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    24 September 2007
    Volume 42 Issue 9
    Construction of double a T-DNA plant expression vector harboring multi-genes and transformation of Arabidopsis thaliana
    LI Xu,WANG Rong-chun,HE Ying,YANG Ai-fang*
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  1-06 .  doi:
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    A plant expression vector harboring multi-genes has good potential in breeding crops with many excellent agronomic traits. A feasible approach to eliminate the selectable marker genes from transgenic plants is the use of a “double T-DNA” binary vector system. The double T-DNA plant expression vector harboring multi-genes was constructed and transferred into Arabidopsis thaliana mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens., which includes one herbicide-resistant gene (bar), three abiotic stress-related genes (DREB1A, d5, betA) and one report gene (gfp). In addition, transgenic plants with multi-genes or without selective marker genes were obtained, respectively, which implies a promising future of this plant expression vector in breeding selectable-marker-free transgenic crops or crops with higher abiotic stress-resistance.
    Physicochemical properties of antimicrobial substances from Agrocybe aegerita
    LI De-shun,LI Peng,WANG Zhen,SU Jing
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  7-10 .  doi:
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    The effects of temperature, UV, pH changes and protease on the antimicrobial substances in Agrocybe aegerita fermented broth were studied. The water solubility and ion characteristics of the antimicrobial substances were analyzed by pH paper chromatography and Jack's eight solvent system paper chromatography. The results of early identification show that the substances are weak acid, polar, soluble in water and polar organic solvent, and that they are stable when influenced by heat, UV, pH and protease. The physical and chemical properties provide a scientific basis for the further purification and analysis of the structure of the antimicrobial substances.
    Growth development of the male anthotaxy of Pinus thunbergii parl. and its pollen percentage
    SUN Lei,FANG Yong, MENG Zhen-nong, LI Xiao, WANG Fu-bin, ZHAO Deng-chao
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  11-15 .  doi:
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    The characteristics of vegetative growth and reproductive growth of Pinus thunbergii and the relationships between them were studied by using the method of random sampling in the Chengshan Forest Farm. The best harvesting time and the techniques of Pinus thunbergii and Pinus densiflora for pollen were established through investigation in the coastal shelter forest and the inland of Jiaodong Peninsula. Pollen amounts of Pinus thunbergii and Pinus densiflora in male anthotaxy were tested both in the lab and in the field, and the relationships between pollen percentage and length of male anthotaxy of Pinus thunbergii and Pinus densiflora were confirmed. This provides a firm basis for the collection and industrial development of pine pollen.
    Influences of acidity and metal ions on enzymatic catalyzed reaction by microcalormetry
    RU Miao-yan*, WANG Ming-gang, ZHANG Hong-lin
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  16-18 .  doi:
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    The power-time curves of a starch enzymatic catalyzed reaction were determined by using a 2277 thermal activity monitor (Sweden). According to thermokinetic theory and the reduced extent method, the values of Km and Vmax and the optimum acidity (pH=5.27)were obtained. Apparent K′m and Vmax data were gained for inhibiting (Li+, K+). The relationship between K′m  and concentration of metal ions was established and so was the rule of the inhibitory affect of metal ions on an enzymatic catalyzed reaction.
    Sorption removal of p-nitrophenol by uncalcined and calcined Mg2Al layered double hydroxides
    ZHANG Shu-qin,HOU Wan-guo,*,WANG Wen-xing
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  19-24 .  doi:
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    The synthesized Mg2Al layered double hydroxide (LDH) and its calcined product (CLDH) were characterized. The sorption removal of p-nitrophenol from solution by LDH and CLDH were investigated. The results show that p-nitrophenol can be adsorbed on both LDH and CLDH, adsorption isotherms can be fitted with the Freundlich equation, and the sorption kinetics of p-nitrophenol on LDH can be well described by the two-constant equation while the sorption kinetics of p-nitrophenol on CLDH can be well described by pseudo-first-order kinetics and the Elovich equation. The sorption rate and sorption amount of p-nitrophenol on the CLDH is higher than that on the LDH at the same equilibrium p-nitrophenol concentration. In the initial pH range of 3~10, the sorption amount displayed the tendency of an initial increase and then a decrease with the initial pH increasing. With an increase of temperature, the sorption amount increases with increasing temperature. The sorption mechanism of p-nitrophenol on the LDH and the CLDH was discussed. The CLDH will be a new kind of highly effective adsorbent for phenols pollution.
    Preparation,characterization and photo-catalysis of TiO2 nanoparticles co-doped with nitrogen and plumbum
    WANG Zhen-hua,ZHU Chen-fu*,DONG Hou-huan,CAI Yuan-xing
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  25-29 .  doi:
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    The Pb doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles were prepared by the sol-gel method. Nanoparticles of TiO2 powder co-doped with Pb and N were prepared using a sol-gel method followed by being calcined for two hours at a temperature ranging from 500 to 600℃ in a NH3/Ar atmosphere. Particle appearances were characterized by XPS, XPS, SEM and UV-VIS, and the photo-catalysis of TiO2 was studied by degrading methyl orange. Results indicate that Pb doping could decrease the particle size of nanoparticles, and Pb-N co-doping has a synergistic effect that could decrease the band gap energy and increase the visible absorption capacity of samples. Pb-N co-doped TiO2 appears to have higher photo-catalysis activity under visible light than TiO2 and Pb doped TiO2. 0.5% Pb-N co-doped TiO2 could degrade aqueous methyl orange (20mg/L) within 35minutes.
    Lie symmetries and conserved quantities of holonomic non-conservative dynamical systems in generalizad classical machanics
    DONG Wen-shan
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  30-35 .  doi:
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    Lie symmetries and conserved quantities of holonomic non-conservative dynamical systems in generalized classical mechanics were studied. First, the determining equations of Lie symmetries are established by using Lie's invariance method of infinitesimal transformations of differential equations. Second, the structure equations and the conserved quantities were obtained. Third, the inverse Lie symmetries system problems were discussed. Finally, an example to illustrate the application of the results was given.
    Analysis algorithm for the worm metwork behavior based on event sequence
    ZHANG Jia,DUAN Hai-xin,GE Lian-sheng
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  36-40 .  doi:
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    As the updating speed of the worm and other malicious codes grows faster and faster, how to analyze large sum of malicious sample quickly and effectively becomes an issue of research on internet security. Therefore, an analysis algorithm for worm network behavior based on event sequence was proposed. This algorithm uses the data flow recombination and compression methods to process the pure malicious data. With this procedure, it can get the network behavior profile and the signature of the worm. The application of this algorithm will greatly improve the efficiency of analyzing the worm network behavior, which will be significant for the deployment of firewalls and network invasion detection systems.
    Modified ant colony algorithm for the multi-QoS constraint multicast routing problem
    SHI Zhao,GE Lian-sheng,*
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  41-45 .  doi:
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    The multicast routing technology with multi-QoS constraint is the key for distributed multimedia on the network. The ant colony algorithm is one of the best algorithms for solving the multicast routing problem with multi-QoS constraint, but it takes too much time to converge. Therefore, a modified ant colony algorithm was proposed. This new algorithm adopts the group-member-node-driven method to create the tree and adds the orientation factor to the probability function, which enables the ant to get rid of the initial blindness when searching paths. The simulation results show that the new algorithm can rapidly converge.
    Design and accomplishment of enterprise multimedia databases
    CHEN Qin,FENG Jian-hua
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  46-50 .  doi:
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    Several efforts to promote system performance are introduced by using the standardization of data format and system interface. Distributed data resources are integrated and an effective information search and a service platform are formed.
    Constructing methods for enterprise spatial data warehouse
    LIANG Yin,ZHANG Hong
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  51-55 .  doi:
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    Three methods for constructing an enterprise spatial data warehouse based on an existing multidimensional data model of enterprise data warehouse were proposed by considering the unique features of spatial data and requirements of different decision-making processes. The validation of this prototype system shows that these methods are effective and feasible.
    A kind of QoS-sensitive Web services composition method based on genetic algorithm
    ZHANG Xiao-guang,LI Yan,WANG Hai-yang
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  56-61 .  doi:
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    In the process of QoS-sensitive business, the user not only cares about whether the function of the process will be finished successfully, but also pays great attention to the QoS of the whole process. Thus, how to make a choice among the candidate web services so that the selected ones can not only finish the assigned task and conform to the local restriction, but also can cooperate with other web services and optimize the QoS of the process, becomes a key problem. In order to solve this problem, an approach based on the generic algorithm was proposed. The experimental results show the effectiveness of this method.
    Improved Shark-Search algorithm based on page segmentation
    CHEN Jun,CHEN Zhu-min
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  62-66 .  doi:
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    A Shark-Search algorithm is one of the classical algorithms for focused crawling. However, its performance is not ideal for crawling Web pages which contain too many noisy links. An improved Shark-Search algorithm based on page segmentation was proposed, which can accurately evaluate the relevance from three granularities: page, block and single link. Several experiments were carried out to verify that the improved Shark-Search algorithm can obtain significantly higher efficiency than traditional ones.
    Improved model based on time-related attributes in bi-temporal relationship database
    WU Xin,HONG Xiao-gung,XU Yi-jing
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  67-70 .  doi:
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    An improved bi-temporal relationship model and the related operations such as insert, update and other was presented. This model can clearly differentiate between time-related attributes and normal ones. Then, it can make the analyzing work on temporal data more beneficial. Also, it can accelerate speed when inserting a new record into the database or updating some existed data. In addition, it uses an attribute called “hostNo”, similar to the object number to reduce the frequency of link operation and increase the efficiency.
    AzszpClean: a rule-based solution to data cleaning
    LI Jun-kui,WANG Yuan-zhen,LI Zhuan
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  71-74 .  doi:
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    Data cleaning is one of the important methods to improve the data quality in data integration. An approach to data cleaning called AzszpClean was proposed, which combines data transformation and filtering, and dynamically compiles the cleaning rules. The experimental results show that AzszpClean outperforms hard coding with more efficiency of implementation.
    Extended probabilistic data model based on XML
    ZHANG Qun,WANG Xin-jun,WU Xin
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  75-79 .  doi:
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    The research on the probabilistic data model has received extensive attentions except for the management of probabilistic data from various data sources. An extended XML probabilistic data model was proposed based on an existent model. This new model is no longer confined to evaluate query operation in the internal model. Instead, it makes full use of the data sources' own credit degrees, size and other information to support query and merging operations between different XML documents. Moreover, the data dependent problem caused by importing probability in XML was also resolved in the new model.
    SPAM filtering and its realization
    HUANG Tao,XIE Rong
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  80-83 .  doi:
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    Aiming to concentrate on SPAM filtering, a filter system against spam named SpamBlocker was designed and implemented. This system integrates inspection technology for filtering spam such as rules-filtering, Bayes classification, virus scanning and black/white list. Furthermore, it adopts the rules of scoring to determine which mail is spam and to provide Bayes classification with samples for improvement by the filtering rules. As a result, it improves the system adaptation of filtering the emerging SPAM.
    Synthetic method of data resource for concurrent relation patterns
    JI Yuan,CHEN Wei-ru,ZHANG Xue
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  84-87 .  doi:
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    Using statistical knowledge of exponential distribution, the Poisson distribution and the normal distribution, a method of synthetic data resource for concurrent relation patterns was presented, which aims at mining algorithm of characteristics and the needs for concurrent relation patterns.
    Positive and negative association rules based on sequential patterns
    GUO Yue-bin,ZHAI Yan-fu,DONG Xiang-jun,YANG Yue-yue,LI Gang
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  88-90 .  doi:
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    Sequential patterns can predict company developing trends. The negative association rules can show the origin of bad factors, and the positive and negative association rules based on sequential patterns can offer more comprehensive information. The mining of the positive and negative association rules based on sequential patterns was given by combining the sequential patterns algorithm and the negative association rules algorithm and utilizing the correlation between item sets.
    Classification rules for mining tumors and normal tissues using genetic algorithms and decision trees
    HE Ai-xiang,ZHANG Yong
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  91-95 .  doi:
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    A new method was proposed to mine ensembles of groups of classification rules for tumor molecular classification. After removing irrelevant genes and redundancy from the original micro-array dataset, the GA was used to evolve gene subsets whose fitness is evaluated by the combination of classification accuracy and complexity of a decision tree. The ensemble classifier composed of the classification trees was developed to produce predications on unseen data. This method is assessed on the Colon cancer dataset and shows superior results in terms of classification performance and knowledge representation.
    Performance improvement of face recognition based on kernel principal component analysis using wavelet transform
    YANG Shao-hua,LIN Pan,PAN Chen
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  96-100 .  doi:
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    The algorithm of face recognition based on kernel principal component analysis(KPCA)can abstract nonlinear features of image and can get better performance under less sample training conditions. Not all nonlinear features are beneficial to the recognition. The superabundant unrelated features may reduce the recognition performance. The image was transformed by wavelet transformation for its redundancy, which not only has improved the accuracy of recognition but has reduced the demand for computer hardware of the algorithm. A pretreatment strategy that can reduce image gradation was developed in order to restrain upper sensitivity of KPCA to the change of illumination. The experimental results based on ORL-DATABASE show that the above-mentioned algorithm allows faster training speed and higher accuracy of recognition than traditional ones.
    Stress intensity factor for the branch cracks of the circular region in elastic longitudinal shear problem
    DU Hong-shan,SHI Shao-guang,ZHANG Lei
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  101-106 .  doi:
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    The branch cracks problems of circular region in elastic longitudinal shear are investigated by the dislocations analysis method. Based on the complex potential of a point dislocation in an infinite region, a complementary term was introduced to satisfy the traction-free condition along the circular boundary, and then the elementary solution for branch crack problems in the circular region was obtained. By matching the traction along the cracks, Cauchy singular integral equations for the branch cracks in the circular region were derived. A constraint equation was formulated for the displacement single value condition. By using a semi-open quadrature rule, the singular integral equations were transformed to algebraic equations, and finally the stress intensity factors at the crack tips were obtained. This semi-analytical method is accurate and widely used. It overcomes the limitation of the analytical solution such as conformal mapping. The position of cracks can be arbitrary. The results can be applied to actual projects.
    Existence and uniqueness of solutions to stochastic age-dependent population system with diffusion
    LI Zhao-xia,ZHANG Qi-min
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  107-113 .  doi:
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    For a population dynamics system, the influences of the stochastic external environment upon the system are not considered in ordinary age-dependent system models. When the system is perturbed by a random external environment, a class of stochastic age-dependent population dynamics system with diffusion was proposed. The existence and uniqueness of solution to a stochastic age-dependent population dynamics system with diffusion were discussed in Hilbert space by using the Burkholder-Davis-Gundy inequality, Gronwall lemma and Klmogrorov inequality. The result was illustrated by a specific example.
    Two-side pseudo-Euclidean rings and the normal form of matrices on them
    DENG Yong,DING Long-yun
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  114-118 .  doi:
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    L-fuzzy remote neighborhood space and L-co-fuzzy topology space
    JIN Qiu,LI Ling-qiang
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  119-121 .  doi:
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    For complete distribute lattice L, the concept of L-fuzzy remote neighborhood space was introduced and the isomorphic between it and the L-co-fuzzy topogy (in the Hohle-Sostak)was constructed.
    Invertible incline matrices and ranks of incline matrices
    ZHANG Li-mei,QIAO Li-shan,LI Ying
    J4. 2007, 42(9):  122-126 .  doi:
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    Inclines are additively idempotent semi-rings in which the products are less than or equal to either factor. Some properties of the invertible incline matrices are discussed, and the ranks of the invertible incline matrices are proved to be full. The row ranks, the column ranks and the Schein ranks of incline matrices are studied and important properties of the Schein ranks of incline matrices are given.