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    24 May 2007
    Volume 42 Issue 5
    Derivatives of meromorphic functions concerning fix-points and polynomials
    XU Jun-feng and ZHANG Zhan-liang
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  1-04 .  doi:
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    The problems of fixed points and value distribution of K-order derivatives of meromorphic function are investigated. Let f(z) be a transcendental meromorphic function and k a positive integer and the zeros of f(z) are of multiplicity at least ≥k+1, and the poles at least 2, then f(k)(z) has infinitely many fixed points.
    Meromorphic functions sharing a finite set
    XU Rong-xia and WANG Ji-chao
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  5-08 .  doi:
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    Let f and g be two nonconstant meromorphic functions. If Θ(∞,f)+Θ(∞,g)>3/2,and Θ(∞,f)>3/4或Θ(∞,g)>3/4 or Θ(∞,g)>3/4,then there exists a set S with seven elements such that E3)(S,f)=E3)(S,g) implies f≡g.
    The dual form of the representation theorem of the both-branch fuzzy set
    LIU Ji-qin and HAO Xiu-mei
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  9-13 .  doi:
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    Based on the concept of the bothbranch fuzzy set, the intersection-representation theorem of the both-branch fuzzy set is put forward. Based on intersection-representation theorems, the relationships between the intersection-representation theorem and the union-representation theorem of the both-branch fuzzy set are analyzed, and its operational property is discussed. The results indicate that the intersection-representation theorem of the both-branch fuzzy set is the general form of the intersection-representation theorem of the Zadeh fuzzy set, and the intersection-representation theorem of the Zadeh fuzzy set is the special form of the intersection-representation theorem of the both-branch fuzzy set.
    The total coloring of planar graphs with a few 3-faces incidents with vertex
    SUN Xiang-yong,
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  14-18 .  doi:
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    It is proved that for a planar graph G which every vertex is incident with at most two 3-faces, the total coloring conjecture is ture. Moreover, the total chromatic number of G is Δ(G)+1 if Δ(G)≥8. The total chromatic number of a planar graph G is Δ(G)+1 if Δ(G)≥9 and every vertex is incident with at most [Δ(G)/2」3-faces.
    Optional filter design for the FMT system
    ZHANG Bing-feng,ZHU Wei-hong and GAO Zhen-ming
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  19-23 .  doi:
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    An optimal design method for the prototype filter design of the filtered multitone modulation system is proposed. This method can not only minimize the stopband energy of the prototype filter, but also determines the inter symbol interference power and the transition band energy, which can be used to design prototype filters for both the critically sampled FMT system and the non-critically sampled FMT system. Numerical simulation results show that the prototype filter can obtain a better performance by this method.
    Algorithm of mining frequent patterns based on the vertical bitmap
    LV Cheng,HAO Ying and ZHANG Han-tao
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  24-29 .  doi:
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    The vertical bitmap transaction database is introduced to propose a new data structure of the NBFP-Tree based on it. A new algorithm, NBFP-mine, is also offered which is used to mine maximal frequent patterns . This method does not generate any candidate, which can query the maximal frequent patterns easily from the NBFP-Tree directly by once accessing depth-first ergodic of this data structure. Finally, its high efficiency is proved theoretically and experimentally.
    Design of an active RC filter based on game theory and genetic algorithm
    HONG Xiao-fang,CHEN Di* and WU Shi-jun
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  30-33 .  doi:
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    he design of an active RC filter is expected to possess more than one aim, which often compete with each other and cannot be obtained at the same time.Based on the characteristics of game theory and genetic algorithm, a method to solve the design problem of the active RC filter is put forth.The feasibility of this method is also proved.
    The oscillatory friction of rod in the sliding course of granular materials
    WU Yu,HU Lin,QU Dong-sheng,TANG Yan,ZHANG Zhong-zheng,DU Xue-neng and XU Feng
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  34-37 .  doi:
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    It is found that sliding friction between continuous medium and granular materials has a novel speciality of quasi-periods oscillatory. According to the shearing dilatancy of granular materials, this novel phenomenon is studied. Aphysical model is proposed to explain the experimental results and presents an equation about average density oscillating in the effective region. In addition, a function about sliding friction is elicited. The theoretical results accord well with the experimental results.
    Systhesis of mesoporous organosilicas using a new kind of carbosilane dendrimers as a silica resource
    SUN Yan-lin,ZHOU Chuan-jian* and ZHAO Shi-gui
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  38-43 .  doi:
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    A new kind of carbosilane dendrimers(G0-G2) with peripheral allyl groups was synthesized with diphenyldichlorosilane as the initial material by alternately using hydrosilylation and the Grignard reactions. Then the dendrimers were functionalized by an alkoxylate reaction and a new kind of dendrimers(G0-G2) with peripheral ethoxyl groups was prepared. With these alkoxyfunctionalized dendrimers and TEOS as a silica source, a new organic-inorganic hybrid periodic mesoporous organosilicas was prepared through surfactantmediated synthesis.
    Theoretical study on the mechanism for the reaction of OCS and CN redicals
    SUN Ting-li and LIU Cheng-bu*
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  44-49 .  doi:
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    Carbonyl sulfide (OCS) is known to be an important atmospheric species The microcosmic mechanism for the reaction of OCS with CN radicals is studied by using high level molecular orbital theory Geometries of the reactants, intermediates, transition states, and products are optimized at the B3LYP level with the 6-31G(2df) basis set The single-point energy calculations are carried out at the QCISD(T)/6-311+G(3df) level The profile of the potential energy surface is constructed The result shows that the NCS and CO product channel dominates this reaction under general atmospheric conditions. However, the forming of CNS and CO products may become a competitive channel with a temperature increase, especially at the combustion process of sulfur-containing systems.
    Sorption of lead on meadow brown soil in the northeast of China
    XU Jie,HOU Wan-guo,*,ZHOU Wei-zhi,TAI Pei-dong and WANG Wen-xing
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  50-54 .  doi:
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    Sorption of pb2+) on meadow brown soil in northeast of China were studied, and the sorption mechanism was discussed. The results reveal that the sorption kinetic and the sorption isotherm of Pb2+) on the soil sample can be described by the pseudo-second order kinetic and Langmuir isotherm. With pH increasing, the sorption amount (qe) decreases rapidly in the pH range of 2~4 and does not change on the whole in the pH range of 4~6. The presence of the inert electrolyte (NaNO3) can obviously restrain the sorption of Pb2+) on the soil sample. The initial rapid decrease and subsequent gentle decrease of qe are observed with an increase of NaNO3 concentration. The sorption mechanism of Pb2+) on the soil sample can be described as ion-exchange sorption and surface functional group binding sorption. Furthermore, surface functional group binding sorption can be divided into chemical binding sorption to form the inner-sphere surface complexes and electrostatic binding sorption to form the outer-sphere surface complexes.
    A two-step anaerobic reactor used in the treatment of confectionery industry wastewater
    CUI Qing-jie,赵大传,NI Shou-qing,ZHU Yan-qiu and YU Le-feng
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  55-63 .  doi:
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    A two-step anaerobic reactor treatment system was tested for its ability to remove organic carbon from confectionery industry wastewater. The system consists of an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) operated at 35℃, which is followed by a down-flow anaerobic filter (DFAF) operated at ambient temperature (22~25℃). The system has a total hydraulic retention time of 2.4 days. An overall COD treatment efficiency of 98% was observed at the system organic loading rate of 12.5kgCOD/m3·d, which worked extremely well at high organic loadings. Effluent recycle enables the UASB to operate with influent COD concentrations up to 30g/L. DFAF maintains effluent COD concentrations below 400mg/L, and effectively buffers fluctuations in the effluent of the UASB.
    Adsorption removal of phenol from aqueous solution by calcined hydrotalcitelike compounds
    BI Yan-jun,LI Yu-jiang*,GAO Bao-yu,WU Tao and WANG Jing
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  59-63 .  doi:
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    A Mg-Al-Fe hydrotalcite-like compound was prepared by the coprecipitation method. the hydrotalcite-like compound was transformed into the Mg-Al-Fe-O mixed oxide type by being calcined at 500℃. The hydrotalcite-like compound and Mg-Al-Fe-O mixed oxide were characterized by XRD, TG/DTA, BET surface area and FTIR respectively. The adsorption removal of phenol from aqueous solution by the Mg-Al-Fe-O mixed oxide was investigated. The experimental conditions and the effect factors were studied, and the adsorption mechanism was discussed. The results show that calcined hydrotalcite is particularly effective at removing phenol from aqueous solutions. The experimental data of phenol removal fits nicely with the Langmuir isotherm. The adsorption of phenol by HTLCs-500 follows first-order kinetics. The anion intercalation leads to the recovery of the Mg-Al-Fe-O mixed oxide.
    Purification and characterization of a new kind of antimicrobial peptide by fungi-penicillium sp.M03
    CHEN Yu-juan,JI Ai-guo,* and GAO Pei-ji
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  64-68 .  doi:
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    A kind of antimicrobial peptide AF2 was purified from the broth of fungi. Some properties of AF2 were studied. The broth was subjected to filtration, centrifugation and ultra-filtration. After being freeze-dried, the crude AF2 product was purified by Sephadex LH-20 molecular sieve chromatography , DEAE-Sepharose FF and Sephadex G-15, and a pure component AF2 was obtained. The results show that AF2 has the characteristic reactions of peptides, whose molecular weight is about 1155. The data analysis of amino acids show that AF2 contains twelve kinds of amino acids, Asp, Glu, Ser, Gly, Arg, Thr, Ala, Pro, Cys, Ile, Leu and Phe. AF2 is stable to β-lactamase, acid and alkali, which heat-resistance is also well.
    Purification and antifungal activity examination of water-soluble holothurian glycosides from Apostichopus japoninus
    YUAN Wen-peng,CONG Ri-shan,YANG Xiu-xia,DU Yu-tang,JING Zhao,WANG Wei-wei,ZHANG Chun-yang and FAN Ting-jun*
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  69-73 .  doi:
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    To exploit the highly effective natural antifungal medicaments from sea cucumbers, water-soluble holothurian glycosides from Apostichopus japonicus were isolated and purified, and their antifungal activities were examined. The water-soluble holothurian glycosides were purified by macroporous resin and silica gel column chromatograghy, and the antifungal activities of different glycoside fractions were investigated. Among the macroporous resin fractions of 30%, 50%, 70%, 80% and 95% ethanol, the 70% ethanol fraction showed the highest antifungal activity towards Schizosaccharomyces pombe and Candida albicans. After the 70% ethanol fraction was loaded onto a silica gel column, fractions were collected and checked by thin layer chromatogragphy. The fractions with the same mobility and in the same band were collected and pooled together as purified glycosides which were designated as SC-1, SC-2, SC-3 and SC-4. Among the purified glycosides, SC-2, SC-3 and SC-4 show high antifungal activities, but SC-1 does not. Furthermore, the antifungal activity of SC-2 or SC-3 was higher than that of SC-4. SC-2 exhibited a single peak after loading onto a high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) column, which indicated that SC-2 was pure enough to be used as a candidate for antifungal medicaments.
    Separation, purification and component research of a polysaccharide from the roots of Cudrania tricuspidata (Carr.) Bur.
    SHI Lei,FU You-li and CHEN Kao-shan*
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  74-78 .  doi:
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    A water-soluble polysaccharide (CTP) was obtained from the roots of Cudrania tricuspidata(Carr.) Bur., by water extraction (70℃), deproteination using the enzymolysis-Sevag method, precipitation with ethanol, and fractionation through DEAE-Sephadex A-50 and Sephadex G-75 chromatography. Monosaccharide composition, preliminary structure, and molecular weight of CTP were studied by ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), gas chromatography (GC), and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). CTP had characteristic UV absorption peaks, being identical with normal polysaccharides. High performance gel permeation chromatography (HPGPC) was used to determine the molecular weight of CTP, and the result showed that the average peak molecular weight of CTP amounted to 18881. Four monosaccharides, i.e. arabinose, xylose, galactose, and glucose were detected by gas chromatography from the CTP sample. The molar ratio of the four monosaccharides was measured.
    Morphological structure, type, cytochemical and phagocytotic characteristics of haemocytes from Octopus ocellatus gray
    WANG Jing,FAN Ting-jun*,JIANG Guo-jian,WU Zi-qiu,YANG Xiu-xia,CONG Ri-shan and YU Miao-miao
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  79-85 .  doi:
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    Haemocytes, as the frontier line of immune defence, play vital roles in the innate immune system of molluscans. In order to reveal characteristics of morphological structure, biological property and immunological function of cephalopod haemocytes, the morphological structure, type, cytochemical and phagocytotic characteristics of haemocytes from Octopus ocellatus gray were studied by vital staining, cytochemical and electron microscopic techniques. The findings show that Octopus haemocytes could be divided into four types, large hyalinocytes,hyalinocytes, with an average diameter of 11.64±0.82?μm, smooth cell surface and no pseudopodium, have a few small cytoplasmic granules. The small hyalinocytes, with an average diameter of 8.88±0.88?μm and a high nucleocytoplasmic ratio, have only a few small cytoplasmic granules, whose nucleus is positively stained by trypan blue. The small granulocytes, with an average diameter of 12 .82±1.54 μm and appearance of short pseudopodia, have a large number of small and homogeneous basophilic cytoplasmic granules. Some of the cells have small cytoplasmic vacuoles, which are unable to be stained by neutral red and can be derived from the desertion of the granule content. The large granulocytes, with an average diameter of 13.66±1.50?μm and appearance of many long pseudopodia, have a lot of differentsized basophilic cytoplasmic granules. Some of the cells have both large and small cytoplasmic vacuoles, which can not be stained by neutral red. The abundant basophilic granules in granulocytes may be related with active synthesis and secretion of certain kinds of materials such as proteins. The large granulocytes show characteristics of holocrine, and the small hyalinocytes are a transient type of residual cell bodies of large granulocytes after the holocrine process finished. The results of vibrio phagocytosis assay indicated that two kinds of granulocytes have obvious phagocytotic ability while two kinds of hyalinocytes do not. It implies that two kinds of granulocytes are key haemocytes in Octopus ocellatus to carrying out cell immunity. Two kinds of granulocytes not only relate with active synthesis and secretion of certain kind of materials, but also participate directly in phagocytosis and elimination of foreign pathogens. The results lay a solid foundation for studying the functions of haemocytes in Octopus nonspecific immune defense, and also have great scientific value in the enrichment of molluscan immunology.
    Photosynthetic fluorescence characteristics of six greening tree species on university campuses in the city of Jinan
    XU Fei,GUO Wei-hua,WANG Yu-fang,WANG Wei,DU Ning and WANG Ren-qing*
    J4. 2007, 42(5):  86-94 .  doi:
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    Photosynthetic fluorescence characteristics of six typical greening tree species on the university campuses in the city of Jinan were studied by utilizing the GFS-3000 portable gas exchange fluorescence system, Mini-PAM photosynthesis yield analyzer and CI-203 laser area meter under natural condition. The results show that diurnal courses of net photosynthetic rate of Sophora japonica var. and Prunus yedoensis display a single-peak pattern, whereas the four others show a two-peak pattern. Midday depressions of photosynthesis of these four species are caused by non-stomatal limitation. Diurnal courses of stomatal conductance and transpiration rate are a two-peak pattern for the first two species, which can lower the water loss without lessening the unisonous ability. All Fm-and ΦPSII are reduced, while qN and NPQ are raised with the PAR enhancement in the six species. The parameter ranges are different between these species. The photo response curve of ETR to PAR is fitted to analyze the adaptation and utilization abilities to light energy. The results show that Chaenomeles speciosa and Forsythia viridissima can adapt to high irradiance while their photosynthetic efficiency is low. Conversely, Magnolia liliflora, Prunus yedoensis and Cercis chinensis are sensitive to high irradiance while their photosynthetic efficiency is higher under the appropriate irradiances. The adaptation and utilization abilities to the light energy are moderate in Sophora japonica var. Based on the analysis of the photosynthetic fluorescence parameters and the environmental factors of these six tree species, the correlated relationship between them was obtained with the differences that exist between different species.