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    16 November 2010
    Volume 45 Issue 11
    Semi-supervised classification based on the Markov random field and robust error function
    LIANG Jun1,2, CHEN Long2, ZHOU Wei-qi2, TAO Wen-qian1, YAO Ming2, XU Zheng-chuan3
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  1-4. 
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    A model of semi-supervised classification was proposed to overcome the problem induced by mislabeled samples. A decision rule was learned from labeled and unlabeled data,and a new energy function based on robust error function was used in the Markov random field. Also two algorithms based on the iterative condition mode and the Markov chain Monte Carlo were designed to infer the label of both labeled and unlabeled samples. Experimental results demonstrated that the proposed methods were efficient for a real-world dataset.

    Total margin v minimum class variance support vector machines  based on common  vectors for noisy face classification
    YANG Bing, WANG Shi-tong*
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  5-11. 
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    Algorithm total margin v minimum class variance support vector machines based on common vectors (TM-v-M(CV)2SVMs) were presented for noisy face recognition, which integrates the advantages of minimum class variance support vector machines(MCVSVMs)and total margin v support vector machine(TM-v-SVM). Based on common vectors (CVs), the divergence matrix was introduced to improve the classification and anti-noisy performances of noisy face classification, and TM-v-M (CV)2SVMs derivation was given. The experimental results about noisy face classification showed that the proposed TM-v-M(CV)2SVMs had better classification performance than both the MCVSVMs and TM-v-SVM.

    The study and implement of visualization  technology of reserve information
    SU Wei1, SHEN Long-bin1,2, LIU Wei-bo3, SHAN Xiu-hui4
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  12-15. 
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    Reserve information is the important result of oil-gas exploration and development. And  it is important for geological comprehensive researchers to synthetically displaying these results. Starting  from the data model of proved reserve data and using the method of B-rep model,  the polygon-pillar model was designed to demonstrate reserve data. Then the model was realized by Qt, C++ and Open Inventor, the 3D visualizing development tool. The 3D display and interaction of reserve data was successfully achieved. As a result,  geological researchers and decision makers can visually control the information about reserve submission and development status.

    PSO based grayscale correction for cement paste image gathered by μCT
    QI Lu1, YANG Bo1*, WANG Lin2
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  16-20. 
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    When the μCT scans the same cement paste at different times, the grayscale of the same matter are different because that  causes the unstable Xray′s emitted energy the different linear attenuation coefficient. According to the cement hydration principle and the theory of image processing, and using the particle swarm optimization(PSO) algorithm to optimize interval parameters′ range, the grayscale was redirected to another interval, then the original histogram figure was stretched until the two wave crests between the float image histogram and the reference image histogram were aligned. Finally the grayscale correction would be realized.

    Design of TCP state detection system based on FPGA
    KONG Yu, YANG Bo*, SUN Tao, CHEN Zhen-xiang
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  21-26. 
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    According to the disadvantage of traditional state detection’s high occupied space and software implementation’s low efficiency, a TCP state detection system was designed based on FPGA(field-programmable gate array),and a new method was proposed aimed at decreasing the occupied space of state detection table.The result of simulation indicated that the program could establish state tables according to the received data flows and give a warning for the overtime TCP connections. When using 4M Bytes space, our experiment could support a magnitude of 1 million connections,  the occupying amounts of the space was smaller than the traditional state detection.

    A new method for localization based on network  coverage and intelligent search
    ZHOU Shu-wang1,2,3, WANG Ying-long1,3, GUO Qiang1,2, WEI Nuo1,2, GUO Wen-juan1,3
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  27-31. 
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    A new method for localization based on network coverage and intelligent search (CIL) was presented. First, the distance from each anchor nodes to the unknown node was used to determine the possible region. Second,  the positions which meet specific criteria were searched out by a particle swarm optimization algorithm, and the searching results within the possible region were recorded. Finally, the unknown node′s localization could be obtained by calculating the average recording results. Experimental results showed that CIL has high positioning accuracy and strong robustness. Compared with normal schemes such as the least square method (LS), the CIL′s positioning accuracy could improve 49% when the ranging error was 35%.

    A time synchronization protocol for wireless sensor  networks based on the Kalman filter
    GUO Wen-juan1,2, WANG Ying-long1,2, Wei Nuo1,3, GUO Qiang1,3, ZHOU Shu-wang1,2,3
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  32-36. 
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    On the basis of the amount of power held, the sensor nodes can realize time synchronization in limited communication domains.Namely,according to monitoring TPSN synchronization beacons that is for synchronization exchanges between low-energy nodes, the high-energy nodes can achieve the Receiver-Only time synchronization mode. And through citing the Kalman filter method in this mode to optimize the synchronous node′s clock deviation, the synchronization error rate can be effectively decreased. Experimental simulation shows that this synchronization protocol, compared with the TPSN synchronization algorithms, greatly improves the synchronization accuracy.

    A directed diffusion protocol based on cluster head-set for wireless sensor networks
    LI Gui-qing, GAO Zhong-he, WANG Nan-nan
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  37-42. 
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    Energy efficiency is a very important issue in designing the topology for a wireless sensor network which greatly affects the lifetime of the networks, since each sensor node is bounded by battery power. An energy-efficient protocol HPDD for clustering was presented to minimum energy consumption in wireless networks. This protocol introduced the notion of head-set into PCDD, and each node of the headset could work as a cluster head to reduce the number the flooding establishment of network topology. Theoretical analysis and simulation showed that the protocol could effetively reduce unecessary enegry consumption in wireless sensor networks and prolong the data transmission, which was more suitable for medium and large networks.

    Design and circuit realization of a four-wing Liu chaotic system
    WANG Zhong-lin1, DENG Bin2, HOU Cheng-xi2, YAO Fu-an2
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  43-46. 
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    To enhance the complexity of the topological structure of the Liu system, the attractors of Liu system were changed from two-wings to four-wings through making the  z axis doubly polarized. First, theoretical analyses and numerical simulation were carried out and the Lyapunov exponent spectrum and bifurcation diagram were depicted. Then the four-wings system was realized using EDA technology based upon FPGA. Experimental results show that the experimental phase diagram was in agreement with the simulation, all with a four-wing attractor. The correctness of the theoretical analyses and numerical simulation were proved.

    Impossible differential characteristic probability of an added constant on modulo 2n operation
    GUAN Jie, ZHANG Ying-jie
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  47-51. 
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    The impossible differential property of an added constant on modulo 2n operation Y=X+Kmod 2n is studied. The characters of the structure and the lower bound of numbers of the input difference ΔX, the output difference ΔY and the constant K are given for the first time as the differential probability is to be 0.

    The D-conditional truth degree of formulas and approximate reasoning in the  G3 propositional logic system
    CUI Mei-hua
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  52-58. 
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    Based on conditional probability, using the randomization method of valuation set, the concept of D-conditional truth degree of formulas is introduced in the 3valued Gdel propositional logic system. The MP rule and HS rule of D-conditional truth degrees are proved. The concepts of D-conditional similarity and Dconditional pseudodistances between formulas are introduced and D-conditional logic metric space is built. Several properties of D-conditional pseudodistances are deduced and it is proved that the D-conditional pseudo-distances is continuous on the logical operation of “∨”, “∧”, “→” in D-conditional logic metric spaces. Three different types of approximate reasoning patterns are discussed in D-conditional logic metric space, and the relationships between them are studied.

    Basic properties of uniform logic formulas and  distribution of their truth degrees
    FU Li
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  59-62. 
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    The equal weight property of Boolean functions in cryptology is introduced in two valued propositional logic and the corresponding definition of uniform logic formulas is proposed. It is proved that truth degrees of uniform logic formulas are less or equal to 1/2. The set consisting of truth degrees of all uniform logic formulas has exactly one limit point zero. Also, basic properties of uniform logic formulas are investigated, and a simple method for computing the truth degree of the disjunction of two uniform logic formulas with the same atoms, as well as the similarity degree of them are obtained。

    Principal congruence on the standard and distributive elements of a lattice
    YE Lin1, CAO Fa-sheng2
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  63-66. 
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     A necessary condition for principal congruence on the standard elements of lattice L is given by analyzing the definition of the standard element and constructing a principal congruence formula. A decision condition for principal congruence on the distributive elements of lattice L is also characterized by constructing a principal congruence formula.

    Solutions of a matrix function equation on the real field
    CHENG Xue-han, ZOU Qing
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  67-72. 
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    Let f(x) be a general analytic function over a real field. The necessary and sufficient conditions for solvability of the matrix function equation f(X)=A are discussed, as well as ways to solve them.

    The wide-diameter of double loop networks
    JIANG Xiao-ping
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  73-78. 
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    The wide-diameter is an important parameter which is useful for simultaneously measuring communication delay and fault-tolerance in networks. Loop networks are suitable topologies for local area networks. According to the symmetry and vertex-transitive of the loop networks, the k-diameter of a class of double loop networks C(n;a,b) (where a and b are nontrivial factors of n, and a is relatively prime to b) was studied by using the algorithms for the disjoint shortest paths. Some results have been deduced: if n=ab then d4(C(n;a,b))≤La/2」+b-1; if n=2ab then d4(C(n;a,b))≤a+b-1; if n=abr and r>2 then d4(C(n;a,b))≤(r-1)a+b-2.

    Characters of embedded sets of rough both-branch fuzzy sets
    LIU Bao-cang1, LIU Ruo-hui2*
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  79-82. 
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    Based on rough sets and both-branch fuzzy sets, characters of embedded sets of rough both-branch fuzzy sets are discussed. Using cut-sets of fuzzy set, cut characters of embedded sets of rough both-branch fuzzy sets are discussed.

    Continuous harvesting on the predator mathematical model  with impulsive stocking and stage-structured
    CHENG Hui-dong, CHANG Zheng-bo
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  83-87. 
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    A stage-structured delayed predator-prey model with impulsive stocking of the prey and continuous harvesting by the predator was made. The bait has pulse depositing the stepped design time lag to prey on-the bait model, and according to the living resources management′s reality, improved the predatorprey model. A sufficient condition which guarantees the global attraction of the predator-exterminate periodic solution and permanence of the system, were obtained. The results show that the behavior of impulsive stocking of the prey plays an important role for the permanence of the continuous harvesting system, global attraction, permanence.

    Non-existence of positive non-constant steady-states of a certain class of reaction-diffusion systems
    BIE Qun-yi
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  88-92. 
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     A certain class of reaction-diffusion systems with feedback effect subject to homogeneous Neumann boundary condition and the positive steady-state solutions are considered. Some priori estimates are established for positive steady-state solutions, then the effects of the diffusion coefficient on the nonexistence of positive non-constant steady-state solutions are analyzed by the energy method and implicit functional theorem. The results show that if one of the coefficients is large enough, the system has no positive non-constant steady-state solutions.

    The two-soliton solution of a new shallow water wave equation
    JU Lin
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  93-99. 
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    Two-soliton solutions are studied for a new nonlinear dispersive shallow water wave equations, named Dullin-Gottwald-Holm equation(i.e. DGH equation). Using the inverse scattering transform method, the inverse scattering solving equation of the DGH equation is established. In the case of reflectionless potentials, the known two-soliton solution in a simple parametric form by using the scattering data of equation and Matlab packages is represented. Finally, a few examples of the two-soliton solution profile are presented, which show the familiar phase shift generated by the nonlinear interaction.

    A spectral CD conjugate gradient method with Armijo-type line search
    WANG Kai-rong, CAO Wei, WANG Yin-he
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  104-108. 
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    A new nonlinear modified spectral CD conjugate gradient method is dealt with. The direction generated by the method is a descent direction for the objective function, and this property depends neither on the line search used, nor on the convexity of the objective function. Moreover, the modified method reduces to the standard CD method if line search is exact. It proves that the modified method with Armijo-type line search I or II is globally convergent. Preliminary numerical results show the proposed method is very promising.

    Vulnerable options fractional pricing model under corporate value stucture
    CHEN Xiang-li
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  109-114. 
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    The problem of vulnerable European option pricing was discussed based on the corporate value models of the credit risk. A model of vulnerable option pricing was developed when the stock price equation was driven by a geometric fractional Brownian motion.  Then, with the method of qusi-martingale pricing, the pricing formula for vulnerable European call options was deduced under the hypothesis of fractional HJM interest rate and stochastic debt.

    Chosen cipher-text security proof of ZS encryption scheme
    YAN Zhao-xiang
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  115-121. 
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     In 1993, Zheng and Seberry proposed an encryption scheme and claimed that it was chosen cipher-text secure. But they did not give specific proof. This paper proved that, under the CDH assumption, it was chosen cipher-text secure in the random oracle model.

    Explicit and exact solution to a nonlinear wave equation in circular-rod waveguide
    GUO Peng, WAN Gui-xin, WANG Xiao-yun, SUN Xiao-wei
    J4. 2010, 45(11):  122-126. 
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    The longitudinal oscillation of a nonlinear elastic circular-rod waveguide with lateral inertia was studied. By introducing appropriate trial functions, the nonlinear partial differential equation, that is difficult to solve by the usual ways can be reduced to a set of algebraic equation, which can be easily solved, and its related coefficients can be easily determined by the method of undetermined coefficient. Finally, the analytical solution to the equation was successfully derived.