to again partition the clustering. This procedure makes appropriate iterations to enlarge the search space. Theory analysis and experimental results show that the improved algorithm efficiently improves k-means clustering and its computation is also linear in the size of document collection.
    Primitive exponents of a class of three-colored digraphs with three cycles
    LUO Mei-jin,GAO Yu-bin
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  65-72 .  doi:
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    A three-colored digraph D is primitive if and only if there exists nonnegative integers h, k and v with h+k+v>0 such that for each pair (i,j) of vertices there exists a (h,k,v)-walk in D from i to j. The exponent of the primitive three-colored digraph D is the minimum value of h+k+v taken over all such h, k and v. Special threecolored digraphs were studied, whose uncolored digraph consists of one n-cycle, one (n-1)-cycle and one 2-cycle. Some primitive conditions and an upper bound on the exponent were given. Further, the characterizations of extremal three-colored digraphs were put forth.
    The *Filter in Luk-Lindenbaum Algebra
    LI Hai-xia,WU Hong-bo
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  73-76 .  doi:
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    The concept of the * filter is introduced according to the binary operator*in Luk-Lindenbaum algebra. With the corresponding knowledge of lattices, the properties of D(Γ) were studied. The main results of this paper are: (1) the *filter is the same style as 〈D(Γ)〉;(2) the *filter coincides with the MP filter, both of them are common filters;(3) the maximal *filter in F(S)/~ is equal to the maximal filter in common sense.
    SP-compactness in L-closure spaces
    LING Si-lan,MENG Han,YU Na,MENG Guang-wu
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  77-80 .  doi:
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    The concept of SP-compactness was introduced in L-closure spaces by the Lα-c-open cover. Some basic properties were characterized. Many good properties were preserved, such as closely hereditary, L-good extension and weakly topology invariability.
    The main-controlled generator
    WANG Jin-ling,LIU Zong-cheng
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  81-87 .  doi:
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    A new sequence generator called main-controlled generator was constructed. The period and linear complexity of the main-controlled sequence were discussed. It is shown that the least period and the complexity of the main-controlled sequence are superior to those of the editing sequence and the self-editing sequence. In general, the main-controlled generator is suitable for implementation of stream cipher systems.
    Research on two important classes of D-spaces
    GUO Hong-feng,ZHANG Xin
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  88-90 .  doi:
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    The results show that the union of a finite collection of spaces satisfying open(G) is a D-space, and the space having a pointcountably expandable network is a D-space.
    S-rough information matrix and its two forms
    HAO Xiu-mei,
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  91-94 .  doi:
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    Using rough information matrix this concept, singular rough information matrix was put forward and its mathematical structure properties were given. One direction singular rough information matrix and both direction singular rough information matrix are two forms of S-rough information matrix. The relation theorems among an S-rough information matrix, rough information matrix,S-rough sets and Z.Pawlak rough sets were presented.
    LF-topological methods on the theory of covering generalized rough sets
    SUN Shou-bin,MENG Guang-wu
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  95-97 .  doi:
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    The theory of covering generalized rough sets was studied with L-fuzzy topology. The relative interior and closure operators were defined in L-fuzzy topological space and their basic properties were discussed. These results can be considered as the fundamental theory of rough sets and L-fuzzy topology.
    An inverse eigenvalue problem for grounding spring-mass systems
    TIAN Xia, DAI Hua
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  98-102 .  doi:
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    Consider a simply connected grounding springmass system, it is supposed that j mass is connected to the ground. Let (λ,X) and (μ,Y) be two eigenpairs of a simply connected grounding springmass system. The inverse eigenvalue problem of constructing the physical elements of the system from (λ,X),(μ,Y) and j mass was studied. This problem was transferred into an inverse eigenvalue problem for Jacobi matrices. The necessary and sufficient conditions for the construction of a physical realizable system with positive mass and stiffness elements were established. If these conditions were satisfied, the grounding spring-mass system can be uniquely constructed.
    Analysis of cooperative games on a three-stage supply chain
    JIANG Peng-fei, WANG Zhen
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  103-106 .  doi:
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    A cooperative game model on a three-stage supply chain composed of supplier, manufacturer and distributor was founded. The equilibrium solution was computed, which is called the Shapley value. Its uncertainty concept was introduced and computed for every player. By comparing with non-cooperation, the situations of payoffs and uncertainty of different players were discussed. The reasonableness of the distribution method under cooperation was analyzed.
    Retailer's order policy and channel coordination question based on cooperative advertising
    LU Yuan-yuan,LI Ming-fang
    J4. 2008, 43(1):  107-112 .  doi:
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    Cooperative advertising strategy, retailer's order policy and channel coordination problem of a supply chain system formed by one manufacturer and multi-retailers was studied under uncertain demand. Cooperative advertising models under both a decentralized system and centralized system were given, and the combined contract including advertising allowance contract and buy back contract were put forward. The necessary condition to ensure channel coordination and the method to get the optimal contract parameters were given. Finally, a numerical example was carried out based on one manufacturer and two retailers, and the influence caused by parameter variances on the optimal strategy and combined contract were analyzed.