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    24 November 2007
    Volume 42 Issue 11
    Preparation and performance study of filter media made by blast furnace dust for a biological aerated filter
    LI Shan-ping,ZHANG Qi-lei,FU Jing, WANG Zhao-xiang
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  1-05 .  doi:
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    Filter media for a biological aerated filter (BAF) were prepared with blast furnace dust as the main material, and with clay and sodium silicate as chemical additives. Through the orthogonal experiment, the optimal preparation condition was obtained, which is 79% blast furnace dust, 15% clay, 6% sodium silicate and 600℃ calcination. The filter media have the characteristic of lower density, higher compression strength and larger specific surface. Soy sauce wastewater was treated in BAF by adopting this kind of filter media. When the hydraulic retention time (HRT) is 4 hour, air-water ratio is 6∶1, and the height of filter media is 100cm, the removal rate of COD, NH3-N and chroma is 70.3%, 74% and 60%, respectively. This method incorporates the concept of circular economy and explores a new pathway to utilize the resources of blast furnace dust.
    Study of UV-vis and fluorescence spectra properties of the porphyrin-liposome compound P-GlyL
    ZHAO Xiao-jing,BAO Mi,JIN Li-ming,FAN Sheng-di
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  6-10 .  doi:
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    Using the bromopeptide BrC5Gly2C16 and 5,10, 15-triphenyl-20-polyhydroxyllphenylporphyrin(HPTPP) as the basic raw materials, the porphyrin-liposome compound P-GlyL was synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, UV-vis spectra, IR spectra and 1H NMR spectra, which is available for a novel molecular device. The UV-vis spectra and fluorescence spectra of this compound in the Zn2+ solution with a variable concentration was studied. The results show that the emission peak at 650.0nm decreases, and two new emission peaks at 438nm and 595nm appear when the Zn2+ solution is added. The fluorescence intensity is enhanced with an increase of metal ion concentration, while the peaks at 349.0nm and 698.5nm have a small red-shift of 0.5nm with their intensities increasing.
    Synthesis and acid catalytic activity of HSO3-functionalized silica
    QU Wen,SU Ji-xin*,PAN Qi,NIE Yu-lun
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  11-14 .  doi:
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    The phenyl and chloropropyl silica derived from chlorosilane were applied to synthesize HSO3-functionalized silica by using H2SO4 or (NH4)2SO3 as sulfonation agents. The solid acid and their precursors were characterized by BET, IR, TOC (total organic carbon). The surface coverage density of phenyl-silica and chloropropy1-silica are 1.40mmol/g and 1.95mmol/g, while the acid exchange capacities are 0.32mmol/g and 0.26mmol/g, respectively. The specific surface area of phenyl-silica and chloropropy1-silica respectively decreased slightly from 521m2/g to 406m2/g and 432m2/g. The solid acids were used as catalysts in the synthesis of acetic acid butylester. The results indicate that the catalysts can be reused 5 times with a high conversion ratio.
    Interface electrochemical property and intrinsic surface reaction equilibrium constants of atmospheric particulate matter
    TIAN Yan-li,HOU Wan-guo,*,ZHOU Wei-zhi,WANG Wen-xing
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  15-18 .  doi:
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    The point of zero net charge (PZNC) and structural charge density (σst) of atmospheric particulate matter were respectively measured by the mass titration and formaldehyde condensation method. The results show that the studied atmospheric particulate matter sample possesses structural negative charges (σst=-0.18mmol/g), and there is a PZNC independent of the electrolyte concentration (pH(PZNC)=8.00). According to pH(PZNC) values, the total density of surface proton-active sites (Ns) and σst, the intrinsic surface reaction equilibrium constants, pK of 1-pK model, pKinta1 and pKinta2 of 2-pK model, were directly calculated respectively to be 8.00, 2.07 and 13.93 for the studied atmospheric particulate matter sample.
    Stabilization of CTAB/C4H9OH/C7H16/H2O micro-emulsion system
    ZHAO Guo-ping, CHEN Guo-hui
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  19-22 .  doi:
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    Phase diagrams of the pseudo-ternary -component of CTAB/C4H9OH/n-C7H16/H2O system were plotted by the dilution method. The structures of micro-emulsions in the system of CTAB/C4H9OH/n-C7H16/H2O were determined by conductance measurement. The effect of temperature and acidity on micro-emulsion was evaluated. The result indicates that micro-emulsion regions can be formed within larger composition variation of w(Emulsifier)=m(C4H9OH)/m(CTAB) value (the mass ratio of co-surface and surface). In addition, the micro-emulsion regions are insensitive to temperature change. With increasing aqueous acidity, the water content of the micro-emulsion system shows irregular changes.
    An update-supporting coding schema for the XML document
    YI Sheng-qi,WANG Xin-jun,XI Shen-si
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  23-26 .  doi:
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    Based on the comparison of the current coding method, a new coding method was proposed,which can rapidly and accurately judge the parent-child ancestor/descendant and sibling relationships between any two nodes of the XML document tree. In addition, the variable expanded order was adopted to support the XML update, which can effectively reduce the secondary XML coding rate. Meanwhile,this coding method can produce excellent performance in time cost.
    SMART: a system for online monitoring large volumes of network traffic
    CHANG Jian-long,YAN Ying,GONG Xue-qing,DAI Dai,ZHOU Ao-ying
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  27-31 .  doi:
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    Monitoring systems deployed in telecom operators are usually too slow because of their disk-based processing approach. To address this problem, an online network traffic monitoring system, named SMART, was designed and developed. The system converts different formats of raw net flow data (Netflow V5 or V9) to user-defined control flows through combination and filtering. It can compute top-k frequent flows with sliding window, detect burst on arbitrary attributes, and present results visually to users. The system could be used to replace the traditional offline monitoring system used in Shanghai Telecom. The basis of advanced streaming algorithms and the design of robust system architecture enable SMART to achieve good performance.
    RealMon: a real stream monitoring system for low quality SNMP data
    LI Ren-he,GONG Xue-qing,CHANG Jian-long ,ZHOU You-yi,ZHOU Hong-fu ,ZHOU Ao-ying
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  32-36 .  doi:
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    A data stream monitoring system, named RealMon, was designed to discover correlations and detect anomalies among thousands of network links. Some renowned algorithms for data stream analysis were implemented in this system to monitor the huge amount of simple network management protocol messages, which were collected from routers in the telecom backbone network. Some data cleansing algorithms were also integrated into the system to address the data quality problem among SNMP messages, and such a function features RealMon system. Moreover, a user-friendly console interface was developed for network administrators. The experiments show that the system could perform efficiently in a simulated environment.
    An efficient algorithm for current frequent sequence mining in data stream
    HUANG Chong-zheng,WU Yuan-xi,CHEN Hong
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  37-39 .  doi:
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    A sliding window-based algorithm was proposed to mine frequent sequence. The definition of-approximate sequence set was given and a compressed data structure called “GSP-tree” was introduced to maintain the approximate sequence set of each partition in the whole sliding window.
    Redundancy removal of XPath query set in the network XML database
    XU Yi-jing, ZHANG Shi-dong, ZHANG Qun
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  40-44 .  doi:
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    At present, there are multiple optimization techniques in the application of querying XML database in the network environment at home and abroad, query rewriting and semantic caching technology, but the research on redundancy removal is poor. Based on the existing work, it improved the original redundancy removal solutions for XPath query set by reducing network traffic by using XPath tree pattern and DTD to evaluate the redundant degree of XPath query set in different XML document structures. In addition, the network traffic and XPath queries complexity were weighed to meet the actual user needs.
    An efficient XML query strategy using a prefix code
    WANG Ning,DONG Guo-qing
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  45-48 .  doi:
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    Now querying XML data storaged in relation database with path expression need to evaluate the result on some tables, that waste time and workload. Prefix code does not only keep the ancestor-descendant information, but also is a tool of the relation of arbitrary nodes. Using these characteristics, a query strategy for efficient querying XML data was proposed.
    Web information extraction based on a generalized hidden Markov model
    WANG Jing,YAO Yong,LIU Zhi-jing
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  49-52 .  doi:
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    Since web pages are based on the web-specific layout structure feature, instead of using the transitional sequential state transition order, a new state transition order was proposed by using a vision based page segmentation algorithm (VIPS). In addition, the supposed state transition and the emission symbol conditions were improved by using the second-order Markov chain, and then a novel generalized hidden Markov model (GHMM) was proposed based on the improvement. Finally,through an example, it shows that the modified GHMM has a very high precision for web information extraction.
    Client caching coherency in a mobile database
    WANG Qian-ping,YANG Jing,GUAN Ting-zhao
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  53-58 .  doi:
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    Two basic schemes of cache coherency maintenance and the effectiveness of each were studied by comparison for a mobile database, and the effectiveness when they were implemented together was also analyzed. The results show that schemes can to a certain extent improve the performance. They can be combined in tailored ways, and can improve the hit and throughput to get performance improvement.
    Research and implement of a map search system based on Deep Web
    LI Ji-bao,LI Qing-zhong,YAN Zhong-min
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  59-61 .  doi:
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    A map search system framework based on Deep Web was proposed. The system adopted an activity map to interact with users at the client end and used domain ontology and Deep Web Crawler to identify and collect the related information at the server end. The system will be used in a website related with geographical information, and will enable users to search the information that they need more directly and conveniently, which presents a new idea in the information search field.
    A model of a telecom management analysis system based on data mart
    LI Yan,YANG Yong-jian*,LI Shu-qiu
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  62-65 .  doi:
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    It is difficult to offer corresponding decision support for each department in the telecom management analysis system based on data warehouse. Data mart is a cheap method to give management analysis for corporations. Building data mart for each department of the corporation can give corresponding decision support for each department. It is important to give a model of management analysis system for telecom based on data mart, so that it can offer better decision support for corporations.
    iRIPPER: an improved rule-based text categorization algorithm
    YUAN Xiao-hang,DU Xiao-yong
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  66-68 .  doi:
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    The rule-based text categorization algorithm RIPPER was specialized with easy understanding, quick optimization, and high efficiency. However, when the rule refers to too many features, not only were the above advantages apparently weakened, but also the performance of the algorithm decreases. The hierarchy-based hRIPPER though uses hierarchical feature selection and can still not filter features fully. Then an improved text categorization algorithm iRIPPER was proposed to solve the problems in the learning process of RIPPER and hRIPPER, which filters features more thoroughly during the learning process. The experiment proves that it selects features effectively, generates fewer rules, and reduces the time in the growing process. Therefore it improves the performance of the rule-based text categorization.
    Design of a literature personalized recommendation system based on web data mining
    CHEN Hua,LU Li-ming,LIU Yu-wen
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  69-72 .  doi:
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    A web personalized information recommendation service based on data mining has become an important application technology. By mining algorithm with FP-tree's association rule, the user literature reading information was analyzed to find the user reading habits and interests, and then personalized literature was recommended for users, which can enhance the website attraction to users.
    Application of database accessing technology in the CAD system
    XU Wen-jie,LIU Xi-yu
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  73-76 .  doi:
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    Aiming at the question of accessing a great deal of data from database in CAD, the method of design and connection of the database was introduced in a configuration design system, which supports reuse. The accessing problem in a large number of different kinds of data was finished with the combination of SQL Server 2000 database by VC++. NET 2003. The accessing method of BLOB(Binary Large Object) was particularly expatiated.
    An approach to building services of database based on Web Services
    ZHANG Feng
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  77-81 .  doi:
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    Based on Web Services, an approach to building services of database resource was proposed. The Web Services offers interfaces for the database. A service meta data model was introduced which is used when the services are registered, thereby the automatic discovery of services was realized. Then the method of building SQL sentences automatically according to the user's request was put forward. Thus users can access the data transparently in the data integration system.
    Knowledge acquisition from a partial order decision table based on rough sets theory
    XI Shen-si,HONG Xiao-guang,KONG Lei,YI Sheng-qi
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  82-84 .  doi:
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    A partial order decision table based on partial order relation was introduced. The relationship between conditional equivalence classes and decision equivalence classes was studied in a partial order decision table, and methods of core and attribute reduction were expatiated from these classes. Finally,an example was given to illustrate the efficiency of these methods.
    Evaluation analysis of a science and technology program team's capabilities based on rough set theory
    HUA Bin,LI Yu-zhi
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  85-88 .  doi:
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    A model was built for a team's capabilities based on rough set theory, and the experience of former evaluations was summarized. Finally, a practical example was used to demonstrate the effectiveness and practicability of the proposed method.
    Research on consistency and recursive priority of an interval number complementary judgment matrix
    HU Gang,FENG Xiang-qian,WEI Cui-ping,LI Zong-zhi
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  89-93 .  doi:
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    The consistency and the recursive priority method of an interval number complementary judgment matrix were studied. According to the definition of an interval number complementary judgment matrix, the definition of complete consistency and satisfactory were introduced. Furthermore, the recursive method for the consistency of an interval number complementary judgment matrix was addressed from the perspective of complete consistency. Based on the interval-weight vector of the priority method, the method for recursive priorities of the interval number judgment matrix was proposed. Finally, a numerical example was given to illustrate the effectiveness of this method.
    A spreading model of the SIRS virus based on a two-dimensional regular lattice
    ZHOU Hai-ping,CAI Shao-hong,
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  94-97 .  doi:
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    A SIRS disease spreading model based on a two-dimensional regular lattice was proposed. For this model, the effects of crowd-density d, spread efficiency λ and the moving activity of agents on the spreading of disease was studied. The theoretical analysis and analog simulation show that there is a critical value (λd)c in this model, and only when the product of spread efficiency and crowd density goes beyond the critical value (λd)c that the disease can spread continuously and steadily in a crowd. Also, the moving activity of agents can promote the spreading of disease in the case of low crowd density. According to these results, measures are presented to prevent the spreading of disease.
    [0,1]-fuzzy separation axioms
    ZHAO Mei-xiang,
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  98-100 .  doi:
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    Ti-(i=3,4) and T*i(i=3,4)-separation axioms were defined, their relations were discussed and their properties were studied. Then their relations between T*i-(i=3,4) and Ti-(i=1,2) were discussed.
    Generation of F-risk intrusion and hazard affected class feature
    LUO Bang-ying,WANG Qin-min,QIU Jin-ming,
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  101-106 .  doi:
    Abstract ( 1163 )   PDF (254KB) ( 868 )   Save
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    Based upon the dynamics and uncertainty of public emergencies, the concepts of hazard affected classes and hazard affected elements were first defined. F-risk intrusion generation, F-risk intrusion loss, and F-intrusion risk degree were discussed by means of one direction S-rough sets. Then the relation theorems between F-risk intrusion loss and intrusion risk degree and the relation theorems between F-risk intrusion loss law and intrusion risk degree law were proposed in conjunction with the discernible theorems of F-risk intrusion, and the discernible theorems of F-intrusion risk degree. Finally, a simple case was presented, of which the recognition criteria of F-risk intrusion degree law and its application were studied. S-rough sets is a new and useful mathematics tool for the study of public emergency management theory and its application.
    A new fuzzy decision tree model and its application
    QI Cheng-ming,HAO Ling,CUI Shou-mei
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  107-109 .  doi:
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    A fuzzy decision tree is the generalization of a decision tree in a fuzzy environment. The knowledge represented by a fuzzy decision tree is more natural to the way of human thinking, but there is the additional work of preprocessing and cost of constructing trees. A new hybrid fuzzy decision tree model was proposed. The new algorithm calculates the entropy of multi-valued and continuous-valued attributes after fuzzification and Shannon entropy of other attributes was calculated by this new algorithm. Simulation results confirm that the proposed model can lead to understandable decision trees and extract effective rules. Experimental results show that the proposed model is more effective and efficient than a fuzzy decision tree and C4.5.
    Mean value estimate for the greatest divisors of number which is prime to a certain integer
    GUO Ru-ting
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  110-113 .  doi:
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    For a fixed natural square-free number k, the mean value of the greatest divisor of n which is prime to k was studied.
    The fast and parallel Halley algorithm for finding all zeros of a polynomial
    WANG Qiu-hua,ZHANG Xing-dong
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  114-120 .  doi:
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    Based on the Halley cicular iteration method, a fast Halley algorithm was constructed by cicular arithmetic for finding all zeros of a polynomial, and the convergence rate was established under the same condition as that for the Halley iteration method, the convergence rate of 10 order was obtained.
    Minimal pricing models of European stock options under Knight uncertainty
    ZHANG Hui,NIE Xiu-shan
    J4. 2007, 42(11):  121-126 .  doi:
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    The financial market with Knight uncertainty was studied. Assuming the underlying stock asset follows geometric Brownian motion, the models of minimal pricing of European stock options were made. Moreover, the explicit solutions of the models were given by using the theories of backward stochastic differential equation and the method of martingale. A parameter of escaping risk was studied in order to depict the impact of Knight uncertainty on pricing European stock options.