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    24 March 2007
    Volume 42 Issue 3
    The collision attack on the last three rounds of RIPEMD-128
    LI Lin
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  1-07 .  doi:
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    The collision attack on the last three rounds of RIPEMD-128 is given. The probability of our attack can be found with 2-55, which is less than that of the birthday attack 2-64.
    Existence and uniqueness of an almost periodic solution for competitive neural networks with distributed delays and different time-scales
    ZHAO Yong-chang and WANG Ling-shan
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  8-12 .  doi:
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    By using the fixed point theory and differential inequality technique,the almost periodic solutions for competitive neural networks with distributed delays and different time-scales is studied.Sufficient conditions are established for its existence and uniqueness.
    A conservative numerical scheme and its convergence analysis for a class of the NLS equation
    WANG Zhen and ZHANG Jin
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  13-17 .  doi:
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    The finite difference scheme is devised for a class of the unstable nonlinear Schrdinger equation. Two discrete conservation laws of the difference scheme are proved. By using the energy method, the convergence and stability of the difference scheme are proved.
    WNUS property of Musielak-Orlicz sequence spaces
    WU Chun-xue
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  18-22 .  doi:
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    The coefficient R(X) is calculated for Orlicz sequence spaces equipped with the Luxemburg norm and for Cesaro spaces cesp(1<p<∞).An example of nonreflexive Banach spaces X with R(X)<2 is given.It shows that property weak nearly uniformly smooth (WUNS) is essentially stronger than the inequality R(X)<2.
    The minimum time problem of crossing river with restricted conditions
    DING Mei,FENG Jun-e and WANG Zhi-hong
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  23-28 .  doi:
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    In order to study the minimum time problem of crossing river with a fixed starting point and terminal point, the difference of the routing and the velocity between dispersed and continuous conditions is analyzed. After obtaining a unlinear programming model for the continuous waters velocity, the best condition and a selection tactics of velocity and algorithm are obtained.
    Sufficient condition of one kind of indefinite LQ solvable problem under partial information
    SUN Yan-yan and WU Zhen
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  29-31 .  doi:
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    Combining the separated principle with the usual technique of solving LQ problems, the sufficient condition of one kind of indefinite LQ solvable problem is given under partial information.
    Application of the minimum deviation method for uncertain multi-attribute decision-making
    ZHANG Fang-wei ,QU Shu-ying ,WANG Zhi-qiang ,YAO Bing-xue and ZENG Xian-yang
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  32-35 .  doi:
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    A decision method is given based on the minimum decision model for multi-attributed decision making problems with completely or partly unknown attribute weight, which is directed by the decision-maker's subjective attitude and referenced by the ideas of variable weight. This method is the development and generalization of the minimum deviation decision method. The comparison between the minimum deviation decision method and the maximum deviation decision method is put forward by a practical example.
    The CH4 gas sensing properties of Nd1-xZnxFeO3 nano-materials
    HUANG Shan-xing,QIN Hong-wei,LIU Xing,ZHANG Rui,HU Ji-fan and JIANG Min-hua
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  36-39 .  doi:
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    Nd1-xZnxFeO3(x=0, 0.04, 0.08, 0.2)powders with an orthogonal perovskite structure were prepared using the sol-gel method. The average grain sizes of powders are 16~17.5nm. The addition of Zn can decrease the grain size. The CH4 gas-sensing properties of Nd1-xZnxFeO3 nano-powders were studied. Among all the investigated materials, Nd0.92Zn0.08FeO3 show maximum sensitivity to CH4 gas. The sensitivity S of Nd0.92Zn0.08FeO3 at optimal working temperature 200℃ is 3.87, and 16 for 4×10-6mol/L and 2×10-5mol/L CH4 respectively. The response and recovering time under 2×10-5mol/L CH4 for Nd0.92Zn0.08FeO3 at 200℃ are 25s and 45s respectively.
    The first-principle study of eletronic struture and magnetic property of Fe3/Cr3 superlattices
    LI Heng-shuai,HU Hai-quan and CUI Shou-xin
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  40-43 .  doi:
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    The electronic structure of Fe3/Cr3 superlattices was calculated by the full-potential linearized augmented plan-wave (FLAPW) method within first-principle formalism. The distribution of magnetic moments and state density was studied for the ferromagnetic coupling state and the antiferromagnetic coupling state respectively. The results show that the ferromagnetic coupling state is the preferable phase in the ground state.
    Granular separation of the monolayer horizontal vibration granular system
    GUO Chang-rui,CAI Shao-hong,and YANG Yang,
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  44-46 .  doi:
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    The granular separation phenomenon in the monolayer horizontal vibration granular system was studied with the mean field statistical mechanics method. Granular systems of 2 kinds of size granular compositions were considered. The granular distributed tendency was calculated, which can explain the granular segregation phenomenon in the monolayer horizontal vibration granular system.
    Effects of SDS on the pore structure of ZnO bulk porous nanosolids
    LI Mei,SUN Hai-yan,LIU Xiu-lin,XU Hong-yan,CUI De-liang* and JIANG Min-hua
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  47-51 .  doi:
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    ZnO bulk porous nanosolids were successfully prepared by a novel liquid solvothermal hot press method using ZnO nanoparticles and sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) solution as the starting materials. The results show that the pore structure parameters of ZnO bulk porous nanosolids could be adjusted by changing the concentration of the SDS solution. At the beginning, the uniformity of the pore diameter improved with an increase of the concentration of the SDS solution and it reached its maximum at a concentration of 4.34×10-1mol/L. If the concentration is increased further, the uniformity of the pore diameter is again decreased. In addition, the FTIR spectra of ZnO bulk porous nanosolids indicate that a few SDS molecules remaine in the pores of the ZnO bulk porous nanosolids.
    Surface modification of crystalline Mg(OH)2 and its multiple application in EVA
    YE Hong,ZHAO Wei,FAN Wei-liu,YOU Ting and SUN Si-xiu*
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  52-54 .  doi:
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    The process of surface modification for crystalline magnesium hydroxide was investigated by using the Silane coupling agent as a surface modification agent. Its multiple application in EVA was also put forward. The experimental result shows that the optimal modification time is 0.5h, the best modification temperature is 110℃, and the best dosage of the modifier is 2%. Furthermore, the flame retardant and mechanical properties are also improved greatly by adding modified Mg(OH)2into flexible EVA. The factors affecting the physical properties of the materials are discussed, such as the dosage of the modifier.
    New method for the synthesis of maleopimaric acid anhydride
    MENG Fan-jun,ZHANG Jum-hua,WANG Ming-gang,SUN Ai-juan and HUANG Ming-hu,
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  55-59 .  doi:
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    Resin acid was separated from rosin through salt formation with cyclohexylamine. In the presence of p-toluene sulfonic acid as a catalyst, resin acid reacted with maleic anhydride by Diels-Alder reaction. The final product of this reaction is maleopimaric acid anhydride. This reaction was carried out under the circumstances that the molar ratio of rosin to maleic anhydride is 1.9∶1.0, reaction temperature is 180℃, and reaction time is 4h. The synthetic efficiency of maleopimaric acid anhydride is 70.3%.
    Synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes and lanthanide porphyrin complex
    LIU Wei
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  60-63 .  doi:
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    Transition metal complexes of 5, 10, 15, 20-tetra (para- (4-fliurobenzoyloxy) phenyl) porphyrin MTFBOPP (M=Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn) and lanthanide complexes of acetylacetonate-5, 10, 15, 20-tetra (para- (4- fliurobenzoyloxy) phenyl) porphyrin LnTFBOPPacac (Ln=Sm, Gd, Tb, Lu) were synthesized and characterized by UV-Vis, IR photoacoustic,1HNMR spectroscopy, elemental analyses, molar conductitvity and XPS.
    Adsorptive properties of sludge activated carbon to Brilliant Red K-2BP
    XIE Jian-kun,YUE Qin-yan*,YU Hui,YUE Wen-wen,LI Ren-bo,ZHANG Sheng-xiao and WANG Xiao-na
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  64-70 .  doi:
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    Sludge activated carbon was prepared from municipal wastewater treatment plant sludge by chemical activation with ZnCl2 as an activation reagent, which was used for the adsorption of dye (Reactive Brilliant Red K-2BP). The influences of the adsorbent amount, adsorption time and pH value on adsorption effect were studied . The adsorption kinetics, and the adsorption thermodynamics were discussed. The results indicate that sludge activated carbon is mesoporous and has an opened porous structure. The iodine absorption value of sludge activated carbon is 326mg.g-1, the yield is 51.31%, the BET surface area is 298m2.g-1,and the content of metal elements in the lixivium is lower than the limit. The adsorption kinetics of Reactive Brilliant Red K-2BP the sludge activated carbon accords with the two-step adsorption kinetics rate equation and pseudo-second-order kinetics equation. Compared to the Freundlich isotherm equation, the Langmuir isotherm equation is more appropriate to the adsorption. The ads orption is an endothermic (enthalpy ΔH>0) and spontaneous (free energy ΔG<0) process, with an increase in entropy (ΔS>0).
    Inter-specific relations of shrub and herbage species under a typical forest on Kunyu Mountain
    DU Ning,GUO Wei-hua,WU Da-qian,WANG Qi and WANG Ren-qing
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  71-77 .  doi:
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    The inter-specific relations of shrub and herbage plant communities under a typical forest on Kunyu Mountain were studied by the χ2-test, the Ochiai association index, Pearson's correlation coefficient and Spearman's rank correlation coefficient. First, the results indicate that the pairs having negative correlation are much larger than the positive correlation of all the species pairs. The proportion of speciespairs was small which has a significant or highly significantcorrelation. The shrub and herbage communities on Kunyu Mountain are in the phase of succession. Second, Pearson's correlation coefficient test has big warp in the study. Compared with the χ2-test, the Ochiai association test and Pearson's correlation coefficient test, Spearman's rank correlation coefficient test is more sensitive. Third, the number of speciespairs having highly significant correlation are of the following order: between shrub layer and herbage layer > shrub layer > herbage layer. The shrub layer provided favorable living space for the herbage layer. Finally, the interspecific relations of shrub and herbage layers are different in different forest types. The succession degree in shaw is the deepest one.
    A bioinformatics analysis for the molecular evolution of alpha-fetoprotein
    HUAN Tian-xiao,WANG Ze,ZHANG Hui and BAI Zeng-liang*
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  78-83 .  doi:
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    The alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) gene, a member of the albuminoid gene family, plays an important role in individual development. It is also a sign of hepatoma when its concentration is high in the adult. In order to study the polygenesis of AFP and the relationship between individual development and system development, the evolution of the albuminoid gene family was analyzed by analyzing the proteins of the gene family from different species by bioinformatics approaches, and drew a phylogenetic tree of different albumin domains from different proteins. Furthermore, the 14 kb intergenic space sequences were compared between ALB and AFP, including promoters, suppressors and enhancers in 5 different species. The evolution of AFP and its gene regulation mechanism from the point view of the system development were discussed. This research builds the theoretical basis to study the function of alpha-fetoprotein in physiology and pathology.
    Effects of 20(S)-Protopanaxadiol derivatives on invasion and migration of HT1080 cells
    XU Bo,LI Gang,WANG Zhen-hua,LIN Hong and ZHENG Qiu-sheng
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  84-88 .  doi:
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    The anti-tumor activity of 20(S)-Protopanaxadiol derivatives was detected. GY1 displays growth inhibitory activity against human fibroma sarcomatosum cells HT1080, human hepatoma cells SMMC7721 and human adenocarcinoma of lung cell A549 in dose dependent. The IC50 values are 35.2±0.9mg/L, 29.6±1.1mg/L and 24.1±1.5mg/L respectively after 48 hours of GY1 treatment. GY2 does not show obvious cytotoxic activity. 5mg/L of GY1 can significantly inhibit the adhesion, invasion and migration of HT1080 cells. GY2 can also inhibit the adhesion and invasion of HT1080 cells but has no contribution to its mobility in the same concentration.
    Effect of low-level phosphorus stress on photosynthetic characteristics of maize inbred line seedlings with low-level phosphorus tolerance
    ZHANG Ke-wei,WANG Xian-li,LI Kun-peng and ZHANG Ju-ren
    J4. 2007, 42(3):  89-94 .  doi:
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    The maize inbred lines SD-C and SD-D regenerated by cell engineering with low level phosphorus tolerance, and inbred line Qi-319 (as control) were used to study leaf photosynthetic characteristic under low level phosphorus conditions. The results show that under low phosphorus stress, phosphate content and photosynthetic rate of maize leaves were decreased, reductions of which were less in SD-C and SD-D than in Qi-319. The reduction of the photosynthetic rate might be controlled by non-stomatal limitation in SD-C and SD-D, while by stomatal limitation in 319. Efficiency of light energy conversion and utilization by maize leaves PSⅡ were decreased by low phosphorus stress, which were higher in SD-C and SD-D than in Qi-319. The effect of low phosphorus stress was less in SD-C and SD-D than in Qi-319. The different inorganic phosphorus content in leaves contributed to the variation of photosynthesis and chlorophyll fluorescence in the tolerant maize lines and the control line.