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    16 March 2010
    Volume 45 Issue 3
    Studies on effects of tissue-engineered human corneal endothelia on maintaining corneal transparency of New Zealand white rabbits
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  1-5. 
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    To evaluate corneal transparency maintaining effects of tissue-engineered human corneal endothelia (TE-HCEs), the TE-HCEs were in vitro reconstructed with seeder cells of a monoclonal cell strain with a normal karyotype, screened out from an untransfected HCE cell line, and scaffold carriers of modified denuded amniotic membrane. Penetrating keratoplasty with TE-HCEs was performed in New Zealand white rabbits whose corneal posterior lamellars had been ripped off. The status of corneal edema and immune rejection of the transplanted eyes was observed and monitored by the naked eye, the corneal transparency of transplanted eyes was examined by a slit-lamp biomicroscope, and the CM-DiI label of cells was validated by a fluorescent microscope. The observation and examination results of transplanted rabbit eyes showed no negative responses such as corneal edema and immune rejection, and the corneas of transplanted eyes maintained transparency for as long as 100 days. Also, the cells in the transplanted area of the corneal endothelium, with a CM-DiI label, were all the seeder cells from reconstructed TE-HCEs. In conclusion, in vitro reconstructed TE-HCEs can maintain long term corneal transparency of the transplanted eyes of New Zealand White Rabbits be used  promisingly as HCE equivalents for clinical therapy of corneal endothelium uncompensation and primary corneal endotheliopathy.

    Study on liquid-liquid mass transfer of butanone in an emulsion membrane  
    ZHANG Hao-Zhe, WANG Yong, JIN Yi-Zhong*
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  6-9. 
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    The liquid-liquid mass transfer of butanone across an emulsion liquid membrane(ELM) was studied. The effects of surfactant concentration, temperature and stirring speed were also  studied. The results showed that the mass transfer resistance of a surfactant monomolecular layer adsorbed on the oil/water interface accounted for about 63% of the total mass transfer resistance. The liquidliquid mass transfer coefficient increased with an increase of temperature and stirring speed.

    Study on an aerobic self-forming dynamic membrane bioreactor for domestic wastewater treatment
    ZHAO Li-Jian, ZHAO Ting-Ting, WANG Shu-Guang*
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  10-14. 
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    A self-forming dynamic membrane was introduced into anaerobic wastewater treatment for low strength municipal wastewater treatment. The feasibility and stability of the anaerobic self-forming dynamic membrane bioreactor (ASFDMBR) were investigated. The metabolic and interception ability and components of the selfforming dynamic membrane (SFDM) were also studied. The results showed that the ASFDMBR had good COD removal efficiency as high as 89.5%. SFDM had considerable metabolic ability with a COD removal efficiency of 7%, as well as good interception capacity. Sludge with a particle size range of 32μm~62μm was the major part of the SFDM. FTIR revealed that protein, polysaccharide and humic acid were the components of the SFDM.

    Rheological properties of Blettila striata polysaccharide solutions
    ZHANG Jie, ZHANG Wei-Ming, SHI Jin-Song, SUN Da-Feng, ZHU Chang-Ling
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  15-18. 
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    The effect of polysaccharide concentration, electrolyte concentration, pH value and temperature (T) on the rheological behaviors of Blettila striata polysaccharide solutions was studied. The solutions of polysaccharide concentration between 2 and 16 g·L-1 were pseudoplastic fluids. The apparent viscosity (η) of solutions decreased with increasing shear rate  (γ)in the range of γ<1s-1; while η became constant  (ηs)  for γ>1s-1. ηs rose with polysaccharide concentration, while salt concentration and pH had nothing to do with ηs. ηof solution at 16 g·L-1 lowered with rising T. The relationship between η and T conformed to the Arrhenius equation.

    Influence of different NaCl mass fraction on delayed luminescence from leaves
    WANG Hong-Mei
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  19-22. 
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    The influence of different mass fraction NaCl treatment on delayed luminescence(DL) from Lotus leaves(folium nelumbin) was investigated by BPCL. The results indicate that the lower mass fraction treatments make the initial strength and attenuation parameters of DL first increasing and then decreasing with time, and higher mass fraction treatments make the initial strength and attenuation parameters of DL basically decrease. When treat ment time is the same, the initial strength and attenuation parameters of DL differently vary with increasing mass fraction. When the time is 72h and increasing mass fraction is 1% or the time is 96h and the increasing is 0.1%, the initial strength and attenuation parameters of DL are the biggest.

    Wind and angular momentum losses and evolution in the rotational binary system
    LU Yuan1, SONG Han-feng1,2, ZHONG Zhen1
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  23-28. 
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    Anisotropic mass and angular momentum losses via stellar wind are presented. The model is based on a non-symmetric rotational ellipsoid in the rotational binary system. Furthermore, the distributions of the mass and angular momentum losses and the evolution of the rotational binary system are simulated and analyzed. Then the corresponding conclusions are drawn.

    Incentive mechanisms in P2P streaming systems
    QIN Feng-lin1,2, JIANG Lin3, GE Lian-sheng2*
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  29-33. 
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    Recently peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming media technology has been of the most popular solution for large-scale streaming applications over the Internet, but its quality of service (QoS) can be seriously degraded by the free-riding problem. In this paper, a content differentiation service (CDS) based incentive mechanism was proposed, wherein the peer’s reputation was computed with two factors: its contribution level and the popularity of the program, then a differentiated program list was returned to the peer in accordance with its reputation value. Hence, the free-riding problem could be restrained by the implementation of content differentiation service. The simulation results demonstrate that the proposed incentive mechanism can efficiently improve the playback quality in P2P streaming systems.

    New email community clustering method based on EVS similarity  
    WANG Fang, GUO Hua-Ping, NIU Chang-Yong, FAN Ming
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  34-40. 
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    Proximity measurement between objects is a key problem of the clustering method. The email feature vector was introduced, and the email feature matrix was constructed. The information of email features was fitted by the model of the transformed extremal value distribution function. Based on this, EVS(extreme value distribution similarity) was proposed for email community clustering. The effectiveness of the new measurement was verified by the micromacro clustering algorithm. Experiments show that compared to cosine-based similarity and Pearson correlation coefficient, the algorithm using the new proposed similarity measurement can identify higher quality communities.

    Method of edge detection for stored pests images based on the grey theory
    ZHANG Wei-Fang, GUO Min, MA Miao
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  41-44. 
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    The reference and comparison series were defined, and the relevant coefficients between them were calculated to every pixel, then the image’s edge detection were known from comparing the relevant coefficients with the threshold chosen. This algorithm could detect the continuous and effective edge and the image detail information for 256 grey-level images compared to traditional edge detection algorithms, and it also has better anti-noise ability for binary images added in noise.

    An algorithm based on the boundary-added decomposition matrix for ternary ECL circuits
    ZHANG Zhuan, YUAN Jian-Li, CHEN Jian-Jin
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  45-49. 
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    The method of obtaining and choosing boundary-added decomposition matrix was proposed on the basis of matrix representation of function, convexity and non-convexity function and boundary-added decomposition matrix. The matrix representation of function was gained when the boundary-added decomposition matrix performed a minimum operation. Then the process of this method and the steps were explained by an example of the circuit design for modulo-3 addition. The design results show that this method is highly practical and effective.

    Performance analysis and optimization of multi-protocol translation gateway for the internet communication of the securities industry
    HU Yu-Peng
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  50-54. 
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    The measurement of the multi-protocol translation gateway(MTG)processing efficiency was studied. The MTG’s internal modular components of MTG were analyzed, and the “bottleneck” of its efficiency was pointed out. Starting from searches of the document framework, a new concept of the improved technology was put forward. Through the adoption of the storage mode of “the matching of the key assignments”, the intrinsic data were stored and the disposal time was reduced, so the purpose of improving the efficiency of the gateway was achieved. The simulated results show that the performance of the MTG is greatly improved.

    Research of computing orders of algebraic immunity of the Boolean function
    LIU Yang
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  55-60. 
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    Some algorithms used in computing orders of algebraic immunity of Boolean functions are discussed. Affine transforming for matrix and Wiedemann's algorithm are combined to compute orders of algebraic immunity for reducing time and space complexities, and the conclusions are verified by experiments.

    A multi-location inventory model for service parts with lateral transshipment and waiting time constraints
    XU Min-Li, SUN Cai-Qun
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  61-65. 
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    A multi-item and multi-location inventory model is formed for low-demand service parts with waiting time constraints. In the inventory system, the continuous-review policy is used. The goal is to look for an optimal stock for each local warehouse under the target service which is presented by aggregate mean waiting time constraints per local warehouse. Finally, MATLAB genetic algorithm toolbox is used to solve for the model and a numerical example is presented to demonstrate the validity of the model.

    2-distance coloring of strong product of graphs
    MA Bao-lin1,2, CHEN Xiang-en1*, LIU Juan2
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  66-70. 
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    Let G,H be simple graphs of order at least 2. The strong product of graph G and H is the graph G×H with vertex set V(G)×V(H), and (x1,x2)(y1,y2)∈E(G×H) whenever [x1y1∈E(G) and x2y2∈E(H)] or [x1=y1 and  x2y2∈E(H)] or [x2=y2 and x1y1∈E(G)]. A 2distance coloring using k colors of a graph G is a mapping f from V(G) to {1,2,…,k} such that two distinct vertices lying at a distance less than or equal to 2 must be assigned different colors. The minimum number of colors required for a 2distance coloring of G is called the 2distance chromatic number of G, and denoted by χ2(G). We obtain lower and upper bounds of  the 2distance chromatic number of strong product of graphs, which is Δ(G×H)+1≤χ2(G×H)≤χ2(G)·χ2(H), also shows that the bounds are tight. For some special families of graphs such as Pm×Pn, Pm×Kn, Pm×Wn, Pm×Sn, Pm×Fn, Pm×Cn(n≡0(mod 3)or =5),their 2-distance chromatic number are obtained.

     P-separation of P-sets and its applications
    ZHANG Fei1, CHEN Ping1, ZHANG Li2
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  71-75. 
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    Limit point criteria for singular linear discrete Hamiltonian systems
    SUN Hua-Qing
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  76-79. 
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    A class of singular discrete linear Hamiltonian systems was studied. Two sufficient conditions for the limit point case were established in terms of the weight function and the coefficients of the Hamiltonian systems.

    Maps preserving norms of Jordan products on the space of self-adjoint operators
    SHI Huan-Huan, JI Guo-Xing*
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  80-84. 
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    The parametrization of frame vectors for a unitary  system on Hilbert K-modules
    DONG Fang-fang1,2, MENG Bin2, FU Huan-kun2
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  85-89. 
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    On the perturbation of the Kato essential spectra for upper  triangular operator matrices
    WANG Ji-rong1, CAO Xiao-hong2
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  90-95. 
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    Solving a variational inclusion with P-η-accretive operators in real q-uniformly smooth Banach spaces
    BI Liang-Liang, Fan-Li-Ya
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  96-101. 
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    A kind of variational inclusions with P-η-accretive operators is introduced in the setting of real q-uniformly smooth Banach spaces. An iterative method for solving this kind of variational inclusion is presented and analyzed by means of the resolvent operators of P-η-accretive operators.

    On  g-metrizable spaces and weak open mappings  
    LIU Shi-Qin1, CHEN Hai-Yan2
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  102-104. 
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    The relations between metrizable spaces and g-metrizable spaces are established by means of weak open mappings. Also, it is  shown that metrizable spaces or g-metrizable spaces or sn-metrizable spaces or  Д space are preserved by weak open closed mappings.

    Absolute ruin for the compound Piosson risk model with  a threshold dividend strategy
    SUN Jing-Yun
    J4. 2010, 45(3):  105-110. 
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    The absolute ruin problem was studied for  the compound Poisson risk model with debit interest and threshold dividend strategy. Using the method of condition on the time of first claim, an integro-differential equation system with correspond boundary conditions satisfied by the absolute ruin probability and the distribution of deficit at the time to absolute ruin are derived. In the case of exponential individual claim, the explicit expressions of the absolute ruin probability and the distribution of deficit at absolute ruin are given.