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    24 July 2007
    Volume 42 Issue 7
    Protective effects of chitosan oligosaccharide and its derivatives on carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage in mice
    JIN Li-ming,YANG Yan*,LIU Wan-shun,HAN Bao-qin,TIAN Wen-jie,FAN Sheng-di
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  1-04 .  doi:
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    The protective effects of chitosan oligosaccharide (COS), D-glucosamine (GlcNH2) and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (GlcNAc) on carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) induced hepatotoxicity in male ICR mice were investigated and the possible mechanisms involved were discussed . CCl4(20mg/kg body weight) administration induces marked increase in serum AST and ALT activities, primes liver lipid peroxidation, depletes sulfhydryl content, impairs total antioxidant capabilities (T-AOC) and induces genotoxicity 24h after administration. Pretreatment with COS, GlcNH2, and GlcNAc (1.5g/kg body weight) for 12 consecutive days prior to CCl4 challenge significantly induces metallothionein (MT) expression. Thus, the antioxidant defensive system in the body is strengthened to counteract the oxidative damage induced by the CCl4 administration. Serum AST and ALT activities are effectively decreased. Hepatic malondialdehyde (MDA) formation is inhibited, and sulfhydryl contents and T-AOC are markedly restored. Genotoxicity as reflected by DNA fragmentation, however, it is not mitigated by pretreatment with COS, GlcNH2, and GlcNAc. The results suggest that pretreatment with COS, GlcNH2, and GlcNAc can efficiently protect mice against CCl4-induced toxicity, of which GlcNH2 is the most effective.
    Technology exploration for proteomics analysis in hepatopancreas of shrimp (Fenneropenaeus chinensis) with white spot syndrome
    QIN Zhao-yu,LIU Shi-lian*,YANG Yin-rong,LIU Fu-jun,LI Jian-yuan,SONG Chun-hua
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  5-08 .  doi:
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    A proteomics technology platform on hepatopancreas of Chinese shrimp (Fenneropenaeus chinensis) with white spot syndrome was established. These methods were used to search for and identify the differential proteins between shrimp with WSS and normal shrimp. 2DE (4~7 IPG, 10%SDS-PAGE) was used to separate total proteins. Silver nitrate was applied to stain the proteins. 2-dimensional maps were analyzed by Imagemaster 6.0 (GE). The peptides mass fingerprint was obtained by MOLDI-TOF. After analysis by Data Explorer, differential proteins were identified using Mascot on line. Hepatopancreas proteomics 2-dimensional maps of shrimp with WSS and normal shrimp were obtained, and 203 and 107 protein spots were identified, respectively. Several differential proteins were screened and identified. Several helpful suggestions were given on experimental procedures. A proteomics technology platform including 2DE and Bio-Mass Spectrometry was proved to be valuable in the study of the immunity and other physiological phenomena of shrimp. It is helpful in seeking drug targets for the therapy of diseases.
    Synthesis and characterization of 5-bromo-3-sec-butyl-6-methyluracil
    REN Hui-xue,YANG Yan-zhao,LIN Ji-mao,QI Yin-shan,ZHANG Ye-qing
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  9-12 .  doi:
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    A new synthetic method of 5-bromo-3-sec-butyl-6-methyluracil(Bromacil) was described. Bromacil was synthesized using 2-bromobutane and urea as the starting materials in three steps including condensation, cyclization and bromination with total yield of 61%. The structure of Bromacil was characterized by
    Determination of inorganic cations in the Chinese traditional drug Yujin by capillary electrophoresis
    LU Wei-jie,ZHU Chen-fu,SONG Cui and YANG Yan-li
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  13-18 .  doi:
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    Yujin (tubers of Curcuma longa) is a type of Chinese medicinal herb which has good effects in invigorating the circulation of blood and preventing cancer and other chronic diseases. The simultaneous determination of K+, Na+, Cu2+, Zn2+, Mn2+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ by capillary electrophoresis with indirect UV detection was studied in a background electrolyte system composed of imidazole, 2-hydroxy isobutyric acid (HIBA) and sulfuric acid. All ions were baseline resolved within 10 min. The applicability of this method was tested by investigations of reproducibility and linearity of the calibration. The detection limit is in the range 0.1~0.5mg/L. The reproducibility is less than 0.4% for migration time and less than 5% for the peak area of most inorganic cations. The calibration graphs are linear for most ions in the concentration range of 10-5~10-2 mol/L (R2=0.991~0.998). The quantitative determination of the seven ions in Yujin was well carried out by using the developed method.
    Thermal degradation kinetics of three kinds of poly-saccharide
    QI Gui-bin,LIU Qing-yang,BEI Yi-ling*,LIU lei
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  19-21 .  doi:
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    Thermal decomposition kinetics of chitosan, β-cyclodextrin and starch were studied by using thermogravimetric analysis methodology. The degradation activation energies of chitosan, β-cyclodextrin and starch were calculated by the Ozawa and Friedman methods respectively by means of TGA in a nitrogen atmosphere. Moreover, the decomposition mechanism and pre-factor was obtained by the Coats-Redfern method. It was found that the degradation activation energies of chitosan, β-cyclodextrin and starch are 147.1,129.1 and 148.3 kJ/mol, respectively. The decomposition mechanisms and lnA are -ln(1-α), 7.7838min-1; [-ln(1-α)]2/5, 8.6499min-1; [-ln(1-α)]1/2, 7.8688min-1 respectively.
    Solution of the Klein-Gordon equation for the time-dependent potential
    QU Xiao-ying ,ZHAO Jing
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  22-26 .  doi:
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    The K-G equation is changed by substituting the variable into the formal of the one differential to time at first, which is the formal of the Schrdinger equation. A simple treatment is given to the problem of finding the solution in a time-dependent potential. The treatment is based on the use of the Lewis-Riesenfeld invariant method. Finally, two relative cases are discussed, the solution of the K-G equation for the time-independent potential in relativistic systems and the solution of the K-G equation for the time-dependent potential in nonrelativistic systems.
    Spectral characterization of the rhomb-type achromatic retarder
    MA Jian-ling
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  27-29 .  doi:
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    Based on the total-reflection phase transformation theory of phase retardation, spectral characterization of the phase retardation varying with refractive index is analyzed, by means of the Fresnel rhomb. The result indicates that in the designed center of the wavelength, the retarder is not only confined within the low dispersive medium, but high-index material with higher dispersion can also obtain good achromatism, and at the same time the bigger angle of total reflection can improve achromatism of the phase retarder. So the theoretical basis is provided for optimizing achromatism of the rhomb-type retarder and the material selecting scope can be extended.
    Anti-control for discrete chaos systems by small feedback
    LIU Ru-jun,CAO Yu-xia,ZHOU Ping
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  30-32 .  doi:
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    An important problem in chaos control theory is chaotic anti-control. A small feedback control in any small region of the chaos attractor for discrete chaos systems is designed, which can obtain new stable periodic orbit with any initial point in the small control region. Finally, two discrete chaos systems are given to illustrate the discussed concept.
    Research on the relationships among the λ fuzzy measures, Mbius representation and interaction representation
    ZHANG Ling ,ZHOU De-qun
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  33-37 .  doi:
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    λ fuzzy measures are often utilized to model the importance of the attributes and their coalitions for the multi-attribute decision making (MADM) problems with interaction. In order to make full use of the information provided by the decision maker to assist the decision making, the concepts of the Mbius representation and interaction representation of the λ fuzzy measures are given and the relationships among the λ fuzzy measures, their Mbius representation and interaction representation are deduced based on the research of Grabisch, and an example is proposed to illustrate the application of the transforms of the λ fuzzy measures and their Mbius representation and interaction representation in practice problems of MADM.
    Multi-soliton solution of the Faddeev model
    SHI Chang-guang
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  38-40 .  doi:
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    New type analytical solutions are discussed based on the result that the SO(3) Faddeev model is equivalent to the mesonic sector of the SU(2) Skyrme model, where baryon number current vanishes everywhere. By selecting the suitable analytical functions, a new exact soliton-solution of the Faddeev model is obtained. The solution corresponds to the case of Chern number 3.
    Cobweb models on time scales
    WANG Yi ,LIU Ai-lian
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  41-44 .  doi:
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    The properties of the -derivative are given. Theorems of the existence and uniqueness of solutions for the initial value problem of first order -differential equations on time scales are proved. Cobweb models on times scales are established and discussed.
    α-reverse triple I method in the parametric Kleene's system
    SONG Ying,ZHANG Xing-fang ,WANG Qing-ping
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  45-48 .  doi:
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    The triple Ⅰ method is a new kind of fuzzy reasoning method with respect to FMP and FMT reasoning models. The idea of fuzzy reasoning based on parametric implication operator is given. The theories of α-reverse triple Ⅰ method with sustention degree are presented by using the implication operator θp in every step of the fuzzy reasoning. The corresponding formulae of -reverse triple Ⅰ method with sustention degree are obtained. This is a great help in raising the soundness of fuzzy reasoning.
    Dα-Continuity of order homomorphism
    SUN Shou-bin,MENG Guang-wu ,ZHAO Feng
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  49-53 .  doi:
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    Dα-continuity, strong Dα-continuity, Dα-closed order homomorphism and Dα-continuity of molecular nets are defined based on Dα-closed sets in L-fuzzy topological space. Their characteristics and mutual relationships are systematically studied.
    (F,F-)-law inference and law mining
    FU Hai-yan,LU Chang-jing,SHI Kai-quan
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  54-57 .  doi:
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    Given the conceptions of (F,F-)-law inference and law mining of (F,F-)-law inference, a law mining theorem and law mining principle of (F,F-)-law inference is put forward. The law mining of (F,F-)-law inference is a new direction for seeking an unknown law in a system.
    The rough information matrix and its characteristics
    HAO Xiu-mei,HUANG Shun-liang,SHI Kai-quan
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  58-61 .  doi:
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    The concept of an information matrix is presented. A rough information matrix is put forth based on this concept. The properties and a series of important theories on the rough information matrix are given.The rough information matrix is a new theoretical tool for studying system dynamic approximate characteristics, knowledge mining and knowledge discovery.
    The robust fault diagnosis filter design for uncertain singular systems
    CHEN Li
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  62-65 .  doi:
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    The robust fault diagnosis residual generator design problem for singular systems with parameter uncertainty and disturbance input is studied. A H∞ filter is designed as a residual generator to make the error between residual and the weighting function matrix of the fault as small as possible. Sufficient and necessary conditions are given, of which the residual error system is admissible for all the uncertainty satisfying the given conditions and minimizing the ratio of the L2 norm of the residual error and disturbance input. The method to obtain the coefficient matrices of the residual generator is given.
    Periodic boundary value problems for differential equations with arguments
    QI Ying-hua,QI Ai-qin
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  66-71 .  doi:
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    The existence of maximal and minimal solutions for periodic boundary value problems involving nonlinear differential equations with arguments is studied by establishing the new comparison inequalities with lower and upper solutions in both formal and reverse order.
    An improvement on the 2-order-derivative-free iterative method of Newton
    ZHANG Xin-dong ,WANG Qiu-hua
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  72-76 .  doi:
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    Based on the iterative method of Newton and the asymptotic point in the theorem of the mean, an improvement on the iterative method of Newton is given. The new iterative method has at least a 3-order convergence rate and without calculating 2-order derivatives. The numerical experience is given, which shows the effectiveness of this method.
    Approximate reasoning in several logic systems
    LIU Hua-wen,WANG Guo-jun,ZHANG Cheng-yi
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  77-81 .  doi:
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    First, by means of the truth degree theory of propositions in logic system, the concept of logic metric between propositions is introduced and its properties are discussed. Then, the approximate reasoning problems in several common logic systems are investigated.
    The optimal control problem of deterministic jumping transition systems
    GUO Lei
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  82-86 .  doi:
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    Under the unified model of hybrid control systems, the optimal control problem of deterministic jumping transition systems is put forth. When the control is restricted and the assumptions are weakened, the optimal control problem of deterministic jumping transition systems is studied by utilizing the continuous systems method. The maximum principle is proved on the whole time space. The jumping conditions are obtained at jumping times.
    Inverse limits of hereditarily σ-expandable and almost hereditarilyσ-expandable spaces
    ZHAO Bin,JIANG Shou-li
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  87-90 .  doi:
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    The properties of inverse limit spaces of four class spaces of expandablities are studied. It is proven that the hereditarily σ-expandabilities (hereditarily σ-discretely expandabilities ) can be preserved by the inverse limit space under the condition of hereditarily κ-paracompactness. The hereditarily almost σ-expandabilities (hereditarily almost σ-discretely expandabilities) can be preserved by the inverse limit space under the condition of hereditarily κ-metacompactness.
    Relative ω-compactness in L-order-preserving operator spaces
    HAN Hong-xia
    J4. 2007, 42(7):  91-94 .  doi:
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    The notion of relative ω-compactness is introduced in L-order-preserving operator spaces, and some of its properties are obtained, such as that it is an L-good extension and hereditary with respect to subsets, and that it is preserved by continuously generalized Zadeh functions. Moreover, it can also be characterized by nets.